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Property marketing consultant (Former Employee) says

"The basic salary is below minimum wage yet they expect the earth from the staff. The company owner had no morals whatsoever. They way they treat staff is nothing short of obismal. I would avoid like the plague"

Property Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The most unprofessional company I have ever worked for. You have no support or guidelines. I learnt a lot at my job there and I have learnt some new skills"

Negotiator (Former Employee) says

"This company is the absolute pits. I worked here for too long and they made my life a misery, especially the treatment I got from them while I was pregnant. The hours are excruciatingly long, working six day weeks with very little pay. You are treated like a dog and the area partner of darlows is a bully. Cons: Everything"

Senior Lettings Negotiator (Former Employee) says

"they don't pay you on time, ever! Cons: all of the above"

Lettings Negotiator (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for about 6 months and what a filthy place it is to work. Full of sleazy people from management to the negotiators. Alot of inappropriate behaviour. They act like they doing you a favour giving you a Toyota Aygo that looks like washing machine to drive around in. Cons: Bring employed by Haart"

Canvasser (Former Employee) says

"Was never paid for my work after excuses by management. Wouldn't recommend to anyone and there was a genuine divide in the offices between people and resulted in a poor atmosphere."

Training/ Junior Renting Agent (Former Employee) says

"very bad rates not best opportunities to move forward hours where a joke had to work late everynight and also weekends was no time to relax or to breathe"

Negotiator (Former Employee) says

"40-50 hours a week for the pay of working 35....very low pay! When calculated falls under the legal minimum wage!"

Negotiator (Former Employee) says

"Very long hours, poor commission and bad management. The current staff over is huge which says a lot about a company. The only benefit of working for haart is the training."

Senior Negotiator (Former Employee) says

"The easiest thing to do in the Covid-19 crisis was sack 380 of us via a txt. The management are fighting for attention and just want to moan leader than the other and known that you can get a promotion based on looks Cons: Management dont know what the are doing they just fight for attention"

Everything (Former Employee) says

"Do not go here to work unless you are desperate and plan to only work until another professional employer is ready for you. Extremely negative, unorganized, and unprofessional environment. If you're educated and have goals, this is not the place to work. Cons: Everything else"

Senior Sales Negotiator (Former Employee) says

"I used to work as a Senior Negotiator at haart. As a company they are ruthless to put it politely. They expect you to work Monday to Saturday with only a half day off in the week. If you decide that you want to take annual leave, they make you feel guilty about doing so that you would rather not take it off to save yourself the awful treatment. As an estate agent/ property professional in any role, I would stay well clear of haart as they are awful to work for and I wish I could rate them 0 stars! Cons: Expect you to work all hours without question"

Sales negotiator (Former Employee) says

"This company always recruiting they have bad customer service they do not care about staff or customers. Cons: Long hours. Bad management. Unachievable targets. Staff morale bad."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Low basic, expect many hours for the pay and will run in to your evenings, also if you try and leave they try to claim you owe them overpaid wages as part of a start up package be wary of the small print catches."

Face to face sales (Former Employee) says

"They’ll promise fancy cars and premotions to blind u from minimal wage, long hours, underpaid. Money involved if climb up some backsides, there also open to racism if money is involved."

Medical Coder (Former Employee) says

"I worked at HAART in 2016. They were un organized. D It was a horrible place to work. Very unprofessional and no chain of command. No one in upper mangement is knowledgeable of what they are doing. Don't apply Cons: No chain of command unprofessional"

Senior Manager (Former Employee) says

"The pay is poor for the industry - senior management are completely detached from the people 'on the ground' - I've seen long serving staff in senior positions pushed out Cons: How long have you got....."

Property Marketing Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I have never worked for a company and been treated as badly as they treat there staff!! Was made redundant over a 10 min conference call along with many others. Avoid and apply for another agency if possible."

Lettings Negotiator (Former Employee) says

"So many other agents out there, this is not the one to work for. Probation period was 6 months, made redundant after 5 months and 3 weeks. Retained part of final pay (£500) to be released after inspection of company car, 4 months later, that money has still not been released, honestly better off sitting at home. Cons: You have no idea how long for"

Lettings Negotiator (Former Employee) says

"Don't work for Haart @ Cambridge, they are discusting. Nasty people in the office, talking very informal and would swear and use bad language after every person's visit in the office. Rasists! Staff would make a joke of foreign landlords and also make a joke of their religion. Bonuses are only on paper, most of the months would not be reached. Targets are made not to be met. First day they will make you to sign a paper that you agree to work over 45h p/w. The worse company to work for. People don't even try to apply. They will make you feel miserable. Cons: Loads"

Former Employee - Lettings Negotiator says

"I worked at Haart full-time for less than a year Cons: Poor salary, completely disorganised company, landlords constantly scream at you you because the service is very poor. I would not recommend Haart to either my friends and family to use or to work for."

