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The fireside chats were a series of evening radio addresses given by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (known colloquially as "FDR") between 1933 and 1944. Roosevelt spoke with familiarity to millions of Americans about the promulgation of the Emergency Banking Act in response to the banking crisis, the recession, New Deal initiatives, and the course of World War II. On radio, he was able to quell rumors and explain his policies. His tone and demeanor communicated self-assurance during times of despair and uncertainty. Roosevelt was regarded as an effective communicator on radio, and the fireside chats kept him in high public regard throughout his presidency. Their introduction was later described as a "revolutionary experiment with a nascent media platform."

A former review said this in a review: "The fireside chats were useless. Another government thing that is corruption."


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Housekeeping Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work not recommended the GM liked to demilitarize staff rude arrogant haven't been treated this way ever before dirty old smelly dingy full of bed bugs"

Sous Chef (Former Employee) says

"rough job, parking in the area not worth it. kitchen is way to small for what is being put out. management is all over the place. employees where great. manngers are cool."

Firehouse subs (Former Employee) says

"The pay was poor, the bosses don’t care about their employees only themself and their money. The overworked and mistreated us and we could barely get raises"

sever/cashier (Former Employee) says

"co workers were good to work with. I liked working with the people that would come in and needing help. Like to help people get what they need to be happy and make their day better. Cons: no benfits, no insentives"

KARAOKE DJ (Former Employee) says

"employers are picky but the customer base was great. no notification of replacement"

Hostess (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed my time working with the other hostesses, the majority of the costumers were nice people not a hard job, early mornings overall great first job for gaining work experience. Cons: Early mornings"

INSTALLER (Former Employee) says

"Very fast paced workplace , management team and intstaller crews are fun and awesome to work for , awesome benefits , profit sharing , 401k , stock purchasing, discounts on units , and products . Fireside is the best of the best when it comes to customer service! Cons: Paid per piece, safety issues ."

Cashier/Sales Associate/Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"● Overall"

Warehouseman,deliveryperson, sales (Former Employee) says

"There was always something new to learn at fireside. employees were great ."

Lead Line Cook (Former Employee) says

"The typical day was fast paced and rewarding. I learned to work under a time limit and do many things at the same time quickly. Management was fine most days the owner was great and a lovely person. I learned how to work as a team very efficiently and I look back on the experience favorably but their was a few flaws."

CNA/Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"i enjoy the residents and staff at fireside very much,very energetic fun filled enviroment lots of activities to occupy the residents time"

Former Employee - Everything says

"I worked at Fireside Hearth & Home full-time for more than 5 years Cons: I would have given negative stars if this site would have let me. There was an expectation that you would work long hours, including weekends. There were written policies that were to be followed, but certain people were allowed to totally disregard those policies. Bullying was allowed, even after being reported to management and HR."


"I have been working at Fireside Hearth & Home Cons: The worst Company I ever encounter.Real empty promises terrible, desorganizanice take no responsabiliza for their actions ."

Builder Sales Representative says

"I have been working at Fireside Hearth & Home for more than a year Cons: Very large disconnect from sales department to operation and senior leadership. The pay is well below any other sales job with large books of business. As you work longer for the company each year you will make less n less money."

Contractor says

"I worked at Fireside Hearth & Home Cons: They did warn us about the amount of money needed to be spent on insurance, truck, trailer, tools but the compensation estimates were WAY OFF!!!!!!! Poor communication between contractors and the management. didnt pay us for 3 weeks because of a clerical error but never offered to correct all the bounced check fees/ late fees we accrued because of lack in pay. drive time was unbelievable!!! trip charge given was meager compared to amount of travel."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Fireside Hearth & Home full-time for more than a year Cons: not a good place to work"

Current Employee - Builder Sales says

"I have been working at Fireside Hearth & Home full-time for more than 3 years Cons: leadership disconnected; managers expect to know where we are all the time"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Fireside Hearth & Home full-time for more than a year Cons: Winter season is absolutely nuts and it's hard to stay sane"

Current Employee - Retail Sales Representative says

"I have been working at Fireside Hearth & Home full-time for less than a year Cons: Management support/feedback seems distant at best unless something goes wrong. Things seem to get around the company quickly. There are a lot of time consuming meetings most of which are unfruitful."

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