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Groupon is an American global e-commerce marketplace connecting subscribers with local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods and services in 15 countries. Based in Chicago, Groupon was launched there in November 2008, launching soon after in Boston, New York City and Toronto. By October 2010, Groupon was available in 150 cities in North America and 100 cities in Europe, Asia and South America, and had 35 million registered users. By the end of March 2015, Groupon served more than 500 cities worldwide, nearly 48.1 million active customers and featured more than 425,000 active deals globally in 48 countries. The idea for Groupon was created by former CEO and Pittsburgh native Andrew Mason. The idea gained the attention of his former employer, Eric Lefkofsky, who provided $1 million in seed money to develop the idea. In April 2010, the company was valued at $1.35 billion.[14] According to a December 2010 report conducted by Groupon's marketing association and reported in Forbes magazine and the Wall Street Journal, Groupon was "projecting that the company is on pace to make $1 billion in sales faster than any other business, ever."

AA disapointed customer tweeted this, "My first purchase from the groupon website turned into a disaster in less than 12 hours. Realising that I placed an order for something that was not wanted the previous night, I tried contacting them to no avail. However I eventually managed to speak to an agent at 9 am the following morning but he insisted it was already too late to cancel the order and refund me. He claimed the order had already been processed but the order information did not show this until 48 hours later. Another three days later and a tracking reference was loaded but this confirmed tracked order information received only, and phone calls to the relevant delivering company confirmed nothing was in their hands. Finally, after 2 more weeks of arguing to receive a CASH refund and them denying my consumer rights I started a section 30 claim against them with my credit card company, and lo and behold my refund appeared 10 days later! Never, never, never again will I ever consider buying something from this devious, manipulative outfit who float UK consumer law and ignore your consumer rights by employing and utilising agents in far-off lands to thwart your every attempt to exercise your U.K. consumer rights. They employ every trick in the book to hang on to your money for as long as possible, including offering you groupon credits but you are definitely not obliged to accept; insist on a CASH refund back to your original payment source."