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Founded in 1886 in Paris, Fauchon is a French gourmet food and delicatessen company. Fauchon is considered a major reference in contemporary French gourmet foods, and has 81 outlets in around world as of 2019.

Ronaldo mentioned, "Went to FAUCHON on SEPTEMBER 23 and spent a considerable amount of money there. Among the items purchased, there were FIVE boxes of MARRON GLACÉS at 39 Euros each. Back to the US, my wife and I decided to try them TODAY, OCTOBER 13 and what a bad surprise!!! They were fabricated in October 27, 2017 and EXPIRE on OCTOBER 10, 2019 Photos are attached. This means that FAUCHON is selling Marron Glacés fabricated TWO YEARS AGO which EXPIRES A FEW DAYS PURCHASE. I wasn't going to write this review but since I could never imagine FAUCHON could exercise that unacceptable practice and if marron glacés are on the shelves close to expiration dates, who knows what else? My wishes are that they stop doing it."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked for many years for Fauchon in UAE. We were a team of 10 people, and each year one would get laid off. And each year the French nationals would not get laid off (even though the Lebanese COO would admit that the French chefs were lazy and not contributing). I guess being French and working at Fauchon means you have a secure employment contract. The Lebanese COO would of course bend over and do whatever he could to not get laid off either. Drama company full of backstabbers."

Restaurant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Too much politics and micro management.opinion not taken collectively,staff not encourage to get together and party and social life is also monitored after work."

Senior Waiter (Former Employee) says

"Bias management. Busy place to work and I loved to serv guests. I make my great PR with guests. Several times guest put my name and about my service at tripadvisor"

Responsable du dvpt clientèle (Current Employee) says

"Travail adaptable au quotidien en fonction de la clientèle variée (qui exige disponibilité et flexibilité....)"

Directrice de clientèle (Former Employee) says

"Stress, pression et exigences sont les qualificatifs les plus significatifs de cette entreprise. Une volonté de bien faire de l'ensemble des collaborateurs mais peu de moyens sont donnés par la direction et le siège. Les collaborateurs ne restent pas longtemps en poste tant les conditions de travail sont difficiles et ne permettent pas un réel épanouissement personnel."

commi:1 (Current Employee) says

"There is no such typical day cause every day is usual, probably on the weekends are little bit rush so that we get work load, like to prepare misc en plac. I learned lots of things here, like cost control, menu develop, ordering material from vendors, food hygiene and also many new dishes. Not much to say about management its just usual. like the most of companies but this got strict rules. workplace is phenomenal that is the only reason I'm still surviving here. very friendly and supportive co-workers. The hardest part is nothing to mention about, probably for me I loose my patience when ant machine stop working while work.this is only considered as a hard part to handle. The enjoyable part is, if somebody hand you ice cold juice in the middle of al a carte."

Chef de rang (Former Employee) says

"Lieu de travaille agréable avec une clientèle sympathique. Equipe unis avec un service très rapide."

Senior Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"In general the work atmosphere its very smoothie ,i got more better experience because daily i am dealing with very VIP people.free lunches and housing allowance .maximum 11 hours in rush busy time."

Deborah May says

"My insurance runs out in 31 days says the email I received. And would I like to renew Er NO THANKS ABOUT THE MOST UNHELPFUL THEY COULD BE. I WAS NOT COVERED FOR COVID (who knew -we’ll apparently the underwriters as of course in the small print blah blah blah ) Totally a pointless insurance NO THANKS"

peter jowett says

"Yearly policy paid £450.00 and not covered for FCO.. Never again will I use this insurance company, Plus I will inform all my friends and family not to use them... read all the policy..."

Roland Philpott says

"Only half of the premium refunded even though I had only had the policy for about six weeks before it became obvious that my trip would not go ahead this was harder to take when my airline ( jet2 ) gave a full refund without murmur"

John McDonald says

"Don't pay out when holiday cancelled"

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