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Eureka is an American science fiction television series that premiered on Sci-Fi Channel on July 18, 2006. The fifth and final season ended on July 16, 2012. The show was set in the fictional town of Eureka, Oregon (although in the pilot episode Eureka was located in Washington – and the origin of a diamond in the episode "Best In Faux" was shown as Eureka, California). Most residents of Eureka are scientific geniuses who work for Global Dynamics – an advanced research facility responsible for the development of nearly all major technological breakthroughs since its inception. Each episode featured a mysterious accidental or intentional misuse of technology, which the town sheriff, Jack Carter, solved with the help of town scientists. Each season also featured a larger story arc that concerned a particular major event or item.

"Its probably the worst tv show I have ever watched in my life" a user called Melooo shared on IG boards. According to an anonymous user on IMBD, the storytelling on Eureka gets repetitive and predictable, the characters lose their charms (and some their lives). The tension and drama become tedious and melodramatic. "It eventually becomes irritating to watch".

"Seriously. There's nothing fantastic about the premise. It's quite predictable: a secret town is filled with geniuses to make wacky inventions" Meteo shared on IMDB.

For another user on IMDB, Eureka sucks because is a trite soap opera with hoaky one-dimensional, stereotypical characters focused more on sexual tension than science even if it is supposed to be a sci-fi show.


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