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Florilège, meaning anthology in French, is the stage for chef Hiroyasu Kawate’s imaginative modern French cooking. He plays with temperature and texture and isn’t afraid to combine produce sourced from France with Japanese ingredients. Must-try dishes include the green tiger prawn, duck and oxalis, as well as manjū dumplings stuffed with pigeon and simmered in port wine. The restaurant first won the One To Watch Award in 2016 and has remained within the top five of the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list for the last two years.

A customer shares her not so charming experience on tripadvisor.com, "Went to Florilege tonight, a top-50 restaurant in Asia and Michelin starred. Have to say that it was pretty bad. Service was not well informed - we were served a glass of Chardonnay from a corked bottle and the server didn’t understand when I tried to explain that it was corked. Food was very mediocre - over-salted in some instances and flavors were just not good - overly bitter deep-fried ayu and an uninspiring chicken dish as the headliner entree. Super bummed as it was very expensive but not very good. In a city of amazing food choices, I feel like we wasted a precious night in Tokyo on an overrated and very disappointing restaurant. Don’t make the same mistake."


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