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Flextel is a British company that pioneered the use of personal numbering in telecommunications in the United Kingdom.

A customer angrily mentioned, "I've had a Flextel account for a long time, on my PC. Thought I'd take a look at the Android app. It asks for your username and password. It then messes around with capital letters then tells you that you have the wrong credentials. Then the menu system on my Android device wouldn't work properly. Struggled to delete this nasty piece of crap before it bricked my device. AVOID like the plague."


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Kris says

"Been with them for 3 years.In the last months the SIP trunks keep dropping for now reason and for few hours during business time.They do not have telephone support!!All recorded massage. Looking for alternative provider to transfer the SIP's what a joke they are!!Stay away!!"

David P. says

"Very costly to operate, better services available from other operators. As a long standing user of the service, I have maintained it for many years, the pro's include a lot of great and easy to use features and I had no problem recommending the service to others. Unfortunately the business seems to think that moving to a model which charges 4p a minute to receive VoIP calls on landlines is not something that can be readily justified. At the upper limit 1p a minute could be justified on 01/02 ranges, where termination costs are virtually non existant, however for a business with a ngn 03 number, termination revenue is usually more than sufficient to cover any inbound costs. The terms are also a little vague, as for example the detail of portability 12.2(iii) quote " industry standard porting fees" implies there is a standard fee, again this is not correct, (see ofcom gen condition 18). Expensive and no longer noteworthy. I would not recommend on basis of cost, I would recommend for features, ease of use and support, these elements of the business are and always have been good."