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Harley-Davidson, Inc., H-D, or Harley, is an American motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Along with Indian, it was one of two major American motorcycle manufacturers to survive the Great Depression. The company has survived numerous ownership arrangements, subsidiary arrangements, periods of poor economic health and product quality, and intense global competition to become one of the world's largest motorcycle manufacturers and an iconic brand widely known for its loyal following. There are owner clubs and events worldwide, as well as a company-sponsored, brand-focused museum.


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Former Employee - Operations says

"cliques, old school mentality, subservient environment quickly exposes innovative individuals and makes them vulnerable to be excluded or ignored. This is site specific."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not much good to say anymore. No work life balance, HR and leadership are eager to terminate employees. A steady flow of employees have been running out the door for the last several years. The work environment is toxic with little support from managers and above. Most benefits have either eliminated or significantly reduced. A sinking ship and we don't even have buckets to bail it out."

Former Employee - Production Associate says

"-Deceitful exploitation- Once you finished your temporary assignment through a temp agency you are required to pay $100 in dues to the union upon being accepted after your temp assignment, however this does not benefit one in any way as a lot of people were terminated within the end of that week after paying union dues (well laid plan between management and the union)! The union is aware that certain persons have not be offered permanent positions by Harley Davidson but still collect union dues. Harley Davidson themselves hire temp positions only during the peak of the year to meet anticipated demands in the spring as well as new offerings. At the height of production they expect those in the temporary positions to perform equal to or better than the veteran seasoned employees who normally have laid back jobs on the assembly lines. Please note that many mistakes are automatically blamed on the temps and that the union stewards are useless in this matter as you are still temps through a temp agency!"

Former Employee - Electrical Engineer says

"HD is closing plants (KC) and engineers are dime a dozen to them. They treat accordingly."

Former Employee - Receptionist says


Former Employee - Human Resources says

"They are making great strides, but are still antiquated in many ways - but the hardest part of working at H-D was the politics. There are pockets of the company that are unimaginably hypocritical."

Former Employee - Motorcycle and Parts Accessory Pricing Manager says

"Harley is in an ever declining market and desperately reacts to the changing climate. The company undergoes a mass restructuring every 4th Quarter, cutting jobs in groves after only months of a mass hire. Thus constant reorg strains internal operations because of the change of hands within existing process workflows. While Sr Management is well aware of the need for change and even uses that in their hiring pitch, ther is little support for change agents to implement change. There is an air of arrogance plaguing the already highly political terrain where even the most diplomatic influencer is faced with extreme inertia. It is truly a toxic cycle of "biggest stick (voice)" bureaucracy."

Former Employee - Director says

"Silos throughout the company. 12 restructures in 9 years. Very hard to move the company forward with the entire team worried if they will have a job in November. By the time the team starts to gel, time to restructure."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"They are a glorified T-shirt store that happens to also sell motorcycles."

Former Employee - Machine Operator says

"I have nothing nice to say about the culture this company promotes amongst their employees."

Sales Consultant/ Parts (Former Employee) says

"Receive no training, was ridiculed for mistakes, yelled at,, treated like I had no brain and never worked before. Very poor covid-19 practices. Not very welcoming, left out of functions work related. treated like an outcast unless they wanted something from you. Promised alot and they fell very short. I love the Harley Davidson name and meaning.. This dealership just fell very short on the true meaning of what Harley Davidson stands for. Management needs to treat all employees the same not pick and choose just there friends and remember that when you don't train employees don't expect them to be perfect and know everything you expect from them and don't blame them for your short falls. Cons: Management, no training"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"The owners of the dealerships in South Africa are despicable people. They killed my passion for the brand.... and they will kill the brand in South Africa. I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to work for them. So grateful to have found other employment. Cons: Having to go to work there."

