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Equifax Inc. is an American multinational consumer credit reporting agency and is one of the three largest consumer credit reporting agencies, along with Experian and TransUnion (together known as the "Big Three"). Equifax collects and aggregates information on over 800 million individual consumers and more than 88 million businesses worldwide. In addition to credit and demographic data and serv


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Former Employee - Global Operations Leadership Development says

"Not enough to do. Boring."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company is headed in the wrong direction and could care less about its employees, as all they care about is numbers and their transformation: -Google - What Fortunate 500 company picks Google for all their office tools? Shows you how clues the CTO is about what is needed in our daily jobs -Transformation - Wow, could this go any worse. Rushing it and just assuming that every thing would go right. Again, shows the failure of the CTO. Why does he still have a job? -Company Culture - The company could care less about its employees. Why the heck would you rush so fast to open your offices in the middle of a pandemic? No other company is opening their offices yet. -Reorgs - Can Senior Leadership just stop and see if the last reorg actually produced any results? Every other month their is a reorg and usually not for the better becasue leadership failed to ask any of the low level employees what went wrong with the last one. This list could go on and on about what is wrong with this company today."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Bottom line oriented. Employees are not valued. Only interested in keeping investors happy. Expertise not valued unless you work for one of their cash cow divisions."

Current Employee - Senior Director says

"Management is not competitive. They promote people whom they like. They don't appreciate hard working employees."

Current Employee - Vice President says

"1. High performance expectations with forced performance rankings leads to forced attrition of ~lowest 20%. 2. Highly matrixed organization leads to competing "fiefdoms" and endless meetings. 3. Demanding and unreasonable expectations come from the very top of the division. Until leadership changes, expect toxic environment to continue. 4. Equifax's mission is to help people live their financial best. This line holds true in the credit bureau and in verifying someone's income for a loan. But it starts falling apart when Equifax works for your employer to deny or limit your unemployment benefits or when the TWN is used to collect a debt and help a debt collector garnish your wages. For the most part, the services we provide in St Louis don't always leave our employees with that "warm fuzzy" that we're here to help people."

Current Employee - Manager of Software Engineering says

"Leaders pour in and taking their unqualified people with them."

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Sr. Management brings their own deputies and fires everyone that is not in their circle. Commissions are paid 90 days late and full of errors. You have to continuously fight for what you deserve. Very toxic, everyone is trying to get out.No respect for tenure and hard work. Avoid at all costs, or just call someone that works there and get the skinny."

Current Employee - Finance says

"If you want to understand the culture at Equifax, look at how it treated its employees during COVID-19: - While companies around the country were instituting work from home policies in February and March, Equifax still required employees to come into the office during the rise of the Coronavirus. - And, while other companies around the country were extending its work from home policies, Equifax was one of the very first companies in Atlanta to require employees to come back to the office (on June 1). It also required its employees around the world to return their offices in June and July."

Current Employee - Systems Administrator says

"Been with Equifax for a year. Finally getting to see that all the talk that management gives about caring for employees is just hollow. As other reviews point out this organization is very hierarchical. Your boss is your boss and you very rarely interact with his boss. Decisions just flow downhill. This is unlike any other place I have worked. Not very comforting Company is still going through a lot of change and transformations following the data breach. Change can be good but it does means instability and job insecurity with ever changing priorities. Company management says they care about employees but is requiring all non-remote employees to go back to offices on a rotating schedule pending local government approval. This is in start contrast to what most of the tech and financial companies are saying. Many are giving employees the option to work from home for the rest of the year. Others say they have no immediate plans to require employees to come back to the office In all there is a reason the company has a 2.9 glassdoor rating."

