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Government Executive is an American media publication based in Washington, D.C. that covers daily government business. Their reporting is tailored to civilian posts, federal bureaucrats, and military officials who partake in the day-to-day of public policy in the United States.Government Executive is led by Tom Shoop, the organization's vice president and editor-in-chief, and Katherine McIntire Pe


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"I worked at Atlantic Media Company full-time for more than 3 years Cons: I worked for GovExec Media Group -- a branch of the Atlantic Media parent company. They are a smaller business focused on media for government employees. My cons are mostly with this business, not AMC as a whole: - The sales culture and favoritism is almost ignorantly taken to a frightful level - Efficient processes and organizational support is nonexistent - Leadership seems pretty tone deaf to any operational support, or how they are running their business. - I asked for three promotions or other opportunities at my time here. My boss's loved me, my colleagues loved me and I was constantly told I did excellent work. Guess how many promotions/new opps I got? 0. What else was I supposed to do except leave? I resent they put me in that position."