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EverBank, now TIAA Bank, is an American diversified financial services company providing banking, mortgages, and investing services. It is based in Jacksonville, Florida, the U.S. It operates through standard banking offices and through its Direct Banking division. EverBank Direct operates by telephone, mail, and over the Internet. As of September 30, 2015, EverBank had approximately $25.2 billion in total assets.

Everhome now known as TIAA Bank has a horrible customer service, they won't pay for owed interest and gives false information according to E R. on yelp.com

"TIAA Bank, BEWARE when it Ever banked it was an absolute pleasure to deal with them. They always said what they meant and meant what they said. Then TIAA acquired them. What a bummer for their customers. I have lied 2 a # of times. I have dated and the people's names I have had the misfortune to have to deal with. They are NOT paying me the $ they owe me in interest. It is a total of $152.81. She (Donna, I do have her last name) said she needed to close my account before she could send me what was owed. I received an email that my account was closed. I called her and she had the nerve to say we don't owe you anything. There had been $5.02 there for a long time. the actually had a lot of my $. Then the mistakes started happening. I asked that something be done on a certain date, was it you may ask? OF COURSE NOT. I really can live my life with no problem without the $152.81. However for a bank to blatantly lie to you is inexcusable. I have many friends that I turned on to EVER Bank. So far I have only spoken to a few and they have texted me once their account was closed. They are then telling their friends and so on and son, Try to get a number for the corporate office. They don't publish one. Interesting to say the least. They don't record their calls, bull. I'm TELLING YOU STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM THIS MAKESHIFT of a bank. I would love to use more descriptive words but I want this to be published. BEWARE OF TIAA BANK. YOU HAVE NOW BEEN WARNED. Don't get scr.. by them as well."


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"Don't like the fact that even if you leave on a good note, they will not re-hire you."


"Poor training program. New hires are not provided with adequate training to be successful. Upper management has absolutely no people skills, obvious favoritism and cliques. The most enjoyable part of the day was going home.Source of incomeWork environemnt"

Lien Release Document Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Great company Love the workers and etc, They are very good company and I love them and the staff that work there. from management and etcLunchnone"

Sr. Loan Counselor (Current Employee) says

"Handling Default loansloss mitigationforclosureshortsalesdeed in lieu"

Customer Service Research Representative (Former Employee) says

"Room for advancement as long as management likes you. Parking is free downtown is a plus.opportunities for advancementpay, management"

Mail Clerk II (Current Employee) says

"Management and employees have high turnover rate. Constantly changing work environment."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Nothing out of the norm for an office environment. High turn over rate keeps me away from pursuing a future with the company. Beautiful work place in the heart of downtown Jacksonville though."

Executive Senior Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Not a Career. You are overworked and the change happens like the clock clicks on the wall. Management is not great, although there are some that want to see changes but one person can't always make it happen.Free LunchWork Life Balance"

Customer Care Representative (Former Employee) says

"Lots of incentives. Many opportunities for advancements.easy jobstressful days"

Default Support Associate (Former Employee) says

"Worked in the Default department- during this time this is when the bubble burst and homes were going into default at a rapid rate. So there was tons of work.. It was hit the ground running when you got to work, no time for play. Saturday work days came into play a lot.great pay and excellent benefitsnot enough workers"

Relationship and Escalations Manager (Current Employee) says

"Take inbound calls, customer service as well as escalations, to help customers and associates with account issues. Work a designated pipeline of accounts each day to make sure that the required missing loss mitigation documentation has been received. I have learned quite a bit about FNMA/FHLMC/FHA and VA loans with this company - their differet guidelines and requirements for documentation. The hardest part of the job is not taking the "negative" remarks from the customers to heart. I know they are upset at the situation, not me, but it is still hard. The most enjoyable part of the job is learning the new ins and outs of the mortgage industry as well as the investor.Knowledge and experience"

Client Service Lead (Former Employee) says

"The management style is micromanagement. There is a lack of communication between management and their teams."