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Faber was founded in 1955 by Professor Abramo Galassi who since then has always held the post of chairman of the board. In 1963 Faber produced the first extraction hood in Europe. Faber specializes in producing extraction hoods and is now present in 13 countries on 3 continents. Including Europe and North America. In North America the Faber hoods compete against premium brands like Fagor, Zephyr, Kobe, GE Monogram, and Wind Crest. Since 2005, Faber is part of the Franke Holding AG.

A current employee from Cleveland, OH talks about his job in Faber iN a review posted for INDEED: "Sleepy, dated place and brands. Old thinking. Not a place that I would recommend if you're looking for an environment to learn. Lots of "we've done it this way" attitudes. A toxic environment which seems to be result of stagnant seniormost leadership. Many good people have been pushed out by senior leader. Strange."


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Driver/Warehouse (Former Employee) says

"owners are a bunch of kids who got daddy blessing and purse strings to cash in the cheap liquor business, they are very racist,and play favors for there office personal buddies stay clear of this place at all costfree booze cheap but freemismanaged, no leadership, HR and office personal complete joke"

Miami International Airport (Former Employee) says

"A Typical day at work was waking up at 2am to get there at 3:30am, count my register, set up all the dunking donuts machines, and set up the donuts and coffee ready. My co-worker were nice, the most enjoyable part of the job was getting out of work at 2pm.Healthcare, learning experiencesManagement, no help from the store Manager"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Totally in disarray, company run by kid's, no direction ,need help in management field, plus there customer base is eroding becau6 of mistakes made by them...NoneLot of backstabbing, kid's running company, management totally unprofessional, company losing money"

Sales (Current Employee) says

"Not a place that I would recommend if you're looking for an environment to learn. Lots of "we've done it this way" attitudes. A toxic environment which seems to be result of stagnant seniormost leadership. Many good people have been pushed out by senior leader. Strange."

Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"you deal with a variety of people most enjoyable thing about the job is the regulars, always something funny. as for management, they create a huge turn over by being judgmental. stocking and customer service is what the jobs about.low pay, poor management"

JOURNEYMAN CARPENTER (Former Employee) says

"This company has serious potential to be a great employer. Between wage theft and advancing their church members above more qualified employees, it will remain just that, potential.Fun work environment and laid back staff.Never knowing where youre working until sunday night."

operaio (Former Employee) says

"Lavoro fisicamente faticoso. Le ore di lavoro erano tantissime. Spesso mi mandavano in trasferta tra Carpi e Bologna. Il rapporto tra la vita privata ed il lavoro era pessimo ed assolutamente non proporzionato."

Assistant conducteur de travaux (Former Employee) says

"Le travail d'assistant conducteur de travaux s'est vite transformé en travail de conducteur de travaux car le conducteur à était licencié sans être remplacé. Je me suis donc retrouvé sans expérience à gerer un chantier loin de la zone de travail habituel de l'entreprise Faber et donc sans formation ou appui technique de la par des collègues. Les évolutions de carrières pouvait être assez rapide car il y avait un grand turn over dans l'entreprise. le plus dur a était de se retrouver seul pour démarrer dans la vie professionnel.Absence d'encadrement"

Sales Associate/Manager Trainee (Former Employee) says

"A Job is a job but after being there for a year and 3 months, I did not like the workplace no longer and wanted to be apart of the faber team."

Customer Service/cashier (Former Employee) says

"good job to obtain valuable customer service skills my manager was very good at training me on daily operations I found working with the public rewardingcustomer service rewardsvery little pay increase"

Atencion al cliente (Former Employee) says

"esta empresa de ser muy conocida es muy seguro de poder laborar y bastante conpañerismo entre todos .todo seguro de leytodo lo que hago es parte de mi trabajo"

manager elettrico e di certificazione prodotto (Former Employee) says

"autoprogrammazione delle attività in quanto misurato su scadenzebuona integrazioneno buoni pasto"

S L says

"This is to let everyone know what a terrible and inconsiderate company they r. I had asked for a release form so i can do my taxes and she didnt bother terminating my bankruptcy. I have alteady been looked after with my lawyer who has dealt with my creditors. I am a single mother been homeless for a while and i went there when i was vulnerable and going through alot. Took of advantage of my situation. They knew i was going through alot and couldnt go through with this. Disgusting. Thats why i went back to my mom for help and she has given me money to start my life. I dont need this. Dont deal with them. Rude and full of crap"

Stacy says

"Do not recommend. We never heard anything back. Took the time to consult, send all paperwork, another phone conversation, then just silent. Apparently they don’t want our business"

Penny Calder says

"My ex common law used my granddaughter as a dependent four 4 years plus he never disclosed his triple amount earning .so the SOB takes him to court for lying to them. Now he makes 6500.00 a month he's made to pay 800$ .He says in front of the SOB.trustee and the judge.that his His Grandaughter as of July 1st 2017 went back to LIVE with her biological father.that's a lie we had not seen my granddaughter not his since oct31 2016.this is my question why did no one at this big company not once get ahold of my son to ask him ....he's had full custody of my grAnddaughter since she was 14 mons old she's 12 now .I nanasat her for 7-9 mons out of the year as my son worked up north .but also which my ex failed to tell them I Got1200.$ a month for taking care of my girl .He did nothing with. My grandaughter nothing.yet he claims her they find out and he lies again How does this happen don't u people have a phone or email I'm telling my son to sue u and Mr .........for lies and decect towards I my son and granddaughter How can u say u work for justice for people . When all u have done is let a man lie numerous times.and nothing is done when he lies again"

Ramona P. says

"Licensed Insolvency Trustee -- Faber Inc. Edmonton I have no doubt that Faber as Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LIT) are educated but highly trained is an outrageous professional designation. Faber Inc do not follow the "stringent code of ethics" that all Trustees are subject to by the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. The lack of communication, follow up and high staff turnover makes it difficult to deal with them. If you need a LIT, steer wide of these Trustees as they will keep you in bankruptcy indefinitely and leave you destitute in more ways than one."