Former Employee - Senior Cyber Security Engineer says

"The whole new management (CEO, CIO, CISO) those guys just came into the company while everything was on flames just to make money. Those guys doesn't have the know how required and they have been focus in replacement the good people at the company for their friends. The good and smart people are leaving the company. Used to be a great company with the previous leadership, but suddenly with all the magicians that came to the company chasing money after the breach 2017 this became in a chaotic place to work."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This place is a awful place to work. Call center is very small and smushed together. Calls are back to back, training is one week. Management laid about the work schedule. Never went over what the company has to offer for employees just got right into training. No nesting because of COVID. Just awfulNone1 week training, management lie, HR has number."

Systems and Tools Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Th managers are from different world, when i was working it was not job place it look like they will fire you next day? I am again trying to get in may be the environment NOW changed, but they never hire me why?"

Processor (Former Employee) says

"Worked through temp agency. 1st day top manager came in and said if you can’t do a few something or others then leave now. Supervisors don’t know how to use most basic office equipment or their functions. Absolutely terrible place to work in West Des Moines/Clive area."

Service Delivery Manager (Former Employee) says

"Bureaucratic Management No Employment Security Worst HR team All this is reflecting a non productive environment for employees"

Agent (Former Employee) says

"It basically was a sweat shop. You would stay at your desk and were not able to talk unless asking a question. Supervisor always on your case and desk/cubes were so close together that there was no privacy what so ever."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This was the worst job ever. They micromanaged bathroom time. Noone knew what was going on. They hired on and fired off a ton of temps during their "busy season" after promising their employees never to do it again. The head even straight up said money is the most important to them, employees are last."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is highly toxic and will remain so until the current CEO is replaced. Terrible benefits, inexperienced managers who do not care about anything but managing up. Older employees are being forced to quit without severance, to be replaced by new Georgia Tech grads or offshoring of their jobs. Green card sponsored employees are being forced to move back to India because this company randomly decides they are no longer needed and will not continue to sponsor them. Equifax used to be a great place to work led by actual leaders. This is no longer the case."

Agent service clientèle (Current Employee) says

"aucune collaboration aucun objectif diva world aucun respect aucune reconnaissance aucune appartenance aucun esprit d’équipe reconnaissance des mauvais employésaucune reconnaissance aucun respect"

Fulfillment Associate (Former Employee) says

"Under paid and over worked. They don't appreciate their employees and management is horrible and doesn't appreciate any of the employees. It's also micromanagd"

Appellate Hearing Representative (Former Employee) says

"Management changed constantly and there was too much unnecessary administrative work. I had to drive up to 300 miles per day to do bearings and was ordered to do phone hearings on the side of the freeway and in parking lots. I’d get assigned phone hearings from the east coast the same morning as I’m waking up, with no prior prep with the employer and witnesses, often the documents weren’t even given to the judge as required. What a mess!Remote workToo many cases, long hours from 7 am to 8 at night."

Verification Specialist-customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Terrible team leader, terrible place to work, I wouldnt recommend this work environment to dog let alone a friend. Your treated like an alien. Then pain like Burger King."

ITAM/Software Asset Management SME (Former Employee) says

"Poor upper management. Do not care about employees. Doing an excellent job means nothing to them. The new Equifax is wrose than the old one. do not care about teamwork at all!"

special projects (Former Employee) says

"This company employs the most shady management I've ever seen. They are corrupt as they come. Run far far away from this company. This is where careers go to die.nonecorrupt"

Data Scientist (Current Employee) says

"Culture needs to be improved, benefit needs to be improved. Senior leadership should pay more attention on employee benefits rather than constant reorganization."


"Extremly poor place to work . Run for your Life. The job is not what they tell you at all. Very poor leadership its like they are all in some kind of cult. No concept of teamwork. No one talks to each other very strange."

