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Ethicon, Inc. is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. It was incorporated as a separate company under the Johnson & Johnson umbrella in 1949 to expand and diversify the Johnson & Johnson product line.

A former manager from Cincinnati, OH who used to work at Ethicon states in a review for INDEEDthat the company has a poor culture and senior leaders, he added: "Recent events have highlighted how much the culture here sucks. Poor management, no accountability, bias-ridden, discriminatory, no advancement opportunities. Good old boys gang, so hard to shake things up. J&J says challenge the status quo, but when you do- you have put a target on your back, egotistical maniac bosses do not like being challenged"


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Current Employee - Marketing Manager says

"Terrible culture. Racist sexist discriminatory. If you complain, HR investigates you and gets your leadership’s back and screws you over. They have the audacity to say “its not because of racism or sexism..” Lot of people have exposed their leadership but nothing is being done. So unless you are white, don’t bother coming here."

Former Employee - STR says

"- Management is cut throat and very ethically ill - Unrealistic work life balance - Don't take the opportunity and save your anxiety for something else - This is a stepping stone for field management folks to get into corporate side of J&J and prey among newly graduated sales people, no empowerment what-so-ever only intimidation tactics."

Current Employee - Account Executive B says

"The culture is very toxic and self promoting."

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"Management loves to task you out and know what your doing every minute of the day- pay structure is awful"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Focus is only on getting work done - the what vs building a team spirit, focus on customers, employees etc like the credo says. When convenient they flaunt the credo on your face but act as if only the last paragraph on stakeholders is what matters. Company hasn’t innovated in years and business results reflect that. So how do they react, by firing a bunch of people indiscriminately without any rationale or plan to carry the work or hire some employees back. For a company that prides on its D&I efforts the behavior of it’s people leaders is extremely shameful. They practice and exercise biases every day and judge people every hour."

Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"low salary and low commission based on very high quota"

Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"PAY. Hands down, this company pays so poorly that it is shameful. You will live off your base if you come to work here. Understand that. There is opportunity for commission but it is wildly difficult (ie- 2 backordered products and 1 product that is not released is built into your numbers). Message to corporate: Reps working this hard should not be concerned with going into debt bc we can't make ends meet due to this mega company refusing to pay. If there is growth and sales being made, the company needs to take care of their dedicated employees and pay them. It's proper, ethical, and right."

Former Employee - Surgery Technician says

"Management pitting people against each other, not treating new employees fair, ran by Charles river."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Weak, incompetent leadership intent on cutting its way to growth every year."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"sexest towards women with pay inequality, some inexperienced managers (northern NJ to be specific), territory realignment with contract losses, low pay with mostly no chance to make commission if a contract has been lost prior."

Worker (Former Employee) says

"Even with ample prove of abuse, management chooses to not do the right thing. There are other opportunities out there to hope for. Meritocracy and honesty are the absolute opposite unless you like the poison kool-aid ... health benefits are nice but other companies are becoming better."

Asociado (Current Employee) says

"Realmente es una empresa que selecciona a sus vacantes y no da oportunidad a los asociados de la misma de crecer , pues en la mayoría de sus puestos postulados ya tienen a la persona elegida. Tienen muchos valores como empresa pero no son puestos en el día a día , y los jefes se sientes demasiado superiores a los demás."

Clinical Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"One of the most mismanaged poorly organized. This stemmed from terrible upper management and even worse middle management. A cut throat culture of miserable people"

Quality Inspector on Assembly Line (Current Employee) says

"the boss talks to you in the most unprofessional manner and gets away with whatever they wont. the employees gossip all day about everything and always in everyones business. the typical day of work is trying not to say anything so you dont get in trouble from what other people think you said and get you in trouble.nonto many.."

MECHANIC OPERATOR I (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work is just dealing with what the previous shift left you to do, dealing with lack of supervision or forcing you to work over time because of the lack of employees.parking, medical assistanceshort breaks"

Data Analyst (Source1Tek) says

"they signed contract for 2 years but let go in 4 months - no work life balance - you are either working 60 hours a week (without compensation of cause) or they will get rid of you!!!a lot of free foodrevolving door for contractors"

MANAGER (Current Employee) says

"Recent events have highlighted how much the culture here sucks. Poor management, no accountability, bias-ridden, discriminatory, no advancement opportunities. Good old boys gang, so hard to shake things up. J&J says challenge the status quo, but when you do- you have put a target on your back, egotistical maniac bosses do not like being challengedOnsite gymCulture, Senior leaders suck"

Extrusion Operator (Former Employee) says

"Great place to start work (always as a temp) if you have someone who is related to you or a best buddy as a boss, then you can guarantee you'll get hired...otherwise you're wasting your time!! No respect from bosses ( who don't know the job function themselves).. If you love working overtime ( mandatory for some) come here!! They're dropping entry level pay and a plus..they keep on lazy full timers that won't work, but if you are a temp and work hard, they still won't hire you!! I saw it many times..good workers who were temps who didn't get jobs!! Something needs to be done about this trash place!!!Money wasn't badRead above"

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"I would not suggest working here. The money is good but not worth it. Poor Management and poor culture. The company needs change and management don't want to."

Technicien de maintenance (Former Employee) says

"belle expérience de l'endoscopie on travaille en complête autonomie"

Mechanical Engineer Product Support (Former Employee) says

"Create engineering, GR&R, ERR and other required documents, meetings, product focus team to follow all products for production line time."

Quality Assurance Technician (Former Employee) says

"This job was stressful due to management. If you disagreed with the manager you will not be allowed to apply for any other positions there. She guaranteed this.great employessThe work can cause tendonitis"

Energy Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Training content was terrific and challenging expanding my knowledge. The daily life is up at 5, at the OR and trying to sell in surgery all day, then take staff and physicians out in the evenings. Very long hours with poor work-life balance Sales compensation changed and does not adequately compensate for the hours required Pod format with a large team and absent management is a poor business modelEducationOR environment is high stress and unfriendly"

Quality System Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The job started fine, but the training was horrible as I moved up the company ladder. It was discouraging when the company / divisional management feels that everyone should be looking for a new job every 2 - 3 yrs. A desire to stay at a happy position was frowned upon. Most of the people were very friendly, but the support internally and inter-facility was very small and difficult to find."

Braider Operator (Former Employee) says

"You get very little guidance and can hardly ever find your manager when issues/problems arise. They seem to disappear into a dark hole and can never be found. Even if you do find your manager they down talk you and treat you like you are not a human being. The plant is going down hill and just keeps expanding with outdated technology that has been used since it was first made and they refuse to update it. Getting materials needed to complete your job is a headache and no one seems to care. I do not recommend working here unless you want to be just a number.None that I can rememberManagement does not have your best interests in mind."

Clinical Education Specialist II (Current Employee) says

"Busy, active day. Work with suregeons, nurses and other health care professionals."

Operador de Manufactura (Former Employee) says

"Agradezco el trabajo, pero realmente no desearía volver, mucha preferencia."

Area Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Sisäisiä ongelmia, ei perehdytystä työtehtäviin tai työtehtävän vastuuseen. Erikoinen tapa käsitellä asioita."

Principal Scientist (Current Employee) says

"Hypocrat and policaly correct middle managmnet make the working place filled with frustration, disappiontment and unfairness."

Técnico senior (Former Employee) says

"El trabajo se desarrolla en un ambiente laboral muy limpio y controladoprestacionesDificil de subir a otro puesto"