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Golfsmith International Holdings Inc. was an American golf specialty retailer based in Austin, Texas. Each store, along with, housed a wide selection of golf clubs, shoes, apparel, gadgets and gear from all the major brands as well as proprietary offerings. They also offered custom club fitting, lessons and services for golfers.


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"Absolutely zero additional compensation for employees with expert skill sets. They get paid the same minimum wage as a cashier or apparel employee."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"You are treated as a number. You have to be a "yes" person to management. Upper management doesn't remember you a week after they met you. The customer comes first ahead of staff. Name brand products are being replaced with cheap knock off product to enhance profit."

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"At Golf Town we pride ourselves in ensuring our associates work within a safe and healthy environment. When a complaint is brought to our attention, we take the matter seriously. In an effort to understand the entire incident, the normal course of action is for the HR Department (located in Vaughan, ON) to conduct a thorough investigation and to develop an action plan based on those findings."

Former Employee - Retail Sales Associate says

"No commission Poor management No structure Low pay"

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"- Does not tell you fully when you've done something wrong - Does not schedule - If you do not golf or have anyone in your life that golf, it is very boring"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"New management came in and there is a lack of respect and regard for the employees"

Sales Associate says

"- Terrible management, could never rely on anyone to stay. We were always understaffed when management left multiples times and basically had to do their job being underpaid. - Expected to work on commission based program but never earned commission"


"no room for career development, more focus on minimizing expenses than employee engagement"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"You will not be able to move up in the company if you don't wanna go full time. The more hours you work is correlated with promotion potential. After awhile you're potential for skill development will max out, so there will be no added value to be there anymore."

Head Cashier & Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"You don't get paid what you're worth for a fast paced business. I am a very reliable & hard worker but they don't appreciate all I have done. Wouldn't recommend this place for anyone to work unless you're ok with minimum wage."

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"Good place to work as an avid golfer. Not much room for advancement. Work life and personal life are not easily interchangeable. Very strict guidelines which is good for some, not for others. The people you work with are generally very easy to get along with."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Place full of teenagers whos socials skills are pitiful, Management thought is was a joke too, as was the management , contests that were not paid out . brutal wage,SquatThe whole place"

Management (Former Employee) says

"They started out as a Canadian company but have now hired American management who have reduced staffing levels.They have zero concern for the welfare of their employees.The management team can not be trusted.working in the golf industrythis company will use you then dump you."

Department Sales Manager Hardlines (Former Employee) says

"Expect a competitive, stressful environment with very high expectations for bonuses. Cuts to pay for all management positions below store manager make pay on the low side of the scale. Low staffing levels (three people to cover 17,000 square feet) mean as a manager you can expect to put in upwards of 17,000 steps a day. Upper Management could learn a lot by taking the Respect in the Workplace course.Fun customers, fun helping people with their golf gamestaff levels, competitive environment, bullying."

Cashier (Current Employee) says

"My experience with the company is not the best , I started a year ago , but did not get a raise, the company basically pay well to the assistant managers and the managers . While all the work is on sales associate and cashier"

Departmental Sales Lead Hardlines Department (Former Employee) says

"Terrible unorganized place to work. Too much personal feelings as managers were married. No care for employees, seemed golfing in tournaments was a little more important than the health and well being of fellow associates. Being hospitalized does not constitute a reason to miss work. Left right after due to ridicule from managers via email and verbally. Glad to see this poison close."

Department Manager (Former Employee) says

"Their struggles were inevitable . Eye test is never done . Bean counters make decisions . Mid management personnel are know it all's . Good riddance GT . Worked with some great people at the store level there but management squeezed them all out . As stores close and people get fired , look in the mirror HQ .fun in store environmenthard work goes unnoticed"

Footwear Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Sales Organization Product Knowledge Communication Great Management"

Softlines Sale Associate, Cashier (Current Employee) says

"A good flexible job for university students who are looking for part time work. You don't need to know golf to work here but it is an asset and will probably make the job more enjoyable. The management is extremely poor as they do not lead well and don't appreciate the employees."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Management is on their own agenda here. It doesn't matter if you are hired part-time or full-time you get the hours you are given and don't bother asking or complaining. They have zero empathy and understanding when it comes to personal issues and will throw you under the bus if you make one mistake. I enjoyed my fellow sales associates and it was fun to have the game of golf in common but the rest of the workplace is all about management and sales.Mutual interest in the gomeBad management, poor pay, no empathy for employees lives"