Supervisora de Collections Canada (Former Employee) says

"es un lugar con ambiente de Call Center en donde se trata a los empleados como esclavos. En el SSC de Finanzas los empleados son vistos como numeros y o como personas. Dan Davidson el Head de Finanzas no se preocupa por su organizacion, pues se encuentra de viaje siempre y no sabe lo que sucede con su organizacion ni con sus managers y equipo, por el contrario el mismo demotiva a las personas con su trato y poco interes en el personal. Te miden hasta el tiempo de ir al servicio sanitario y demas, es una empresa cero motivadora o que valore al recurso humano.NingunoTodo. Management, Dan Davidson."

Business Analyst/ MS Access Developer (Former Employee) says

"Worst company ever. Stupid choices, arrogant, incompetent. Poor management. No solution focus. workplace culture is back stabbing. They are to stupid to recognize real talent.noneeverything"

Data Quality Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Equifax is cut throat and not a place I would recommend working at. After the breach Equifax lost a lot of business and the particular division I worked for, which did verifications of income, employment and social services, was facing, IS facing stiff competition from new companies who do the job better, with newer and better software. Equifax bought a company called Talx and they have been using their very old and out of date software for a number of years. The breach really, REALLY, hurt equifax. They are a company in decline.A company that is suffering from its data breachA company that is suffering from its data breach"

Project Manager (Contractor) says

"Very poor culture. Poor management from Senior leadership and slow to adapt to any changes.They wordsmith every document despite there not being a need. A member of Senior Leadership (VP) told me I didn't fit into their culture. It is impossible to find parking after 9 am so you must arrive early or park in a satellite lot and cross over 4 lanes of roadway to reach the building. Many contractors are sitting in the breakout rooms, the breakroom and cafeteria due to lack of space. They are not fans of working remotely or in other offices even if your team is remote.Poor culture and low contract rate"

Business Development Representative (Current Employee) says

"Everything is very fake, from the plants to the work environment everything is fake. Managers literally yell at you via email, because thats a good way to motivate your employees!"

Doug says

"After putting up with horrible service I finally canceled my credit monitoring earlier this year. Equifax billed my credit card in February AFTER I had canceled my service, so I called AGAIN to cancel. Then Equifax billed my credit card again in March. I called again today to cancel and to attempt to get reimbursed for the two unauthorized charges. We will see if they get it right this time. Equifax is -by far - the most incompetent financial services company I have ever used. Avoid Equifax like the fucking plague."

Paul Robert Edwards says

"I have no difficulty logging into Equifax and have done over 100 times in two months. The telephone number given provides bad email addresses. I filed a BBB complaint and got a response that said the information I sent did not match what they had. Since our information has not changed in over a year and they have unfrozen our reports as recently as November 6 and despite faxing more information, they do not respond in any useful way. All we want is to get our credit reports unfrozen."

May Smith says

"Once Again Score Goes Down For No Reason. I was in the excellent range and bam down goes my score for NO reason. Nothing has changed. They simply make it up! They are not accountable to anyone! Don't waste your money on these useless lot!"

Mr Robert Smart says

"Be careful.. I cancelled and they keep taking my monthly subscription!!! I have cancelled yet again today and will take them to court to claim back the monthly fees if I do not get refund !!!!!!!!!!!!"

Irina M. Wells says

"Inaccurate and virtually no customer support for errors to be fixed."

Glen says

"Equifax is a horrible site my score dropped 53 points with the changes on my report positive. My login credentials aren’t recognized , several pages are unavailable . This is without a doubt the worst credit bureau out there . They shouldn’t have the access they have over credit reporting and scoring."

Mr John Mc. says

"Recently my credit score went down by over 80 points, in the last 6 months i cleared 7K off my debt. a new 1 month BT contract i added and then closed was blamed for intial drop then after taking clear scores advice to update my address on my 2 credit cards it then dropped another 40 points as Equifax now classed these as new accounts depsite being 18 years old and 29 years old. i've requested both Clear score & Equifax assist me or explain this but both have replied to contact the other and said algorithyms etc are used which is just an excuse. Terrible customer service as they have not even tried to look into this for me despite the distress its caused me."

