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Fanatics, Inc. is an American online retailer of licensed sportswear, sports equipment, and merchandise, formed in 1995 and headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Fanatics offers product via its Fanatics and FansEdge brands, as well as sports collectibles and memorabilia through Fanatics Authentic and Fanatics also currently operates the e-commerce websites of major professional sports leagues (MLB, NASCAR, NBA, NFL, NHL, PGA, MLS, and UFC), major media brands (CBS Sports, FOX Sports, and NBC Sports), and over 150 collegiate and professional team properties. They are also the exclusive online distributor for the United States Olympic Team and Paris Saint-Germain.

One customer who feels cheated had this to say in a review, "I bought the Philadelphia Eagles face masks and I have proof they took the money out of my account. Yet when I log in to see about shipping it says no recent orders. I started getting advertising from them to my email too. There's no number to call and since I apparently have no orders there's no order # either. So basically I just gave this company $. Like I said I have account statements to prove they took the money from my account."


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TO says

"They shipped me the wrong item and want me to pay for shipping to return it!!!"

smcrash16 says

"When I search the internet for a item and when it takes me to this company, I expect the item to be there. NOT an alternate, or not even list it. FUCKING BIAT and SWITCH. I will never buy from these assholes again. Wasted my time. "

M R. says

"The design on the hoodie I ordered is bad quality. The printed design is just low quality. Tried to request a return but I would lose 17 dollars because they charge you for shipping and tax! Unbelievable."

JLC says

"Ordered a Boston University T-Shirt for my son for Christmas. I knew I was ordering late, so I didn't expect it by Christmas. However, it gave me a shipment expected date of 12/23/2020. Here it is 1/13/21 and the FedEx site says that they are ready for delivery but the shipper hasn't done their part yet. Your site clearly has them in stock, so I don't understand. My sister ordered something from Amazon for me THIS MONTH and I already got it, so I'm not buying that it's because there are issues with deliveries everywhere. And you can't email or truly do a "live" chat. You have canned messages and responses. Not the kind of customer service I want from a company that needs to have a good one with the kind of service we're getting. (Another son ordered a Florida Gators product and got some kind of fishing gear.) Ugh . . . ."

JO JO says

"Fails to take fraud protection seriously. Does not cooperate with investigations of criminal activity perpetrated on their site."

Yara says

"Ordered two items from the Blizzard gear store on nov. 24th and got the confirmation email. Said to be delivered december 29th (I allowed them some extra time for COVID as stated on their website). One and a half month later, nothing. I emailed them asking if they knew where my order was and they said that, due a system connection error, they did not process my order. I asked for a refund and got told to call and incredibly expensive US phone number, while I had already sent all information and screenshots over email. I'm appalled that a company I held in such high regard would do this to their costumers over a mistake they made. Why send me a confirmation that my order was processed and then turn around and tell me it's not? Not only confused but very frustrated, as the money has indeed been deducted from my account. I will have to settle this matter with Paypal, as their "live chat" has not granted me audience to a real person once in a week, while I tried to contact them daily. Incredibly disappointed."

Tommy Lyndon says

"Awful experience. Tried to return a sweatshirt and get the same exact sweatshirt in a different size. Instead of just switching it out for me, they only let me get an e gift card. The e gift card is only for 20 dollars and when I tried to order the same sweatshirt in a different size the total comes to over 40 dollars. Therefore I'm paying a total of sixty dollars for a sweatshirt that originally cost around 20. Refund policy is horrible and their satisfaction guarantee is a joke! Also I cant contact a real person at the company to get this rectified. In all super unhappy and will NEVER do business with this company again!"

Nathan Golenzer says

"Really disappointed in this company. Shirt ordered was the wrong size. Wanted to return it and they will only give $18 back although I was charged $35 for it. Other companies I have bought from don’t do this. Will not buy from this company again."

GM Parkert says

"I ordered a jacket for my wife 2 months before Christmas as a Christmas gift. The website says 'Our Return Process is simple and hassle free. You can return your merchandise to our warehouse up to 365 days from your item's ship date.' This is a lie! My wife opened the gift on Christmas and decided she needs a smaller size. They won't exchange it as it has been over 30 days. I learned my lesson. I won't spend my money here again, but they don't care."

Mary Saleman says

"Fanatics has a return policy posted stating they accept returns 365 days! Which they changed for their convenience. I purchase 2 shirts from them as Christmas gifts. One was too small. All I wanted to do was exchange it for a larger size. After getting through to a representative, they told me that I purchased the item before the holiday gift exchange time went into effect. I am now out $132.65. And I'm a senior citizen on a fixed income. Young or old I highly DO NOT RECOMMEND purchasing from Fanatics / Lids."

Clo says

"My order didn’t fit. I sent this item back on the 21st and still have had no refund. Also have had no response on any emails. Just want my money back."

Kevin says

"Fanatics branded gear is complete and utter garbage quality. I ordered a pair of fleece pants not realizing they were fanatics brand, otherwise I would not have ordered. When I pulled them out of the bag I could tell they were very cheaply made. They are the same quality as fruit of the looms fleece pants that cost $7.44 at Walmart. This is probably why Fanatics doesn't allow reviews on their website."

Vandiver says

"CHARGED ME $84.07 for a jersey, but when I returned it because it was the wrong jersey, I was only refunded $59.28. They refused to refund me the whole amount, but couldn't offer me an explanation on why they couldn't."

Gus Villasenor says

"terrible doing business with. Never again. They ignor and do not send product."

Farmboy Hastings says

"Update 1/8 (one day after posted) - I reached out to Fanatics (the email address below didn't work) and was told the same returns since >365 days. Thanks, but no thanks. Nice try Amethyst! Because Fanatics accepts only "testimonials", I'm leaving my review here. I received as a gift a Franco Harris autographed football from this vendor. All seemed great at first. Loved it. Then took it down from the acrylic stand to show it off and its deflated. Unfortunately, it was over 365 days when I noticed this, so no exchange or return. Shame on me for that, but I would expect a $300 football to hold air beyond a year. I wonder how much its worth now?!?!?! The lesson - don't wait 365 days to show it off."

BC says

"The item received is too small for the size. When I put the order, I have already selected one size larger. But it is still too small for the size claimed on the clothes. Very disappointed. When calling the service center and doing online chat with representative, they were not helpful at all. They did nothing to solve the problem. Just told you to return the item and put another order. Am I insane to be charged twice for shipping fees? At least, the site should have put a warning to let customers know size is running smaller for some items. I will never purchase anything from this site."

Andre Reece says

"Ordered a hoodie and team logo was upside down on front"

Marc Lapointe says

"Great help resolving my I spent 102.97$ on my order as I kept on adding items to make it to free shipping and such..I was stunned to receive something completely different. The pictures on their site looks brushed and modern, in reality it is gawdy, cheap flammable material and poor construction and very very different colors. The brushed yellow was in fact a deep gawdy cheap yello and such..Forget about wearing them iwas trying to return this item i went on the internet I was searching for the number and I found this number--three one two four eight eight one zero nine six i called that no when my line was connected they helped me some with instructions so that can return garbage back to them my refund initiated to me!!! informed customer care, so that they could start processing refund for me.Ellie was amazing the best customer service I"

S Parker says

"Still waiting for items that were promised to be delivered on January 5th. The website has great selection but actually getting stuff delivered is not great."

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