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Clifford Vivian Devon Curtis (born 27 July 1968) is a New Zealand actor. His film credits include Once Were Warriors (1994), Three Kings (1999), Blow (2001), Training Day (2001), Whale Rider (2002), Sunshine (2007), Live Free or Die Hard (2007) and The Dark Horse (2014), for which he won the Best Performance by an Actor award at the 2014 Asia Pacific Screen Awards. Curtis had television series ...


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S&S Activewear (Former Employee) says

"Managers have favoritism, you work for 12hrs and don't get your second break nor lunch and don't even get paid double! I always had to argue because they always had my hrs wrong! Me and my husband had our marriage a secret and the manager comes and ask if he knew I was married because that's what I put on some paper work she looked at! If that not of violention with privacy I don't know what is! I was getting harassed at work by a woman who got along with the manager so she was in it too I reported to the warehouse manager, he just told me to get out of her way... when I had a witness she tried to hit me with a door. This place is not profesional at all you go to the parking lot and can see used condoms🤢🤮. The worst fucken place to work! Cons: Everything!"

Forklift Driver and Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"Fin de año te despiden, solo trabajas 3 horas diarias, no sirve."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"they are under kirby if you want to walk for miles knocking on people door without a guaranteed income go right ahead. once u got it u had to show how our machine was better than theirs and kirby is expensive."

Hairdressing Apprentice (Former Employee) says

"did not like this job one bit"

Ayudante general (Former Employee) says

"Todos los días teníamos que hacer el trabajo del ingeniero. Jamas nos agradecia. Pero aprendí que no todos tus jefes son buenos y que el trabajo puede ser mas duro de lo común Cons: No tenias nada, ni uniformes ni prestaciones, ni fondos de ahorro. Nada!"

Journeyman Electrician (Former Employee) says

"Nice enough place, if you liked high school and the he said, she said drama. Cons: Management"

Reset Merchandiser/Service Retail (Current Employee) says

"This is one way a person who wants to change the grocery business but with a degree and have hands on experience, and making better grocery business . Cons: becareful with the leads who say are knowledgable but are lazy and dont have a degree, only a some what expereince"

Lead mechanic (Former Employee) says

"Good place to work but we changed owners and ran out of work sitting at home does not pay the bills very interesting work very good places to work need people to work with jobs change a lot to out the month you move around a lot Cons: Running out of work"

Level 2 Non-Commissioned Security Guard (Former Employee) says

"Too many little chiefs and not enough Indians. Too many young inexperienced personnel watching over things not within their competency level. That was my only complaint."

I wish not to reveal (Current Employee) says

"9 hour work (including lunch) every day. The bosses are very friendly and accessible. However, omg, the co-workers are sooooooo boring. No one would ever talk with you and most people are not helpful. Cons: Low compensation. Boring people."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"It's was challenging,but learn more.had to be responsible at all times.i didn't like the treatment received from management.i wasted so much time without knowledge"

Puller, packer, cleaner (Former Employee) says

"It’s easy work. But they over work you when it’s busy no time for an outside life. The employees are all drama it’s high school. The management is unprofessional and out of hand all supervisors and leads talk smack about eachother to employees. Very unprofessional environment. Cons: Mistakes are counted against you"

forming, General laborer (Former Employee) says

"we would show up the boss would tell us what need be done show you how to do it and he would leave. you learn that concrete in a slow finish time but finishing it is a plus. owner is a good man but his wife (president) doesn't know what she is doing and couldn't do it to save her life.just like any construction crew, it has its moments. there is no hard part of the job, its concrete not rocket science. good hours when they need you. Cons: if you dont please the president she will try to fire you because she doesn't like you"

journeyman Electrician (Former Employee) says

"ok work place but no future these guys will promise you the moon then as soon as the job gets caught up its lay off time"

Machine Operator/Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"They don’t really care for personal life issues... you will get fired!!!! The management there isn’t good at all there not approachable at all. Bad pay I will add"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"It was good working with this company and I really appreciated the way they handle their employees .well what I disliked at the company were their late payments as of they come on time Cons: Long hours"

Telesales Representative (Former Employee) says

"I was in a call center doing very well but i would rather talk to people face to face. It did not matter though because they ended up laying off a lot of the employees in a downsizing."

Process Associate (Current Employee) says

"S&S corp is a company deal with insurance it's nice environment to work and good management with best colleague team they support In achieving target. Nice company"

Hairdressing Apprentice (Former Employee) says

"Really Judgemental, Makes you feel down about working there. Didn't really learn anything as I was only in there for a while, wouldn't prefer to work there. You have to meet there expectations in size and looks there was no equality In the atmosphere Cons: Poor Service"

Impiegato 6 livello (Former Employee) says

"La mia giornata aveva inizio nella primissima mattinata e tutti i giorni potevo affrontare nuove cose con nuovi ambienti e nuovi personaggi imparando sempre qualcosa da ciascuno. L'Azienda era gestita con il criterio del buon padre di famiglia. Avevo dei buoni colleghi di lavoro. La parte più difficile era capire le esigenze del Cliente e studiare il modo di accontentarlo. La parte più piacevole era quella di viaggiare Cons: Continui cambiamenti di pensiero dei vari Clienti"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Walmart full-time for less than a year Cons: They have ridiculous expectations at the warehouse. It’s so sad how you can tell management that your injured and they don’t give a crap and want you to go back to work. It’s not worth it..."

spidermans uncle420 says

"F#ckbook is nothing but a scam I sign up for $19.99 and got charged two payments one $40 something and another of $56 and I've asked for a cancellation but they won't"

Customer says

"If I could give a 0 rating I would. Typical ripoff site - suckered in by multiple messages from "real people", turned out it was all bots. Stay away"

C-dog says

"Well what so tell more, everything has been told many times before. Fuckbook is a traditional scam. Not only that the payments are gender specific, its also also not totally free for the males. First Fuckbook does offer "free" content, but to interact with them you need to have a subscription. You can choose a 3 day trials, but beware if you do not cancel it, before the 3 days ends, it will extend your subscription to a month AUTOMATICALLY! But that "privilege" only has the mens. LOL Women can chat and write for free! -> Scam strike 1 Second The "verifcation" of a person means nothing, you dont get any special access or rank among the other. Third Fakes and obviously fakes are unheard when reporting! Even when you try to make other aware of scamer, you get punished. Reporting them, wont change anything! From famous pornstars to bollywoodactresses, there are any kind of fakes. -> Scam strike 2 Fourth The top comments are always from the same guys, probably co-workers etc -> Scam strike 3 normally they should be offline already but the list goes on. Fifth Women (legit) easily gets banned, their accounts are takes over, just so! They cannot access it. When contacting the support you get something like "there was no user with the name ever registered on Fuckbook..." But what they really do, is the use of the so called IceBreaker. A automated bot that sends instant kinky messages to the newly registered (male-)user and keeps sending to other users like spam. Even though the user hasn't upload any photos from him, you get messages like "oh you look great/sweet" etc -> Scam strike 4 Sixth They Do sell your creditcard information! One of their scams are called celelest.com . They rip you off with a monthly fee -for nothing- to the amount of 65,60€ or 76,47 USD When contacting their service, the will tell you, they don't have any cc records on your name! So check your bills! -> Scam strike 5 Fuckbook is a scam and total rip off! There should be petition to take this site off! Best regards!"

Chris Strobel says

"Fake! Its not a hookup site its only there to advertise porn & other dating sites that also do same."

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