Former employee (Former Employee) says

"Rawhide only cares about money. Which is ironic because pay is terrible for how much money this company makes and how much employees bring in and also how much work they put in. Some employees are treated better and more fairly than others on a daily basis. No one cares about your feelings and higher ups treat you like you’re less than them. Constant drama. Don’t believe the hype about this place!!!"

Production Technician (Former Employee) says

"They do not care about you. Do not get comfortable you will get laid off. Worked at harley for 3 years got no where. Don't waste your time! Hard work not appreciated! Cons: Trash people and management"

Associate/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I Would Not Recommend This Job To Anyone. They Are Unfair, Unorganized, Not Professional, Rude, Childish, And Have No Cares About The Employee’s That Work There. The Managers Only Care If They Are The Ones Getting Money In There Pockets. Staff Does Not Stay 6 Feet Away For One Another. And They Hardly Wear Masks. Cons: They Don’t Give You Any Breaks And They Don’t Let You Take Your Lunch, Or Just Wont Let You Take It Before Your Fifth Hour, They Are Childish And Like Talking Behind Your Back To Other Employee's, They Always Mess Up On Your Pay By Paying Less Than What You Really Make, Give Attitude Constantly For No Reason, They Try And Verbally And Physically Attack You, Management will Do Nothing To Help, They Will Laugh In Your Face And Say There Is No Problem"

Title Clerk (Current Employee) says

"The management at Harley-Davidson is one of the most self corrupting and fake entities I have ever worked for. Unless you're buying a bike... you're there to complain about the bikes that you bought. Harley-Davidson in Texarkana only goal is to buy bikes for cheap and resell them for more than they're worth without being in good mechanical order Cons: Fake management"

Parts Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Not really a great place to work the benefits are terrible pay sucks. The only thing that is good is seeing the new bikes. I really have nothing good to say Cons: No pay no benefits"

Paint Department (Current Employee) says

""Casuals" are treated like we are worthless in there, yet we do most of the work. Full timers get paid to walk around and spew their racist hatred. Going to work everyday wondering if you're gonna work 8 hours or get sent home. Not knowing if today is your last. Paying union dues and having no protection is crazy. The union is worthless, they dont care about Harleys future. Neither do the people that have been there and should retire. No pride in what they do, quality standards are not on par for what you'd expect from Harley. Cons: healthcare sucks, eratic hours. Layoffs. Most of all, the old timers"

Supposed motor cloths manager (Former Employee) says

"Worked my self to death open to close months stepping in as manager and was never compensated for it and when I got too close to knowing what was really going on with upper management I was fired. Shady company to work for and don't pay what they say they will. Cons: Pay, overworked"

Undisclose (Former Employee) says

"Poor work environment. Managers do not care about employees. 5 years of poor survey reviews and employees moral is all time low. Managers treat employees like machines-no work life balance. Review and raises are lump in one category everyone gets the same “met criteria”, working 70+ hours and others working 40 hours and will still get the same raise. Managers do not recognize talent and HR turn the other cheek. HR clueless or ignoring the problem of employees are leaving the company. High turnover rate. HR exit review do not ask about why your leaving the company."

SALES CONSULTANT (Former Employee) says

"very negative atmosphere some of the people are great to work with but management definitely needs improvement. the only good thing was the discount.."

Contract w/ Aerotek (Former Employee) says

"Crappiest most uncaring and unhelpful mgt and employees . Horrible work environment . Low pay and no body cares to help you learn anything expect you to already know it"

Assembly/Machinist (Former Employee) says

"I was a scab working at Harley, they called me a casual worker, same thing. No benefits, no insurance, no time off, working next to people making $10.00 an hour more than me. Was treated horribly by coworkers and supervision. This was a bad idea!!"

