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Halos mandarins are Mother Nature’s perfect snack—sweet, juicy, seedless, and easy for little hands to peel. Even better, these li’l guys are absolutely, positively Non-GMO. So be sure to enjoy Halos when they’re in season.

A disappointed customer shared this on Amazon "These always come with a ton of old ones. The peel is separated from the inside. They come dirty too. I order a LOT of these because my kids eat them like candy! But it’s disappointing when they won’t eat half of what’s in the bag. AND ONE TIME I ORDERED THIS HALOS WERE ALL DISGUSTING! Never buying these mandarins again!".


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Eph Mynus says

"First, the good. AAC is incredibly easy to order from and I was consistently updated on my order. The order was shipped quickly and I received the order in great shape. They used incredible care packing the order and they should be commended for the good. Now, the bad. I spent $500 on a headlight kit from AAC. I checked online and a forum posting from the creator of the kit stated covers were included. I confirmed this by checking the instructions on AAC's website and the last step was to install the covers. Obviously I believed they were included. Today I received the order and I have no covers. So a quick call to the company and the lady asks me to send her a picture of what I received so she can replace them in the morning. Next thing I know she places me on hold and comes back to say they are not included. I explain to her what I found through their instructions and she can only tell me that they're outdated. I spoke with a manager and she told me the same thing. I asked her if I could receive a small discount to go towards me purchasing the covers and she simply stated no. I am returning the order and will stay away from AAC for the future. I don't mind them making a mistake but they're doing nothing to work with me to correct their mistake. My first and last with AAC."

Patric Labrador says

"Bought the following products from Oracle Lighting: Camaro 2010+ sidemarkers summit white / clear lens 2010-2015 Chevrolet Camaro RGB LED Dome Light Replacement The sidemarkers didn't match the factory color at all. I had to return them and Oracle repainted them (still no match). I had to pay the return shipping. I was charged customs twice, because Oracle declared the return as "Gift". Bad customer service! I had to write several emails before they took care of the problem! At least I got a refund for the paint job (cash and store coupon). Don't buy the 2010-2015 Chevrolet Camaro RGB LED Dome Light Replacement, they are faulty! They interfered with my factory backup camera, reset themselves to factory setting, which is "colorshift" and flicker every time you turn the engine on! Still waiting for Oracle to fix it!"

Ed says

"The Faulty products and poooor customer service is something to be wary of. Although at this point id like to point out to everyone how shady this company is. This is the second review... After writing the first review I was sent an email from Tiffanie from AAC. Instead of trying to make things right for me after the issues I had regarding products and a refund she opted to bribe me with a shipping fee refund if i agreed to my change my review. Before considering anything like that I asked her why I received a partial refund on a product I never received. I was refunded $36 when I paid $77. Since then I've sent 2 emails with no reply... Lesson learned I guess. Hopefully I can help others from wasting their money and being blatantly ripped off. I've Started with this but next will be the Camaro forums and whatever other outlet I can find. When I first heard about this company I ignored the warnings. DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE"

Alberto Cruz says

"I rather get my money back"

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