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EXI specializes in partnering with each client to solve strategic business issues by providing the highest quality of talent in a timely and professional manner. Our commitment to excellence begins with our client-centric approach. Through this approach, we apply our customized sourcing model, which is customized for each client engagement, and use innovative technology in conjunction with our patented interviewing techniques to help our clients identify and select best-in-class talent to meet their strategic placement goals and business needs.

Exi employees are overworked and treated like robots, there's a lack of communication and a toxic environment, according to an ex-employee at

"They pay well but treat employees like robots. They expect you to work 7 days a week for months at a time. If you take time off when it’s inconvenient for them, they punish you by delaying your return to work. There is minimal communication so everything is last minute which makes everything more stressful. This company can be a good or bad thing depending on which project/crew your on and whether you are ok with being away from your family for excessive amounts of time. This company is very bad about telling you that you are going home on a certain date. But then changing there lie mind if it becomes inconvenient. This job is easy but can easily wear you out because of the way it is run. There are other companies who do it better!"


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