Technical Designer (Former Employee) says

"The frequent leadership changes and inexperience that came with that in the General Merchandise department was always concerning. Coming from a retail and product development background it's a difficult environment as the leadership has no experience in apparel industry. Every year I was there they had large layoffs and restructuring; not a stable environment. Cons: inexperienced leaders"

Sales/Business Manager (Former Employee) says

"GM and Owner could care less about the employees. Work you to death and do not appreciate anything that you do. Never know from one day to next if you have a job. GM can’t give you any answers because he is too stupid, himself, to know. Just a joke"

Marketing Event Organizer (Former Employee) says

"There had been hardly any communication. I ended up being a pawn that the marketing director could throw under a bus when I wouldn't lie for her."

Tool and Die Maker (Former Employee) says

"Wall street banker whom do not ride have ruined the motor co. Most of the parts are made in china and assembled by part time people. In 2010 harley laid off 1000s to give the big wigs more and boniness, the people whom helped turn the co. Around in the 90s got the shaft."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Unable to pay me on time. No scheduled breaks. No over time. Zero appreciation. No incentives, empty promises, no room for advancement, harassment, 5 people quit this last month."

Production Technician 1 (Former Employee) says

"The place was a very hostile place to work, management did not care about quality nor the wellbeing of the employees. The place went downhill fast! The CEO's that came in cut our health benefits from Blue Cross to a horrible UnitedHealthCare and reduced our coverage and benefits! Cons: Leadership and Union"

Motorcycle Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Unprofessional / Unethical Management, Blatant Discrimination, & Zero Management Training Support; if it is anything NOT computer based you're on your own. Complete waste of time for True Professional Sales People. Cons: Ferman Car Guys Playing Bikers."

Andrew Cozens says

"Always wanted a Harley who doesn't. That roar that cool look the rebel dream it sells. After owning many bikes i decided to settle down and buy my dream. The 48 Special. Love everything about it especially that peanut tank and big front tyre. Bought Brand new and that's where my troubles began. Terrible service from the dealer mix up of V5 and bike but eventually i get my bike. A 2019 model. I use her everyday commuting sun or rain winter or summer. So one day the stand bush goes flashing all the warning lights bike not starting as it thinks the stand is down. I continue riding with a piece of string holding it up until spares can be found.It has since crumbled again. Next the front break light switch goes so no brake lights as they are connected to rear so more flashing lights and errors.I ram a tooth pick in so at least i have rear brake lights. The straw that broke me is when my pulley and belt went after 5000 miles. I got told i ride hard.Sorry not under warranty and needs replacing soon. Covid hits Harley closes and i sit with a broken bike costing me a fortune in travel expenses to still get to work 40 miles away. Customer support not really interested i logged a ticket. Eventually i fork out the money with ex Harley mechanic private to change both front and back pulley and belt so i might keep moving. Mechanic shows me there was no grease in the back axle and the belt was running crocked and has eaten into the cover. Again photos another call to Harley not interested. Eventually i get told a stone went through and caused all this damage and its wear and tear no warranty.Now the bike right indicator starts playing up then the on off switch so no power to the bike unless i stand her upright. Oh wait again no spares and covid again wait to have it tested. So i break down outside of work and 5hrs later at 10.20pm get home with recovery. Still waiting to get bike seen but they have helped by saying leave it there and when they can will diagnose it. So 2 weeks to be seen another 2 if the Tilt immobilizer unit is gone to order.So again i fork out expensive travel fares to try keep working. The bike is going after this. Back to Yamaha."

Carl says

"This is my second harley. I purchased a brand new breakout last January. So only 18 months old. The paint on the wheels and the wheel itself is already showing signs of corrosion all over. I think it’s disgusting that I pay £20.000 for a bike and yet they don’t think it should come under warranty. I had other bikes for years that never did that. Never again"

