Figaro Sucks Customer Reviews and Feedback

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Figaro is a 1929 French silent historical comedy film directed by Tony Lekain and Gaston Ravel and starring Ernst Van Duren, Arlette Marchal and Marie Bell. It is an adaptation of the 1778 Beaumarchais play The Marriage of Figaro, with material also used from its two sequels. It was released in 1929 in the US as a silent film, then reissued there in 1932 with an added music track, recorded by SpA Bixiophone, under the title IL BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA.

A viewer talks about in a review "I didn't enjoyed anything about this movie. It seemed very creepy and dark I wish I hadn't started watching and I could have ended it sooner. Despite the creepiness factor there is constant bad humor. Overall nothing good comes from this movie and I definitely don't recommend it".