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Fabory is a company that supplies high-quality fasteners, tools, and industrial articles to all kinds of companies throughout Europe. Worldwide, Fabory employs more than 1650 people. We are always looking for new, valuable colleagues for a variety of positions.

Fabory has no regard for long term employees and distasteful management according to an anonymous former employee at glassdoor.com

"worked for Fabory for over 11 years, last year they decided that my department was not needed anymore and instead of telling me, they made my life a living nightmare trying to bully me out. Every 2 weeks my boss said: "you aren't needed anymore man, why don't you leave and keep the honor to yourself?" They did that because after 11 years they need to pay severance pay and they have financial problems since I worked there and didn't want to pay me. The bullying went on so long and was so intensive that I nearly had a nervous breakdown."


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