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eTao is a comparison shopping search engine and currently, it has indexed over 600 million product items covering over 2,000 b2C merchant and 660 daily deal websites. The new feature enables uses to login with either a Taobao account or Alipay account, search and purchase goods on eTao without requiring another login. Currently, Taobao has over 370 million registered users, and Alipay over 500 million.

In October 2011, Ding Yining wrote for The Shanghai Daily about Small vendors' wrath due to the incorporation of ETAO into the Alibaba group

 “Thousands of small vendors vented their anger at higher fees on China's largest online shopping site Taobao last week by buying reams of products from bigger sellers and immediately asking for refunds. The change of rules follows a restructuring at Alibaba three months ago, when the group carved Taobao up into three pieces: the Mall, Taobao Marketplace, a site that hosts trade between individual buyers and sellers, and eTao, its online shopping search engine business. The three arms had been operating separately but weren't given individual names until after the restructuring”


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Federica Mafrica says

"I usually satisfied about the service of basetao, but now I can't say the same 1) one parcel was returned 2 times by the same company. The first time they haven't told me the reason and I made it reship with the same shipping method. The second time they told me the problem was a particular item. They could have told me this before without making me waste so much time and money 2) because of the delays I have many parcels stuck in Vilnius that haven't arrived in Italy. The fault is of China post, but they say they are keep pushing the company. In fact nothing has changed"

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