MASTER FITTER & TECHNICIAN (Former Employee) says

"My experience at Golf Town was inherently mixed and bittersweet. I was with the company on and off from 2005 to late 2014 - a heady time indeed. I was there during the company's “Wild West” like, expansionistic heyday under its original founder and leadership team, when stores were opening across the country, vendor support was constant, customer needs came first (the costs be damned), and for all intents Golf Town was the golf store of record in Canada (1999-2010, roughly). Sadly, though, I was also there during a time of huge transformational shift, aimless cost-cutting that ultimately took the company's soul, best people, and viability, and spineless failures among senior leadership figures (2010-2014+). On the one hand, I had the privilege of working with some of the most motivated colleagues and managers I will ever meet. These were people who professionalized the retail sales role every minute that they were on the job - and our customers knew it. On the other hand, by the time I left the company had become dominated by a caricatured, penny-pitching retail approach imposed by the leadership of then-owner OMERS, by ruthless decision-making from company executives only looking to advance themselves, and instances of disturbingly inconsiderate and unprofessional behaviour by a few store-level managers allowed to run amok at their locations. Golf Town subsequently experienced even worse, after I left, as it ended up in partial bankruptcy proceedings by the late 2010s. I heard stories about some people I worked with - first-rate, deeply loyal employees and gifted teambuilders"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"- Typical day: speak to customers about product features, make them try products, take care of merchandising, print new signs - Skills I learned: selling techniques, merchandising - Management: Dowtown Toronto store manager is the worst boss I've ever had. - Co-worker: really good atmospher between coworkers as we are all golf lovers - Hardest part of the job: hours without customers - Most enjoyable part of the job: sales A good job as student but not for a full time position.Discount on products, coworkers11.45$/h without comissions, Downtown Toronto store general manager"

Sr. Retail Pro Systems Administrator (Former Employee) says

"This company has many wonderful people working for it who have dedicated their time to make GOLFTOWN an amazing working enviornment. Due to the poor management styles and the total disconnect from their staff it makes for a frustrating and stressfull work place.Amazing employees who truly enjoy GolfManagement"

SALES/ pro shop club repair / fitter (Former Employee) says

"started off great working there but quickly found it was geared to treat the low level employees poorly and pay was very minimum. enjoyable talking golf all day but some of the staff were uneducated about the game and its products.discounts on clothesminimal pay"

Manager of Store Operations (Current Employee) says

"Golf Town has undergone many recent changes, 5 CEOs in 5 years. I have worked for the company for 15 years, and I have stayed that long because they have been rally good to me with working around my school schedule. We run on a lean team, that require many late nights and weekends. However, this is expected. There is little work/ life balance and many individuals do multiple jobs.If you love golfunstable leadership"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"GolfTown was a great place to work for the first 5 years of my career there. Went through a Major company move to the us and took on another retailers best practices that just never worked. With the right changes they can for sure be the company they once were."

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"i had some medical problems and my manager did get mad at me and told me to reconsider the job because i could not show up to certain shifts. i used to work 3-4 shifts and now i work one shift every two weeks"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Poor upper management. Distant and uninviting senior staff. Quality of work tended to be monotonous and underwhelming. Negative workplace environment."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"On most days, the store would be ready for customers by the closing team however opening staff turn on sims, TV's and do a walk-around to make sure store is ready. As customers arrive, it is mandatory to greet them and continually check in with them while they visit even if they do not need assistance. Sales are a very high priority with this company. Hours received are sales driven! If you don't sell you will not get hours. If you sell, you get hours and the store reaches its daily, weekly and monthly targets, only the store management team gets the bonuses. I started at $11 per hour and after a year received a .36 cent raise! Employees of GT are not well paid. My fellow co-workers were one of the best parts of the job. We created a fun work enviroment and during the quiet times were always doing product testing and evaluations. The hardest part of this job is being on your feet for 7 hours a day with only ONE 30 minute paid break! The 2nd hardest part was having a manager who has no people skills. Best part of the job for me was getting that customer fully equipped with new golf gear, fitted out, and leaving the store with this huge smile as he or she had new clubs ready to play that first round.discounts on products, test new equipment, mini-sales contests, getting customers into new equipment, co-workersmanager, on feet all day, no 15 min.breaks, one 30 min. unpaid break, poor training, no chance of advancement, poor wages"

Gene Booth says

"tried to report a speeding ups driver. what a joke it was like i was on trial they even put me on hold.tried to do it again.Sloppy waste of time. licence plate # 7068LM your over 90 in a 60 zone.slow down before you kill someone!"

Sue says

"worst service ever I had 2 bad experiences with them. once I ordered a portable washing machine from BestBuy. it was supposed to be delivered to my home. they left the item in the entrance door during the weekend and nobody called or sent an email that it is there. on Monday one of my neighbors called and said downstair. I have knee surgery and imagine how I could move it to the elevator etc. In the end, when I opened there was a dent on the machine which most likely because of bad delivery. I had to return the machine and now it is 60$ more expensive than the time I ordered it. now I have been waiting for another order form LoLe and their website every day says it will be delivered by end of day. it's been 4-5 days. I call the customer service and they say they will call me. It's been 2 days. I am wondering why different companies work with them. they obviously don't know how to work and service. Their service is ridiculous."

Doug Johnson says

"There was a "Glitch" in the system...sorry you waited all day for the, you have to see "On the truck, out for delivery" to believe what UPS Quantum View tells you. A zero is too good for this company!"

Adriana Dinca says

"The worst shipping company, I've been waiting for my package for 4 weeks and I still have't got it, I phoned them 3 times and every time I was told different reasons for not having the package delivered. I am just surprised Costco uses them for delivery."

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