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Fjällräven (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈfjɛ̂lːˌrɛːvɛn], Swedish for "The Arctic fox") is a Swedish company specialising in outdoor equipment—mostly upscale clothing and backpacks. It was founded in 1960 by Åke Nordin (1936–2013). The company went public in 1983 with an over-the-counter listing in Stockholm.Since 2014, Fjällräven has been a subsidiary of Fenix Outdoor International AG which is listed o


John says "I purchased some trousers which did not fit and which I need to replace. The only way to return is to get a returns label from customer services. They sent an automated response full of platitudes but despite 2 reminders I have heard nothing and my return deadline will expire soon. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY"
Retail Store Manager (Former Employee) says "Left a sold and excellent company for an opportunity to grow with new and exciting brand. Management had extremely unreasonable expectations and provided little to no guidance as to set expectations or how to meet them."
Petri Jansson says "I bought PONCHO from a retailer. Fjällraven website said it weights 390g. The real weight was 460g which I noticed when I got home and weighted it. The weight is pretty important to me, due to the intended use of the product. I sended a reclamation to Fjällräven. They told me that I was right and they will correct the weight informed on their website. I asked a refund, but they refuse to refund this product. instead they told me to go back to the store I have bought it. But the store won't take it back because it's now slightly used. So Fjällräven fooled me to buy their product that is not what they told me it would be and they refuse to refund. Last time I buy any Fjallräven products."
Key holder, Tailor, Visual Merchandiser (Former Employee) says "Worst management I have ever worked for! and HR is less then useless! great product just really awful people working higher up. I recommend the products, because there very well made and the Swedish devision of the company is great!noneManagement"
Madison Rubie says "Worst customer service experience/company ever. Want to throw away your hard earned money for some cheap material ? Go for it . They won’t respond to any of your messages and may not even ship out your order. I litterally threw away 120 dollars and never got a single item from them . Do not I repeat do not order from this company! They are a rip of, the trend will probably die soon anyway ."
Sales Associate (Former Employee) says "Lack of structure Lack of commitment to people Not enough pay to support yourself working there, but not enough commitment to employees to hire more then or offer higher rates"
Anonymous says "Horrible company. When I complained about a design fault with a product I purchased, they told me there was nothing they could do and happily kept my £100+. Customer service didn't care at all. Quality of product was hardly adequate - I would suggest people avoid this company unless buying from another vender that will accept refunds and give good customer service should you require it."
Marketing/Sales (Former Employee) says "The culture here is absolutely terrible. Between gender bias, explosive outbursts and a men's club mentality, it's hard to feel good working for this company. You won't succeed unless you play the political games present. Truth and integrity don't exist.discounts on gear; great brandtoo many to list"

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