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GTE Corporation, formerly General Telephone & Electronics Corporation (1955–1982), was the largest independent telephone company in the United States during the days of the Bell System. The company operated from 1926, with roots tracing further back than that, until 2000, when it was acquired by Bell Atlantic; the combined company took the name Verizon.

Alecia mentioned, "Purchased a phone from Verizon. Received phone and tried to activate it. Called customer service and was hung up on at 7 when they closed. Got connected with a "live agent" via chat support. They couldn't figure out why my phone was to be activated in three days nor could they fix the problem. Disconnected or transferred three times and had to restate my problem each time. Ultimately the tech support told me that they could cancel my activation 3 days from now but it would take an additional 3 days to get the phone activated. I've been a customer for 20 years in ready to switch carriers. Verizon Support does not have a clue what supporting customers means."


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Denny Christensen says

"Its stuck in my obd2 port that's not good. And my car idles rough but it need a remap tune anyhow. But I have felt some top end performance at 5500 rpm and up. All and all 1-10 I would say it's a 6.5 on performance"

Former Employee - Member Relationship Officer says

"Management is not helpful, unethical behaviors overlooked. District managers have no idea what managers are doing."

Member Care Advocate (Former Employee) says

"When I first started at Gte they made it seem like the best place to work ! Wrong! They lie to you, can’t take days off on holidays everything is blacked out not enough money for what you do , it’s extremely stressful I build anxiety and it’s not the job but management that makes you feel that way! They choose members ovee you if you work here make sure you become best friends with management and higher up if not good luck!High turn over no one stays"

Thomas says

"Wish you had an app for your phone that linked to the chip but I felt a difference within a week!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Yes, the PTO and pay at GTE Financial are awesome! We pride ourselves on hiring a top-notch management team – in fact, it’s a huge priority for GTE Financial – however, it sounds like you didn’t have that experience and we are disappointed. We are taking proactive steps to improve by providing quarterly reviews to assess the performance of each of our employees and by doing an annual employee survey to better understand the ways in which we can continue to train and coach our employees to be the very best."

Indirect Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Management here is poor. They do not treat you fairly and do not know how to talk to people. It was a very stressful time going to work here everyday, not knowing if you were going to be allowed to work due to your personal beliefs."

Current Employee - Member Resolutions says

"We appreciate your review of your time here at GTE Financial, and we are sorry to hear you were unhappy with the management team and our location. We are proud to be part of the Tampa Bay community, and our beautiful campus located in the Heart of Ybor City/Downtown does offer wonderful amenities and beautiful outdoor space for our employees. We are proud to invest in and serve our diverse communities and members by supporting them in reaching their financial goals. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we do agree with your comment that we offer very generous pay, benefits and amazing amenities! We are constantly striving to improve our workplace culture and make GTE a premier place to work, and are proud to be recognized by our employees as a Top Work Places in 2017! It is unfortunate that you did not raise any of the concerns to a HR (Talent) team member while you were employed. We appreciate your contributions during your time here at GTE Financial – and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors."

Fraud Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I know a paycheck is better than nothing, but at some point you have to choose your sanity over the paycheck... this company isn’t going anywhere, so take a breathe but don’t get attached and don’t lose sight of your personal goals. GTE will leave you exhausted, demoralized and used..."