Lindsey Ilsley - Martha Elma says

"Although Equifax did pick up the detail of an erroneous default, which I was then able to go to the utilities company to fix and have deleted, it was otherwise diabolical to use and the very slowest to update. Equifax also seems determined to believe I am not on the electoral register - I am, I checked, and all other agencies recognise this, so I am unsure why Equifax insists on red flagging me for this. I did put in a request for this to be changed, submitted evidence, nothing changed. If you need help using their service you get redirected to a maze of seriously unhelpful FAQs. Experian and Transunion were thankfully more reliable and gave me a more accurate score and a much better service. I cannot recommend Equifax for their service but I will commend them for showing details of defaults and red flags, so you can at least follow them up with companies if these are unjustly put against your name. However, if you need Equifax to investigate their errors, you're stuck!"

Bikers Apparels Where the Bike says

"The worst ever Equifax needs to be removed and shut down period!!!! The on line service does not work at all. Trying to call these people is a joke they shouldn’t be allowed to report anything dealing with people’s credit I think we need to start filling law suits for poor reporting and for service’s that doesn’t work I’m gonna file a suit!!!!"

luke willgoss says

"Absolute crap, someone took out 2 mobile contracts in my name, which involved 2 hard searches being done which has dropped my credit rating by 100, told equifax it was fraud and also the bank, yet no one gives a crap, all I get back is your query has been resolved, not only that but one of the worst websites for communicating,"

Lynelle Jackson says

"I am a client that works with Equifax. We hire Equifax to do all of our employment verifications. I’ve spoken to several agents pertaining to a request we had ordered. The ordered was falsely canceled due to agent at fault. I have called to speak the manager. I was finally given the name after several attempts on getting the manager to call back. The manager for this department in which I refer to is Ronny. I asked to have the manager call back and there were several excuses and I’ve been given the same email that leads no where . I have begged to speak with a Manager . They keep telling me they will give her the information and have the Manager Ronny call back and I have yet to receive that call. I have even heard the manager in the background give an excuse to an agent as to why she won’t have time to call me back and the agent hung up before giving me her name. This is unprofessional."

K. L. says

"One of the most frustrating service that I have ever had to use. I was never able to lift my credit freeze online. Removing the credit freeze by phone doesn't work either. Please fix this and make your service a little more bearable."

Manuel Aranda says

"True rating: -1 deficit reading. Very much earned as this third leg of the credit branches, is the worst, & weakest of the 3, by- far! The whole Credit Bureau system is itself a low scorer based on their own standards! Who rates the 3 bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and Transunion? Who grades these entities and ensures they themselves are operating at the same expectation levels they require us to meet throughout our lives? Who again by their own standards, would fail miserably! Special emphasis on Transunion and their customer service alone, 80% of time is sub-par at best and their services, of which none of us request, where they attempt to score us on an unofficial, calculation of pluses and minuses that only they understand, If at all. Have you ever wondered why those great strides of multiple on time payments you make or that loan you paid off positives, very slowly effect your score upwards but forget by mistake one payment on an account on an otherwise 99% paid on time record, that same score immediately descends some 65 points!! That is not by accident. Nevertheless this service is forced upon all of us where we are graded upon this unverified, underperforming, excessively confusing and profit based service throughout our lives. Depending on that score, we are effected greatly in one way or another. This score, where all three bureaus collectively, make up a Fico score is severely flawed. Whereby their biased and negative driven business practice makes it a positive for their bottom line when they can inflict that negative reading based on there contradicting standards of score calculations made upon us every 30 days. This will eventually effect each and everyone of us at some point during our lifelong credit journey. They start to profit when you incur a negative to that ever important credit score. How? At times when at some point or another, we will suffer the consequences of a less then good credit score, whereby we may seek out one of many options that benefit the profit producing score keepers. Perhaps one of their credit consolidation or credit building profit inspired programs. This should be outlawed! If this must be a service put upon everyone of us regardless of whether we ask for it or not, it should at least be headed by non profit organizations. Who poses only a neutral interest in our position, in our lifelong credit journey. Otherwise, at its core, it is an unethical business working against all of us and at an egregious conflict of interest. This does not serve our best interest. A service, in which plays such a major part in the quality of our lives we live, through out our whole lifetime, that also profits on the demise of ones misfortunes and preys on their inability to keep and maintain a high credit score. It’s a service mandate that again, works against us in the worst way and at all costs, literally. This definitely needs reform as they are absolutely, in no position, to grade us given there own outrageous lack of plausible service standards within their own establishments. Adjusted for inflation of the 3 credit bureaus services in an unspoken mandate. Is it only guarantee’s in life: credit worthiness, death and taxes? Not hardly. At least, it shouldn’t be. Edit Delete Share"

