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Haier Group Corporation is a Chinese multinational home appliances and consumer electronics company headquartered in Qingdao, China. It designs, develops, manufactures and sells products including refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, microwave ovens, mobile phones, computers, and televisions.

Usman mentioned, "Purchased Haier HRF-336IDB Refrigerator in Pakistan. Its Temp Set function found out of order. Freezer Zone Temp was showing -18oC since it was unpacked and turned on and was not changing, even after 24 hrs. In addition, Fridge Zone Temperature was changing from nos. 1-7 but not setting/locking on desired no. Launched complaint, technical support came and said straight away that Freezer Zone Temp does not change at all.

Moreover, Fridge Zone Temperature will change as soon as its internal Temperature becomes warm or cool. I presented them its user manual and asked to point out all those statements, which you just said regarding setting Fridge and Freezer Zone Temperatures manually. He had no answer and again re iterated above-mentioned pathetic illiterate response. Bought him a hot glass of water to put those inside fridge and freezer zone sensors in it. He did the same repeatedly and the temperatures did not change. At last, their technical support accepted that the item is faulty.

I returned the refrigerator directly to Haier Pakistan and took my money back with the help of a reference there, otherwise, they do not have any money back guarantee/policy and they do not take back their pathetic, third class Chinese, faulty products, even if you give it back for free. Never buy Haier products, especially in Pakistan. Their products and services have gone extraordinarily pathetic. All this negative credit goes to their TOP MANAGEMENT and QUALITY DEPARTMENT who are very tactically and skillfully looting and plundering innocent people of Pakistan. Lastly, their QUALITY DEPARTMENT also seems drunk all the time, as I have found several QC PASSED and PAKISTAN STANDARDS stickers on the item but its basic functions were not working, and their innocent technical staff tried to impose their versions of manually setting Freezer and Fridge Zone Settings."


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Injection Molding Operator (Former Employee) says

"The place itself was unorganized and I had to teach myself how to program the robot arms because nobody there knew how .The pay was okay though. I really liked programing the robots."

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"I have good experience work there Haier company as branch manager, I done my duity honesty with zeal and zest. But Haier company have no benefit no Bone's no relax in work place , no events to Haier company .No free lunch.No short breaks"

Logistics Executive (Former Employee) says

"Chinese multi national company with collaborating pakistani management in order to compete the home appliances companies in pakistan like dawlance, pel , orient etcBonusesshort break"

Sales Representative Export (Former Employee) says

"A new brand ,which is going to develop in new country. the colleagues was good and personal expression was high.the working atmosphere was not too goods and less experiences management are also facing problems daily. overall for new person ,new management are good,but for experiences persons its not. the timing of office is also not fixed.they are not target oriented so only you have to stay on salary basis, no commission or incentives. communication between staff and managements are very less and horrible.long hours"

SENIOR OFFICER (Current Employee) says

"Monday was the typical day to work i learnt a lot but how to manage your work and home with least salary Haier needs good management workplace culture is not favourable for engineers specially tbe hardest part pf job is to communicate with higher management because of least education but now it is being improved while haier is working on education policy The only enjoyable part of job is to work with teamfree transportation2 half leaves in a month"

Commodity Manager (Former Employee) says

"Good company to work with, it provides lots of training for new hires but the culture is so stressful. Management don't respect people. BUT I am grateful for this experience."

Coordinador de Servicios (Former Employee) says

"Buena empresa, buen ambiente laboral y buen sueldo"

Senior Manager (Former Employee) says

"Haier always had a lot of potential, but often had difficulty managing the pace of change or providing enough stability to move itself forward. The relationship with Haier China had a lot to do with this. Sometimes change took too long to enact, other times changes were too drastic for the organization to follow. It needs to learn how to pick a good strategy and then fully commit to it, while constantly tweaking (rather than rewriting) the strategy on the way. Overall, I saw the company come a long way in the last few years, including the acquisition of GE Appliance. I wish it the best of success, but also hope a new culture emerges that keeps the best of its entrepreneurial spirit and melds it with better processes.Compensation and vacation benefitsUneven workload"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Big company in China. Everyone works hard. Management is bad. Supervisors are tough.NaNa"

Line Assembler (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at Haier would be any normal day work comes at a steady pace, wasn't much to learn fun coworker and easy work."

