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Freelance (sometimes spelled free-lance or free lance), freelancer, or freelance worker, are terms commonly used for a person who is self-employed and not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. Freelance workers are sometimes represented by a company or a temporary agency that resells freelance labor to clients; others work independently or use professional associations or websi


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Freelancer (Former Employee) says

"full of extra taxes and hidden taxes , and its very hard to withdraw the money(i can´t)... do not recommend either to ask for a job to be done or to work there as an extra gig. use upwork and fiverr, they are much better for both options and doesn´t have hidden fees. Cons: scam"

Freelancer (Former Employee) says

"I joined today, October 29, 2020, used all of my credits and applied to eight different jobs, and deleted my account the same day. I got two messages from them that were both complete and utter scams, both pretending to be a Chinese man who had lost his Upwork account and needed my help. Suspicious links that I shouldn't have followed, oops. Also got a completely random job offer from a user who's name was a string of incomprehensible letters and numbers with an email included for me to follow up. Not taking any chances, I deleted my account within hours of making it. Stay away. Cons: Everything"

Voice talent, marketing, writing (Former Employee) says

" is the worst website out there. I tried to work with them for almost a year, even paid for 2 months of membership but all I could find were scammers and their support is not doing anything. The membership gives you more bids but it's the only perk you get because the website itself is a scam. It's very difficult to advance in any way, you need reviews to get seen among other freelancers but as a newcomer you will be put at the end of the list. I rarely seen such a bad website. They can provide some of the worst experiences for freelancers. Not worth anyone's time, I highly suggest you move along and try a different website. Cons: Scamming website, lost time, fictional projects, useless premiums, lost money within the website on any type of action, no support"

Virtual Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I was very disappointed to see that they dont even try to do something about all of the scammers that try to get you to do shady work. They take a fee upfront for a job that you dont even know if its going to work out or not (which put me in overdraft mind you). I would go into this very carefully. It was not worth it at all. Cons: Scammers, up front fees"

Writer/Editor (Former Employee) says

"I joined two days ago and since joining nothing worked, you could not upload submission and I was on Support Chat for the 3 hours I could have been working. Cons: Everything"

Web Designer & Developer (Current Employee) says

"The freelancer management are involved in scam. They post fake project. I earned 6000 from here but they don't allow me to withdraw my money to my bank account. When i contacted their support team they never replied. They just send me a follow up email to close my support ticket. They are one the world's top thief who stole people hard earned money"


"there are lot of scammers working there. they didn't pay for your work. after the completion of work, they will block you. the site has no bach up of money."

Write (Former Employee) says

"I signed up for their service months ago and was unable to authenticate my card so i got the impression I couldn't use it and left the website."

Marketing (Current Employee) says

"Freelancer is only a platform that is charging a big amount of money for your payments and job possibilities. It isn´t user-friendly or helpful. I needed 2-3 weeks to verify a new phonenumber. They charge 10% of my income and are really not helpful. To keep my money and work with it they do different kinds of things, which isn´t okay at all. However gives here 5 Star has never worked for them."

Assistente de Marketing e Comunicação (Former Employee) says

"A empresa tem tudo para crescer, só precisa ser mais organizada, e valorizar as competências dos seus colaboradores."

freelancer (Former Employee) says

"A worst possible place to work! Freelancers are competitive which is fine, but is always taking the side of employers, it doesn't matter if employees are right. Oh yeah, 99% of employers are scammers who will try to take your money so don't work outside the site if you decide to work anyways. Cons: scamming employers, poor customer service"

Designer (Former Employee) says

"I've won $750 in the contest among 150+ freelancers but"

Full Stack Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Always close account."

Designer (Former Employee) says

"They closed my account without any reason. I'm very stressed with this"

Shraddha Patel (Former Employee) says

"Please guise never ever use this app. Its a big scam only. Doesn't give any money and takes my own 15000 from my account. There's no one trust worthy. everyone are frauds. Please I request to you never ever be with this peoples. They aren't take any responsibility of scammers because they takes their fees on that scams too, Witch are taken from the employees who already scammed by someone. They trapped you with projects and then take the payments reverse. Don't trust anyone."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"They are scammer and Stolen Money from Freelancers."

