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A fiducial marker or fiducial is an object placed in the field of view of an imaging system which appears in the image produced, for use as a point of reference or a measure. It may be either something placed into or on the imaging subject, or a mark or set of marks in the reticle of an optical instrument.


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HOTESSE D'ACCUEIL (Former Employee) says

"Aucuns avantages, on vous traite comme.un produit on sent bien que vous êtes utilisé.. aucune bienveillance de la part des supérieurs. Salaire minable pour le nombre d'heures effectués. Pas de C.E pas de tickets restaurant, pas de prime ..etccc Cons: Menteurs et profiteurs"

Hôtesse volante (Former Employee) says

"Remuneration minime, pas d horaires. 1 An sans congés payés. À éviter. Miserable Cons: Tous"

Formation (Former Employee) says

"Pire expérience de ma carrière ! Cons: Direction, salaire, mentalité, perversion"

Chef d'équipe (Former Employee) says

"Les spécialistes des causeries et des menaces. Une entreprise d'une autre époque. Pas de moyens. Cons: Salaire."

assistant (Former Employee) says

"remplacement salarié en congés maladie aucun intérêt"

Agent de maintenance polyvalent (Former Employee) says

"bien bonne ambiance de travail sérieux dynamique top"

preparateur de commande (Former Employee) says

"Le rythme est infernal , stressant, j en faisais même des cauchemars. Par contre côté salariés, elles sont sympa. J y suis restée 1 mois, certaines tiennent une journée.... Pas de prime pour moi on a "oublié" de me dire qu on y touche le mois suivent si on edt toujours là"

Responsable social Région Nord Est (Former Employee) says

"Ambiance nulle entreprise presse citron. Toujours plus toujours plus vite des cadences intenables Cons: manque de consideration"

Chef de mission (Former Employee) says

"Pas de considération des collaborateurs."

Business Advisor (Current Employee) says

"This company is horrendous. They have this outdated bookkeeping software and expect us to work with us. Their payroll software sucks and many huge mistakes have been made by them, costing me clients. I have been asked to lie to my clients to cover for them. I woked on the budgets. The single most large thing that hurt me was the huge salaries that the executives got and the tiny salary I got. The upper management came from Columbia Maryland and staying in a hotel for a week drinking every night. They came in at 11:00 and complained how we weren’t working hard enough. They are really greedy and incompetent people, 10 years behind in their software. Don’t work for these people if you respect yourself. You will regret it. Cons: Incompetent manager. Idiot people in the main office, Columbia Maryland"

Credit & Collections Manager (Former Employee) says

"Was a very different business model. They tried to implement a European model on US based franchisees which was fought very harshly and felt on the front lines but upper management ignored completely. With the mindset that people had to adjust to their ways or leave."

Assistante planning formation (Former Employee) says

"Tous le monde il est beau tous le monde il est gentil.... au départ puis les visages se montrent chacun pour soit hypocrisie. Cons: Trop"

Collaborateur comptable (Former Employee) says

"Avis très mitigé sur l'entreprise : Cons: tout le reste !"

Gestionnaire recouvrement (Current Employee) says

"Je travaille au service recouvrement sur Angers. Salaire à quelques centimes au dessus du SMIC pour 39 heures, pas de considération, management inexistant, 10 rtt donc 5 imposés...en résumé si vous ne voulez pas évoluer, être au SMIC et une superbe ambiance, venez chez fiducial, vous serez comblés. Cons: Tout"

Demissionnaire (Former Employee) says

"Si Fiducial peut avoir un attrait dans l'hexagone, cette entreprise est à faire comme la peste et école réuni aux Antilles. Aucune politique de progression, aucune formation, la rémunération est un désastre, ambiance de travail et le rapport à la hiérarchie sont exécrable. La charge de travail est énorme. Bref aucun avantages. C'est simple le personnel se renouveler toutles six à douze mois regardez le nombre d'annonce et leur régularité. Personne ne reste, et la direction ne fais rien pour que ça change... Perdez pas votre temps. Le chômage est mieux que la dépression. Cons: Tout"

CONTROLEUR QUALITE (Former Employee) says

"surtout la nuit."

Potential Employee (Former Employee) says

"Went for a Finance position interview. There is no retention incentive, alot of turn over, company is still building infrastructure, benefits do not start until 60 days after employment. Pay increases are minimal due to company is not in the profit margin. Cons: Benefits are terrible"

commercial sedentaire (Former Employee) says

"Je deconseille fortement : Cons: service non strucuture, responsable non professionelle"

ADS (Current Employee) says

"Bjr, Cons: salaire bas;pas de perspective d'avenir."

Préparateur de commandes (Former Employee) says

"Ils vous en demanderont encore et encore, ambiance stressante, vous aurez aucun moment pour souffler 2mn Cons: Café distributeur pas chère 😂"

Former Employee - Tax Preparer says

"I worked at Fiducial full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Foreign Owned-Absentee Management-Poor retirement benefits-No bonus-no professional growth."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Fiducial full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Low pay, disorganized management, favoritism to some employees"

Former Employee - Accountant says

"I worked at Fiducial full-time for less than a year Cons: Don't even k ow where to start. Managing partner rarely at the office. Doesn't seem to care much about his staff. Leaves it all to 2 managers who micromanage and don't know how to create team momentum. Workload is crazy and manager are disrespectful. Negative people in general. Not a very people oriented company."

Tax Preparer says

"I worked at Fiducial Cons: Quality work is not recognized nor respected. Work is haphazard and inconsistent. Communication between management and employees is nonexistent."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Fiducial full-time for more than 3 years Cons: No clear company leadership or strategy in the US. The company does not value or respect American employees, much less effectively communicate with them. Promotions and raises are extremely limited. Benefits are fairly weak."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Fiducial full-time Cons: Horrible place to work please stay away. High turnover and they don't care about their employees no processes in place. Benefits are horrible , 401k match is horrible. The complete set up is a joke."

Former Employee - Branch Manager says

"I worked at Fiducial full-time for more than a year Cons: Poor upper management. Unreasonable expectations during busy season."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Fiducial full-time for more than a year Cons: Terrible medical coverage. Their management is a disaster. No one takes responsibility for any of the offices and the turn over is INSANE. Low staff means over worked and LOW PAY. Have never received a raise in the multiple years I have worked for Fiducial. Get no recognition for the work that I do. This company is about numbers and not about their employees at all."


"I worked at Fiducial Cons: Extremely unprofessional. I wouldn't suggest working there unless you're absolutely desperate. Make sure you document all of your time worked and make sure that the manger signs off on it before you leave. As far as being unprofessional... they'll send you form letters for things with other people's names on them (for example). They don't truly care about their employees. You are truly just a number and its a revolving door."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Fiducial full-time for more than a year Cons: Too much work for time allotted, low pay, their attitude is 'get it done, who cares if it's right'. Very production oriented"

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