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Folksam is one of the largest insurance companies in Sweden. The company headquarters are located in Stockholm. Folksam consists of the two mutual insurance companies Folksam sak and Folksam liv. Folksam is today a Swedish insurance company only, after the sale in 2001 of the English subsidiary Folksam International.

Folksam has unprofessional management, employees have a low salary and are micromanaged, and outsourced operations are very bureaucratic, according to a former employee at

"The management are incompetent clowns. Bad salary and a lot of control. Outsourced operations add a huge pile of bureaucracy. No central view of operations costs."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The management are incompetent clowns."

Current Employee - Communications Specialist says

"Bad salary and a lot of control"

Current Employee - Systems Developer says

"It was great now becoming typical micromanagement"

Analyst says

"Management is old and lacks innovation. The CEO is talented but the people surrounding him are old and tired. Middle management is more interested in status quo than innovation. It's all about control and no trust."

Former Employee - IT Subject Matter Specialist says

"Really, really (I mean REALLY) inefficient. Outsourced operations adds a huge pile of bureaucracy. No central view of operations costs."

Current Employee - Systems Developer says

"Slow to change. Decisions made at the top do not suit the majority of employees. Short-sighted decisions."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Heavy work load at times"