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FWX is the tenth studio album by progressive metal band Fates Warning, released on October 5, 2004, through Metal Blade Records; their last album on the label until re-signing in 2019. It is also the band's last studio album to feature drummer Mark Zonder.

FWX songs go nowhere, the melody is bland through the album with unoriginal guitar work, Ragnar65 claims it's disappointing at amazon.com

"This is one of the worst metal CDs I've ever heard. What happened to this band? Admittedly, it's been a while since I listened to my older Fates Warning but it didn't sound like this. These songs go nowhere. The singer caterwauls every line like he has a kidney stone and the music meanders around, soft to loud then back to soft, back to loud blah blah blah. There's no structure to the songs, no imaginative riff or chorus to grab hold of. The whole CD just kind of ran together, 50 or so minutes of the same bland melody and unoriginal guitar work. Quite a disappointment."


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