Online Freelance Writer (Current Employee) says

" is a freelance writer's website where people can take any number of jobs. As a freelance website, the site charges a small fee per job accepted. The pay varies. Cons: fees"

Freelancer (Former Employee) says

"This website closed my account as soon as I tried to withdraw my earnings of INR 70000. They never sent me a notice or even a disclosure and did not give me any reason for the same. I worked really hard for every project for one month. This is insane. Cons: Is fake"

Freelancer (Former Employee) says

"This company offers no protections for freelancers. I worked for hours on a project only to be told that my employer hadn't set up automatic billing, so I wouldn't be getting paid AT ALL. There solution was to email him twice, hoping he would decide to pay me. I just lost all the money I earned. No other options. No fall backs. Just out money. They do not care at all about their freelancers. Everything is geared toward protecting employers. The guy who swindled me? His account is still active and unaffected. Cons: Scams, lost money, not getting paid."

Freelancer Graphic Designer (Former Employee) says

"Fraudulous, they took back money twice from completed projects I had following a verbal altercation with customer service (The problem was I paid for 50 bids to enter projects, but they took out the 8 free monthly bids that I had already used). Then the day after I had 85$ US missing. They took money from my account stating they had problem with the projects holders (Even if they were done 8 months ago) Tried to solve it, they just shut me down and there's no way to contact them now.. Also at LEAST half of the projects are fraudulous, people only there to ask your infos on another platform (That tells me they're letting anyone come in and do their fraud). I strongly recommend to use other sites, and not"

Kris Kuzniar says

"Look elsewhere. Confusing and complicated rules.

We chose a freelancer who looked good (on paper). Sent poor samples, copies from the internet, then no reply for almost a week. We decided to cancel. The freelancer rejected it. Really? How can a freelancer reject the cancellation if they haven't provided anything?

And then out of the blue received this via chat. Just asked nicely to cancel the project:
"And dont tech me i am making site what .. i know better so stop harassing me"

Is it a common practice for freelancers to attack paying customers? Not sure. Or maybe it's just a normal daily thing in India where this person comes from."

Jisbel Kiara King says

"The worst working site out there. There is no worker protection, I did a job here and it was the absolute most frustrating experience of my life:
1) I was charged membership (11dollars) 3 times in a row as well as other fees that I do not understand. Their email was shocking: anything you pay on the site is non refundable. Which isn't so bad if it was just the membership, but when you get awarded a job you pay over 10% of the money you will get upfront. About this money they say:
"As a reminder, project fees are automatically deducted from the employer and the freelancer once an awarded Fixed-price project gets accepted by the chosen freelancer. Please be advised that project fees are nonrefundable whether a project is completed, incomplete, canceled or deleted since they serve as payment for the online facility that was utilized by the users."
What type of job works this way???? Can you imagine being hired by a company that charges you over 10% of your salary upfront just to start working, if the job doesn't go through, you lose this money. Of course, this happened to me.
This is absolutely unbelievable and never did I think this would be possible.
STAY AWAY from this place. Also you pay for "bids", most of the jobs posted are scams or just people looking to buy an upwork account off you.

BEWARE OF THESE WOLVES IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT EMPLOYERS OR EMPLOYEES, JUST PROFIT. Taking money from people trying to make an honest living is despicable and even Dante set up a round of hell for people like you, the last in fact, being chewed by Lucifer nonetheless, like Judas."


"$$$ Hungry Website."

Stephen Hughes says

"Communication is awful and payments are ridiculously slow. Do not expect an invoice sent to them for work complete to be paid within 6 months unless you threaten court action. Seriously unacceptable conduct from this company."

Paul Sharp says

"I completed the job and sent an invoice using their recommended protocol over 3 months ago. They do not respond to emails requesting an update. When I call they tell me it is still being processed. The client I was working with also found they were extremely slow to respond. If a client wishes to use them, seriously try to persuade them to use another service."