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Foster's Hollywood is a chain of American food restaurants located in Spain and Portugal, whose establishments are characterized as so-called “casual restaurants”, but understood in a foreign culture to be a type of ethnic restaurant, such as Italian or Asian.

EmmaandNeil16 from Warrington, United Kingdom states that he had the worst food ever eaten at Foster's Hollywood in a review written for TRIP ADVISOR: Went there with my wife we were the only 2 people there I now know why. The food was disgusting the service was way to fast as we were eating our starter they were bringing the main course out we both ordered burgers they were way too greasy and the blood was dripping out of them even though we asked for them to be medium we both only had half each and couldn’t eat any more wouldn’t recommend anyone going


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Stephen Morgan says

"Ok so I enrolled with the Penn Foster Highschool with pathway and I had to message them on facebook to even get my student ID and then when I got the ID it says i'm not authorized to login I keep messaging them on facebook and they see my message but several times do not even both responding at this point im just pissed off. I can't even get access to the account I signed up for and get started with the high school"

Vs bs Gdhdh says

"pen Foster is a scam I started this program finished 50% of it n then stop doing it because I lost my job .. BUT EVEN IN THE PANDEMIC THERE JUST SELFISH HEARTLESS STILL WANT ME TO PAY 1,000 just because I did 50% of my High school diploma.. there just money hungry n just want to use you to make money .. DONT TRUST PEN FOSTER .. WORST DECISION EVER ... GOD IS WATCHING"

Melinda Jett says

"I gave ONE star but really wanted to leave -10 stars. First I enroll my son in Jan 2020, he kept doing the SAME SUBJECT for 6 months. They wouldn’t let him work on more than one subject at a time. So I had enough of it, put him in a local homeschool. We have been waiting a month because they refused to send his official transcripts and vital records to new school. So I’m told pay $107.00 to pay off his curriculum ( he didn’t even take) and a months payment and they’ll send new school his records etc. well I paid it, just for pennfoster to contact new school and say they won’t send the transcripts and etc. so they just took my money and lied. I will forever tell everyone DO NOT use pennfoster!!!! So now new school is having to go to previous high school for his credits and transcript. This is absurd."

Nick Lawrence says

"Signed up in July for classes. Paid up front. It has been almost 2 months now and I haven't heard anything from them. Today, I received a bill in the mail saying I owed over $800 for these classes I already paid for. I called them and the man I spoke to said it made no sense and apparently I never paid (even though I have a bank statement where they took the money out). I explained everything again and he said he was transferring me and hung up the phone. I now have an attorney to get my money back. DO NOT do business with this trashy "school.""

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