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Geeknet, Inc. is a Fairfax County, Virginia–based company that is a subsidiary of GameStop. The company was formerly known as VA Research, VA Linux Systems, VA Software, and SourceForge, Inc..

A former creative director mentioned, "Geeknet suffered from multiple changes in ownershp and rampant layoffs while I worked there. They are slashdot media now. The people were great. Management became increasingly fractured and incompetent as time went on. I was laid off after surviving 9 rounds of previous layoffs."


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"Dysfunctional managers and demotivated teams point to a lack of leadership and basic skills competency at the executive and managerial levels. The Peter-Principle is in effect, as its clear the company has lost it's way, which means you won't get any support from those you report to. It's a toxic company with some very toxic employees."

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"Higher management is chaos. They don't have the resources to train you. Bad communication. Stores have no support."

Regional Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"GeekNet allowed me to get deeper into Tech, B2B, Enterprise clients. Had unique ad units to offer clients and was very exciting to get clients exciting about the site.unique units to sellthey folded all their inventory into idg"