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Flexibox is a leading supplier of mechanical seals for all applications, but specialising in the Marine and Oil & Gas sectors. Flexibox Ltd was founded in 1945 by F. B. Porges and Manchester Oil Refinery to manufacture and sell mechanical seals. Norton Wells has supplied Flexibox mechanical seals for over 40 years, and can supply the full product range.

A disappointed customer shares his experience using a Flexibox seal on maintenance.org, "We are facing multiple seal failures (NDE side seal) in one of our multistage NGL pump . When opened the seal we found water, some black paste, one of the shaft O ring disintegrated, other O rings elongated etc after only 6 month in service. The seal is from Flexibox with API plan 53C . The O ring is Viton and supplied by OEM. The symptoms begins with loosing the barrier seal which required frequent top up."


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