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EverBank, now TIAA Bank, is an American diversified financial services company providing banking, mortgages, and investing services. It is based in Jacksonville, Florida, the U.S. It operates through standard banking offices and through its Direct Banking division. EverBank Direct operates by telephone, mail, and over the Internet. As of September 30, 2015, EverBank had approximately $25.2 billion in total assets.

A former Chef who used to work for EverBank wrote a review about his experience and posted it on INDEED: "Fast-Paced, High Stress, Little to No Breaks When I worked as a Chef for Everbank, it was very chaotic and disorganized. The company that was in charge of the chef was going through a transition and was bought out by another company which is why I and most of the staff was let go. During the week the chefs were mostly doing food prep for the NFL teams, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That was fairly calm and enjoyable. During game days however you had to do the same, plus food prep and server all of the people there to see the game. These days were very chaotic, and stressful. Management had little to no idea what was going on throughout the day and you were left to fend for yourself. Hopefully, things have changed for the better since then."


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Loan Processor (Current Employee) says

"Acquisition is the worst thing that could have happened to employees in sales. Significant pay cut and changes to pay structure causing most to consider job changes. Therefore, that's why I am on Indeed filling this information outNoneSignificant pay cuts"

Rox Anne says

"Ordered a toy but on arrival it didn't work. I ordered again as thought it must be a one off and didn't want to wait for a refund and the same thing happened. I stupidly didn't check the reviews until afterwards and can see that it's happened to other people. There is clearly a manufacturing fault and they should be taken off sale, but I've checked today and it has £10 off?!? Reducing it doesn't make up for the fact it doesn't work! Unable to speak to anyone in customer service and won't be able to get to a post office for several weeks so doubt I will ever get a refund or replacement. Very disappointed."

Anonymous says

"Did next day delivery and paid almost £6.00. Guess what? 3 days later still nothing. Will probably take them years to process a refund if they even agree to. Bought here before and it was alright with standard delivery."


"My order arrived timely. Well, a package did, however it wasn't my order. It was returned quickly. Since then (beginning of June) I have emailed 3 or 4 times to see when i was due exchange or refund. I have never had a response, just standard "no reply" email. Bad customer service. Can't speak to anyone. COVID19 is being used as reason not to answer phones. I understand the 10 day turn around, but we're at 10 weeks plus with zero service."

rebecca gould says

"The Clone A Vibrating Willy kit was absolutely terrible. Says to stir 45 seconds the pour it into the tube when in fact it set in seconds after i stopped stirring it and couldn't mould my partners penis into it. This was meant to be fun and sexy when it just turned into a fast paced, upsetting mess. The instructions should be clearer. I'm so upset especially considering I paid £30."