Foursquare Sucks Customer Reviews and Feedback

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Foursquare Sucks. Foursquare Labs Inc., commonly known as Foursquare, is an American technology company. The company's location platform is the foundation of several business and consumer products, including the Foursquare City Guide and Foursquare Swarm apps.Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai founded the company in late 2008 and launched it in 2009. The company rose to prominence with the launch of its namesake

Foursquare has a toxic working environment and employees can be terminated with little justification, an ex Data Scientist shared a review at

"I would urge any job seeker to seriously reconsider accepting a job here. There is extremely high turnover with many employees being terminated after less than a year with little justification or warning. I saw around a hundred good people move over from stable careers with excellent credentials, only to be fired because they were supposedly “under performers”. Then they have to try to explain why they were fired after 3 months to try to get their next job. CEO David Shim is impossible to work with and is verbally abusive and bullying. This trickles down through the organization and creates an environment of constant fear. If he forms a poor opinion of you, for any reason, you are gone. Even the highest performers feel unsure if they will be fired every day. The positive reviews here are from HR and senior management of themselves."