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GamesRadar+ (formerly GamesRadar) is an entertainment website dedicated to video game-related news, previews, and reviews that is owned by Future US (a subsidiary of Future plc). In late 2014, Future Publishing-owned sites Total Film, SFX, Edge and Computer and Video Games were merged into GamesRadar, with the resulting, expanded website being renamed GamesRadar+ in November that year.


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Lako says

"They write about the dumbest things video game related. OMG we can shoot power lines in MGS. OMG someone made detailed character models from old GTA games. Just completely useless information."

GamesGaydar says

"Probably the worst website I’ve ever seen. It’s just a giant mess of ads attacking your browser. The epitome of the awful ad-infested websites that have become a scourge on the internet."

Anonymously Me says

"Agree about the ads. Why bother writing anything when ads that cannot be closed block the content. Seriously fuck the scroll to content bullshit!!!"

Anonymous says

"The content on this website is not worth the swamp of ads you have to wade through to use it. This website is UNUSABLE on the mobile version. It fills your screen with so many ads that you can't even read the articles on the website. In addition, you cannot use adblocker on this website. This website is a disease to the internet. The internet and even the world would be a better place if this website as well as it's creators were both eradicated from existence. There is no place for this garbage on the internet."

Alec Heesacker says

"Not Good! There were no games that would interest me for 30 minutes as to pass the time!"

Esk says

"garbage website!.."

Murillo Mazonetto says

"cant load, even with adblock off, pain in the ."


"Website causes my chrome tab to crash on both my high end computers because of javascript. Turn of javascript and you can at least visit the website. Of course then their ad system wont work. I don't think they care for much more than money so reviews aren't trustworthy either."

Nunya says

"Annoying anti adblock policies and clickbait titles. Usually the articles have very little actual information and more suppositions to make the article title more clickable. For whatever reason, this garbage site always appears high in google search results and is typically irrelevant. Feels a lot like accidentally clicking on a watchmojo video on youtube, where the content is presented by people who don't understand what they're reporting on and just trying to get click traffic for ads."

Wilfried J. says

"Blocks the whole page when you have an ad-blocker..."

Fotis says

"Classic cookie monster, blocks the whole page if you have ad blocker as well. I'm certainly not coming back to any site with such attitude."

TKTurbo says

"Can't open the website without disabling my adblocker and you can get the same information formatted better on other sites"

BurningRubb3r says

"I cannot even visit the website without turning off ad-blocker. So obviously, this site is garbage."

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