Justin says

"Harley Davidson knows the Milwaukee 8 oil pumps and rear head gasket is an engineering failure which is why the part has been redesigned 4-5 times. There is an internal service bulletin in which they will cover bikes outside of warranty. The dealership I sent the motorcycle to knew there was a tuning device installed prior to dropping the bike off. 2 different employees stating it would not be an issue. The fact of the matter is that Harley Davidson does not care about it's customers at all. There is absolutely no correlation to an oil pump failure (known issue) to the fact the motorcycle has an aftermarket tuner on it. The oil pump failure and tuner are mutually exclusive. This is how Harley Davidson has been side stepping warranty claims on it's customers motorcycles. Vehicle manufactures are not able to do this same thing due to the Magnuson-Moss act why is Harley able to? This is a federal law! If Harley Davidson continues this practice it will be the demise of a 100+ year old company. It's pretty sad someone who spends tens of thousands of dollars on a new motorcycle is treated this way and I am not the only one. Not one person from Harley Davidson corporate has reached back out to me regarding all my issues even though I requested a call back. At least I know where I stand with this company. I will never purchase another bike from them as long as I live!"

Kevin says

"Do not buy any “genuine harley parts” from a dealership and expect any of them to honor the “genuine harley parts” warranty. What you read online when looking at parts warranty is trumped by all the “addendums” to the warranty that nobody but harley knows about. When you try to make a claim the first thing they do is whip out the addendum that pertains to your said part and tells you you’re out of luck. Spent $900 on a tour pak that has a crack in it after 1000 miles on the bike, but it isn’t covered???? Worst customer service ever. Just give em you’re money and let them kick you in the nuts. What a shame"

Michael Churchill says

"A glimmer of its past success. It came back from the edge of oblivion in the late 1980s, mainly because of the enthusiastic supporters of the brand. They formed the Harley Owners Group ( HOG ). For so many years it really good, lots of event, genuine benefits and set enthusiasm as a priority. Every year you received memorabilia and magazines, however for us it all went pear shaped three years ago, we either received nothing or missing items. We repeatedly contacted HOG in Europe but after repeated promises to put things right, nothing. On one occasion I talked about the old days with Willy G Davidson and Bill Davidson....they didn’t know who they were. It’s pretty hopeless I think. Seems no interest in the product. Maybe they are all too busy on Facebook or Instagram to be bothered with us poor old customers. For all they know we all could be riding a Ronald McDonalds."

DJay says

"Once the ultimate marque in motorbikes and their associated clothing and accessories, but now a pale shadow of its’ past glories and reputation.
Sure, the bikes are still up there near the top of the league. But everything else has gone south, including the customer service standards.
I purchased a leather jacket from one of their Florida stores in 2016. After returning to the UK and wearing it a couple of times I noticed that the lining was already deteriorating and depositing white fluff over whatever clothing I wore underneath.
I sent two emails to HD’s customer services without reply. After the third time of trying I received a response assuring me that my complaint would be passed onto the relevant department. Having heard no more for around 8 months, I tried again.
The response I got was not impressive; take the jacket back to the shop with the original receipt.
Wow, thanks for giving me this sterling advice from the outset.
Well, no problem regarding the receipt (and I also have confirmation on my credit card statement) - but take a trip out to Florida to action the return? Were HD going to pay for my flight? No need to answer that last one.
So, here I am almost two years later now, with a $700 leather jacket that is nowhere near a representation of the top quality I’d expected from a genuine HD product.
And let’s not get into the poor levels of apathetic and unprofessional after-sales support. Not what most consumers expect from the usually-impeccable American standards of customer service.
I have since read online reviews regarding HD clothing and accessories - that it has been outsourced to other countries for some time now. But that is no excuse for a drop in standards. What of quality control? What of upholding that once-fine reputation HD strove to achieve and maintain?
All I can conclude from my experience is: yes, go buy that HD bike, but perhaps stop and consider before shelling out on the matching jackets and other accoutrements."

Mateo Barett says

"I really love Harley Davidson bikes, I have one of them and I wanted to buy accessorizes for me and for my bike, I couldn't find my sizes and I asked if they fill the stock soon, they didn't answer. I tried 6 more times but no response!!! how can be such a big factory with bad support team? I'm very disappointed"

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