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Glassdoor is a website where current and former employees anonymously review companies. Glassdoor also allows users to anonymously submit and view salaries as well as search and apply for jobs on its platform.

Justin comments on his experience using the Glassdoor App, "This app has had many problems from failing to pull data (particularly for salaries), giving suggestions that are nothing remotely close to what you searched, loading problems, among other things, and only seems to be getting worse. The app serves most of its functions, but does them extremely poorly and creates a truly awful experience every time. I have avoided this app unless absolutely necessary. Fix the problems, there is so much potential. The Glassdoor website isn't much better either."


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Freelancer (Former Employee) says

"Don't work here no benefits and management is all over the place. No credibility, no verification of reviews submitted. The just want to make money and don't care about the validity of the information they publish.Very LittleNo Bnefits"

Customer Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"I hate to work at this place. They look like they trying to build a review website, but in fact all they do it so chase the money. I work in customer support, I deal with small business owners whose only good reviews got removed so we can sell them services. While the big corporation who paid us, they remove the negative reviews. Everybody in the company knows that glassdoor is not a profitable business by running reviews, and their ads suck. I deal with clients asking why the glassdoor ads never pull any qualified candidates all the time. This is literally the only way they can make money. I do not approve of that, and I told my manager that I am not comfortable because any other job I had was actually helping people solving problems. The Manager tried to "educate me on business". I guess they do that is because they are trying to go public and they are trying to prove that they are profitable. I have a business degree, I may not be a business expert, but I know the basics. Even I know this is not a sustainable way. How about actually fix your services, and make them actually work, then people will actually sign up for your services. Because apparently Indeed, a free job posting website, works way much better than glassdoor,literally nothingI feel I thretean people all the time"

Representative (Current Employee) says

"Poor management & work life balance is shocking. Job security is risky and termination is used as a threat if you dont hit the ground running. Cutthroat cultureYoung team culture.Poor management & work life balance is shocking, Job security is risky and termination is used as a threat if you dont hit the ground running."

Finance (Former Employee) says

"Glassdoor wants to believe it treats its staff like a family, but it is incredibly dysfuntcional. In the beginning, they seem to treat their employees well, but then arbitrarily eliminate their roles or let them go for no good reason. I have seen it happen many times. Also, their strategy changes so often that is there is no true job security or opportunity for advancement. The management team is inexperienced and immature and often make decisions that lack real thought or analysis. Glassdoor's product team lacks innovation. They merely copy the market leaders - like Indeed and TripAdvisor. Good people are being let go, and a lot of other good people are leaving. Glassdoor is not managing its growth well, and the "family" is falling apart. *note: wrote a similar review on Glassdoor, but (surprise) they did not post it.Free lunchCompensation below market, no job security, limited opportunity for advancement"

Inside Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"Company had a great opportunity to growth, but lacked in upper management."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Glassdoor used to be a great company to work for. Unfortunately, they have made some significant changes within the last 12 months that has created a sour culture in sales. No one is getting paid, no one is happy, and most are looking for other jobs. I hope they can turn it around as I truly believe in their mission and extraordinary executive leadership.Free lunchSignificantly underpaid and undervalued"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Glassdoor is making its mark in EMEA however they are like a start up within a start up and have a few things to iron out. They are a good company to work for but alot of bumps in the road."

Customer Success (Former Employee) says

"Everyone is super friendly and helpful. They live by the cultural values that they speak to customers about. Some growing pains, which is to be expected. If you don't like change, this is definitely not for you. Plenty of autonomy."

Lai-Kay Maggie Cheung says

"I tried to see the salary for a company, but to see it I need to add something, so I decided to write a review. Instead of letting me see what I wanted to see, it asked for more. I gave it more, yet it still asked for more. What's the point in asking for info when others can't even see it?"

John says

"Shows you snippets of information but then you have to make an account to see it. So you make an account but then no, you have to submit information on your workplace and salary to view it. So you do that and then they want you to leave reviews before you can see the information. Awful experience, will never use again."

Sam Moffatt says

"terrible website, terribly designed"

George says

"Tried to see reviews for a company and could not see it without putting a review and salary from my current employer.I have done that but after they wanted to write another review instead of going to the information I wanted.Not the best experience!Would not go there again!!!!"

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