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I was assigned to lead the first Oracle Siebal CRM training for Hair in Pakistan. There were 50 participants from all over the country. Hair's global head, GM, and trainers were an enthusiastic bunch, excited to deliver an extensive, three weeks long training in Pakistan. We did face minor challenges, but with sheer perseverance and team's cooperation, the project was an enormous success.Professional freedomFewer challenges"

Assembly Line Worker (Current Employee) says

"It’s a place where you don’t have to worry about it being too fast a pace to keep up with. Once you catch on it’s extremely easy, and you’d be able to create your own pace.Pretty good hoursShort breaks"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"While working with Haier it was a fun and motivating work environment. However I was only able to work there for a few months because the Haier program moved out of the building down to the Philippines. We all were layed off or relocated to a different program.Relaxed fun work placeLayed off due to outsourcing employment to the Philippines."

Carta de recomendación (Former Employee) says

"No te daban una credencial la campaña era pequeña y se tenia demasiada comunicación con supervicion gerente se trabaja mucho en equipo,trabajo bajo presión sobre una base diaria se podía comer sin ningún problemaSueldo libreNo daban prestaciones de ley"

Saskia Zander says

"I have a maytag fridge. Bought in 1994. SOME 8 years ago, I bought a Haier, in order to bring electricity cost down....Big mistake. Somehow we decided to keep the maytag going. it is still there. Up and running. Downstairs. Our upstairs kitchen Haier had the service guys here three times, we had broken shelves, rotten platines and whatever. Nothing you would like to buyif you were aware. Never again. What a junk."

Michael Mcmullen says

"Hoover purchased one year ago repaired 3 times. Still does not work. No customer service. Impossible to contact. Worst customer service. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY."

AW says

"THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! DO NOT BUY FROM HAIER! 2 months ago, we brought a Haier fridge through AO.com, it was all great until it came to be installed and there was a part missing, so installation couldn't be completed. We were told to contact Haier to see if they could send it to us. They 'fake' sent us the part 4 times - they even admitted that they are still looking into this part for us and don't know where they can get the part from. We received several emails telling us the part had been sent when it hadn't. So they lied and kept us hopeful for 2 months. Thank goodness for AO, who backed me up on the customer support phone calls and has now swapped our fridge to another company where we can get a fridge that actually works!"

nicole Howlett says

"Three months $1763 still no fridge five days later $300 worth of food. Food poisoning kids and dogs. Type 1 diabetic son who has autism also lost all his diabetes medication. Try living in Queensland in this heat with no fridge! Appliances online are pathetic never called me back chases them up for hours! Told me to call fisher and paykel only after waiting four days and appliances online never called me back. Absolutely disgusting service."

Nomis Dark says

"We bought a new Haier Fridge-Freezer in Feb 2018.Yesterday 11th Dec 2020 it completely stopped working. We phoned the warranty phone number and have been given a service booking for next Friday. How do we keep our frozen food for seven days. This is not Service it is an insult. Now we have to buy another refridgerator. Total failure after 2yrs 10months is rubbish. Haier SUX."

Clifford Cowie says

"I bought a Hsier 12kg washing machine in June 2020,there is a problem with the door,engineer came out to lool at the problem,returned the following week to fit the new door only to discover it was too small,so would order again,that was 5 weeks ago and have never seen him again.Have registered my problem on the Haier website 3 times and have had no response D and G who are paying for the job must be wondering what,s going on.The machine cost in the region of £700 so not cheap.I will never buy Haier/Hoover/Candy products again and would not recommend them to anyone."