Former Employee - Negotiator says

"I worked at Haart full-time for more than a year Cons: manager will steal your sale or give it to the assistant manger, hours are rubbish"

Former Employee - Lettings says

"I worked at Haart full-time Cons: Long hours - they expect you to be in early and work late, as well as work through your lunch break Very low basic income, and to make any sort of good money you’d need to work in a busy office, of which there aren’t many Always banging on about ‘family’ when at the end of the day you’re just another number to them"

Former Employee - Letting Manager says

"I worked at Haart full-time Cons: Commission are set to hard to achieve. Property management sometimes hard to work with."

Former Employee - Residential Sales Consultant says

"I worked at Haart full-time for less than a year Cons: Long Hours Basic Salary is very low Unorganised"

Former Employee - Lettings Negotiator says

"I worked at Haart full-time for less than a year Cons: Haart expect you to work a 5.5 day week and the base salary is only 13k, obviously you will get commission on top but it will still work out to be around/below minimum wage. Training is dragged out and unessasary.The company also don’t care about the staff in anyway, staff were expected to go above and beyond to represent the company but the staff are treated awfully. Many office have been shut due to the corona virus, and a large majority of the staff have been let off without any support from the company at all, even with the option to furlough staff to help them get through this difficault time they have decided to leave there hard working staff with nothing. They have also refused to pay some of the commission earned from future move ins even though it’s been worked for prior to being let go. I honelsty wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone, safe your self the hassle and go to a better company who care for the staff, pay substantially more money, and aren’t such selfish employers!"

Former Employee - Senior Residential Sales Consultant says

"I worked at Haart full-time Cons: Just a total shambles. For example, one listing the company insisted on keeping was a that had been on the 12 YEARS! I. Horrendously low fees agreed which inhibited any chance of making worthwhile commission. They expect you to work 55 hours a week without any extra reimbursement both monetary and professional. Would actively encourage estate agents and potential clients to stay well away."

Former Employee - Sales Negotiator says

"I worked at Haart full-time for less than a year Cons: everything else, no career progression"

Former Employee - Branch Manager says

"I worked at Haart part-time for less than a year Cons: Where to start but management is very dated and they refuse to look forward"

Current Employee - Consultant says

"I have been working at Haart full-time for more than a year Cons: Regional managers think they're god's greatest gift. make negs feel like they are worthless. 20 minute lunch break max out of an at least 10 hour day.highly restricted flexibility. no days in lieu even though mortgage advisers and some lettings offices get them. atrocious basic pay, they are always desperate to get someone in the office because the rest of the staff left- I believe it has one of, if not the highest staff turnover rates in the industry, yet they still think they are doing a great job! in conclusion the company is a JOKE. all they talk about is family values and how they want everyone who works there to be happy and have a good work/life balance, but you quickly realise that this company has no soul what so ever. avoid."

John says

"Worst letting agency, do not choose this agency they are friendly and helpful until you move in after that it is pain in the back to get in touch with them. My letting agent was Bodie Branddon, he is a good person but has no clue how to do his job."

Dorothy Hammersley says

"BEWARE do not use Haarts Estate Agents branch Ely Cambs.Booked a valuation two weeks ago. The valuer rang 45 minutes before he was due, to say his car had broken down first thing that morning and was in the garage this was at 11.15 p.m.for a 12.00 p.m.appointment. I had driven 50 miles to get back for the valuation.Surely I could have been informed earlier! I am still waiting two weeks after the rebooked appointment for the valuation. Have left messages for Melissa Warner the branch Manager for a call back without response.Chatted on their on line service promised someone would chase and call me, without response.This morning I was online for over an hour to their on line chat. An operator answered the call straight away asking if I wanted a valuation after explaining I already had had one two weeks ago, I was then passed on to someone else who asked the same question.I was then passed on to a further three operators Abby, Liam S two of which.Having been transferred to four different operators in succession and on line for an hour, gave up. Would have given them no stars if there was scope to. Surprised they get any custom."

Pawandeep Sahota says

"The new lettings management team they use are useless. Never pick up phones or respond to emails."

Suzi Brent says

"Throughout my tenancy with Haart it was one problem after another. I waited months for repairs or was told to sort them out myself. I was charged an extortionate fee every year for a new contract and my when I asked to go on to a rolling contract to avoid the fee they evicted me even though I have never been late with rent. As I am an NHS worker I didn't have time to clean and asked them to recommend a company who promptly doubled their quoted fee when it was too late to find someone else to do it. The silver lining in losing my beloved home was never having to deal with these awful people again."

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