Eddy rose says

"This organization should not be allowed to handle our credit information. They should have a certain minimum level of standards and quality for their service. Every time I want to login to myequifax.com, it never works and they want us to call their hopeless customer care. This stupidity has been continuing for the past three years. Where are our rights? They have no respect for any of their customers."

Michael Collins says

"Through Clearscore, Equifax claim I missed payments on 9 out of 12 months in 2014. This ridiculous, I have never missed any payments. Experian shows no missed payments and a current 999 score."

Jennifer Leischner says

"Absolutely AWFUL!! WORST SERVICE EVER!! Something needs to be done! This is our life they are controlling! I paid for the $19.95 service to see my credit report. Our lender told me that my file was locked and they could not pull report to approve me on our home loan until they unlocked the account. I have called over and over. They tell me they cannot get into my account, they tell me my account is not locked and lender can pull report. They put me on hold for over 10 min and then hang up on me. One guy transfers to me to another person that can help me, NOPE... they don't they just put me thru the phone system again. I cannot file a dispute over the phone or online. They want a copy of my Social Security card and drivers license sent via mail. That ANYONE CAN OPEN AND HAVE MY WHOLE LIFE!!! We are in the 21st century!! Your company is a JOKE!! You pay people to answer phones AND HANG UP ON US!!"

Lee Murray says

"I found it impossible to set up an account. Very difficult to understand the Indian guy on the phone. I simply just gave up out of shear confusion."

Urwa Zubair says

"They make it nearly impossible for me to access my credit report without paying for a subscription service. When I call them I get someone who can barley speak english at some call center overseas. Then, when I can't answer the questions that I don't understand I get crickets from the operator. The irony is all my bank needs is my SSN and they get full access to my credit report. Something should be done about this. This conpany has total control over your financual future and all there are doing is making profit at our expense with absolutely zero accountability to the person(s) they affect."

isabelle says

"How on Earth can this company still operates? I have received emails from them, telling me that some changes were made to my credit file. Knowing that I didn't initiate any change, I called Equifax to know why I received these emails. I talked to 4 different persons. I could't understand 1/3 of their words, due to strong accents. All of them had one goal: direct me to someone else. "They couldn't answer me, but they'll give me a number of someone who will". Sure... The last one, a guy called Daniel, with a thick Indian accent, hang up on me, because after telling me 3 times that I should buy a monitoring product with Equifax, I told them I didn't want to pay to know why THEY sent me alerting emails. Conclusion: if anyone know a way to fight these guys who have control over the financial data of people, I'll take any information! I think they don't have any management, the agents do whatever they want without any interest for the customers."

Jon says

"would give zero if i could, do not subscribe, you will not be able to cancel! No option online to cancel, no customer service email to contact them, cannot get through on phone line, tried 4 times, all times waiting 40 mins + before giving up, they keep trying to debit my bank account randomly every day, so i have to keep my money in another account. This is a sham of a company who are nothing but robbing cowboys, I am lost beyond belief how they are in existance and get away with it, one word, CORRUPT"