Wendy Malisani says

"Purchased a Haier washer dryer combo. Malfunctioning out of the box. Three major repairs since May 2019 and are awaiting the fourth. We are on sunny side of 80 and are now well over a month awaiting repair parts AGAIN! Was actually told by an adjudicator some people are waiting six months plus for fridge repairs. Cold unfeeling CS. I have made over 29 calls and no help. One sends me to another and I’m like a dog chasing its tail. I have extended warranty. One manager actually made my cry she was so cold and no one will help us!!!! Do Not Buy Haier or any GE product. Disgraceful service."

Tariq Zafar says

"Bought a brand new Haier washing machine. Dryer lid is one sh!t piece of design concept approved for their final product. [[Please Do Check It Out For Yourself]]. Hardly gained much benefit from using it and was told later that "Washing machine's machine" has gotten water in it so needs machine replacement for half the machine price!!! P.S I also had a secondary Dawlance machine the same time working [Which is Still Working without ever been broken] Location: Hyderabad, Pakistan Customer Care Date: 10 October 2020"

Mo tara says

"Rubbish customer service. They blame the company you bought it from i.e. john lewis even though its within 3 months"

Devananda S says

"we have purchased a haier topload washing machine.. about 2 weeks ago.. and yet the company technician didnt came to install the machine. we are very dissapointed.. we havent expected this from the side of haier... what will we do...so i am giving only one star rating for the SERVICE from the company..very poor experience.."

Laetitia Moisant says

"Bought a Washing machine in June. Two months ago is just stopped working and after nearly a month I still have not seen anybody to fix it. Nearly impossible to call their support service. They booked me in with someone to come and fix it and canceled midday because he was not in my area... They rebook me without even asking if I was available. I have spent a crazy amount of time and money going ti the launderette.... Very disappointed."

Jens Lutz says

"Purchased Haier refrigerator 3 years ago and last year had a recall repair for a fire hazard. This year, the unit quit cooling. Contacted Haier which is a convoluted process thinking I had a 5 year limited warranty. WRONG or so they said. Stay away from this product at all costs. Off to the trash dump with this 3 year old piece of trash! BTW GE owns Haier and apparently condones their lack of quality. Stay away fom GE also!"

John says

"I purchased a Haier toaster oven and blender as part of a combo promotion. The toaster oven broke a year later. I used the blender for about 4 months and it broke as well. This brand SUCKS. What a rip off."

Roman Hornik says

"Years ago we bought a Haier washing machine. After ~30 months, defective and corroded drum bearings due to leaking seal & frontal concrete weight torn off due to broken very fragile and crappy screws, shortly afterwards short circuit to rotor winding."

ayub mamaniat says

"I bought a Haier gas hob and oven in September 2018. The ignition button is now playing up on one of the gas burners. As the product is still in it's 2 year guarantee period, I contacted Haier FOUR times by phone and FIVE times via the on-line self service referral. Regarding the on-line service request, no contact from anyone and regarding my phone calls, I keep being promised a call-back. This is the first time I have bought a Haier product. This will be my LAST. Utter shoddy company with an utter shoddy product and an utter shoddy customer service. DO NOT BUY HAIER PRODUCTS: UTTER CHEAP CHINESE RUBBISH. BUY A WELL KNOWN BRAND. KEEP AWAY"

smriti sharma says

"Recently we bought HAIER 1.5 ton split air conditioner the person who came to install the AC was very rude. The person didn't install the AC properly he stated that we dont have any connection on the wall where they fixed the ac. We showed them that there was a connection near the ac but still they kept on saying that yeh humara kaam nahi hai ap kisi electrician ko bula kr krwalijye..Also we were asked to bring white cement thought they themselves had white cement. They were also mishandling the product while installing really disappointed with their behaviour and dealing."

Cris Paris says

"I purchased an American style Haier fridge freezer 4 years ago. I have had it repaired at great cost twice already and today when it stopped working I discovered the compressor is broken. £1100 new the fridge is a piece of crap. Never will I buy Haier again. They produce utter garbage."

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