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Gocycle is an electric bicycle manufactured by Karbon Kinetics Limited, a company founded in 2002 by Richard Thorpe, who set out to create the world's best urban electric bike. Thorpe is an industrial designer who once worked at the racing car company McLaren. The Gocycle has interchangeable quick release wheels, a fully enclosed chain, gearing and cabling, a moulded magnesium frame and wheels an


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C L says

"The person I spoke with on the phone was very unhelpful. Could not solve problem."

Mike O says

"After 60 days without my bike I've finally got it back from Gocycle. However.... the charger and the mudguards are missing! This is just another failing in a catalog of errors by Gocycle. Bought a Gocycle G3 6 months ago. Used it daily then the battery failed. It took over a month for the Gocycle to liaise with the dealer to get the bike sent back to the factory for repair. Then somewhere between Gocyle and dealer the bike went missing and Gocycle expected me to coordinate with the dealer to work out where it was. I complained to Gocycle and suddenly the bike appears at their repair facility. After 60 days since reporting the fault I now have the bike back but crucial parts are missing. This is a great bike but beware if you are thinking of buying one as the support is a disaster."

Marc Roberts says

"My gocycle gx is in shop for repair whilst writing this review if I could give it zero star I would everthing seems to be falling apart on my bike after leaving shop on 21/8/ there maybe snapped pin or bolt near locking mechanism I don't think the suspension works riding the bike on slightly uneven terrain the bike just makes so many noises the gears always slipp and so hard to get into gear riding my bike for longer then half hr is so uncomfortable the electric motor is so loud and cuts in when you r not expecting it to and just picks up so much speed the milage I get out of the battery is ridiculous at times tbh is perfected sorry that's my experience with this model I maybe just one off bad gocycle . Now this review isn't all bad the bike shop has loaned me there loaned bike same has mine this gocycle I would give it 10 out 10 comfortable no rattles motor is so quite doesn't speed up where you need to be braking for dear life I'm working on job 18 miles away from my home my gocycle normally gets me home with maybe 20% or less or either no battery power today this loaned gocycle got me home with 60% same journey I have done for last 3 weeks so today after using this perfect gocycle I have had enjoyable commute and loved the gocycle just not looking forward to getting my other gocycle back I really don't feel its going to be nowhere near has good has this loaned gocycle"

Karl Congson says

"Definitely a sleek bike, good motor, smooth ride etc. However, even on my brand new GX I have had recurring creaking issues with the handlebars and headset. Initially some oil removed the creaking temporarily but the issue has since come back after only 2 rides. I can't recommend the bike and will probably sell it because the creaking is unbearable and it happens even just riding it straight. Others have reported the same issue so I know it isn't just my bike."

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