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Entertainment is a 2014 Indian Hindi-language action comedy film directed by the newcomer duo Sajid-Farhad and produced under Tips Industries Limited. It features Akshay Kumar and Dog Junior, along with Tamannaah, Mithun Chakraborty, Johnny Lever, Prakash Raj, and Sonu Sood. The film was released on 8 August 2014.

The text below is part of a review Tasha Robinson wrote reviewing ¨Entartainment¨ and published by ROGER EBERT back in 2015: “Entertainment” feels like a low-budget David Lynch film, full of surreal interludes and oppressive silences. The script, written by Alverson, Turkington, and “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!”’s Tim Heidecker (who starred in Alverson’s last feature, “The Comedy”), consists of splintered moments that don’t link together, except symbolically: The Comedian drifts through daytime tours of an airline graveyard and a sun-baked Old West movie set. He witnesses a bloody birth in a women’s bathroom. He spends time with a farmer cousin (John C. Reilly), confronts a desperate hustler (Michael Cera), and gets shut into a light booth by a aromatherapist (Lotte Verbeek) Stripped to his boxers, he’s dragged into an eerie nighttime game of Marco Polo with a group of drunken strangers seemingly ported in from “Wild at Heart.” There’s no sense of linear time in his world, just an overriding sense of dissociation, displacement, and frustration. And inevitably, he vents that frustration onstage. His awful gags (“Why don’t rapists eat at T.G.I. Friday’s? Well, it’s hard to go out and rape when you have a stomachache!”) are meant to be startling and off-putting, but his invective when his audience doesn’t laugh—or worse, talks back—crosses the line into grotesquerie. Turkington’s whining, stammering delivery as Hamburger is designed to keep pushing audiences away: He draws out words until they turn into aural sandpaper. He repeats himself, stammers, or injects pauses so long that a faster-moving comic might be able to wedge a few bits in during the dead air. He’s excruciating. But The Comedian also seems authentically outraged at all the ingrates who don’t find him hilarious.


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Customer Care (Current Employee) says

"We were told our jobs would not be eliminated when the C3 team in the Philippines took over, they lied. When the top manager pulls you in a a meeting and tells you your jobs are safe, that is reason to leave."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"EBG does NOT value their employees that are loyal and have been with the company. There is NO opportunity of growth at EBG. The company does not promote current employees and pay is extremely illegal and low for all positions involved in the Marketing Department."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Terrible upper management. Especially the COO and Chief "People" Officer."

Inbound Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They expect you to learn everything in two weeks you have a test at the end of training, you don’t pass you’re fired they don’t tell you that when you are offered the job, no job security, management are the rudest people ever. FUN IS NOT TAKEN SERIOUSLY there. I can go on and on Cons: Point system management"

Core Team Leader / Escalation Team (Former Employee) says

"This company only has the worst managers and rules every for the customers and employees. There way of keeping there employees is too give them free stuff just to get slaved."

Operations Coordinator II (Former Employee) says

"This company has a huge lack of management and is the main reason 70% of the older and newer employees choose to leave and pursue other options. Had this company improve their management in a timely manner, it would have happier employees."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Its not a fun place to work the HR TEAM lead is the worst...with better management team not the ones to good for their position. Turn over rate is crazy. Cons: the entire environment"

Multi Channel Distribution Manager (Former Employee) says

"BEWARE! They post a "ticketing operations manager position" but in reality it is more of a data entry position. Beware if you get hired for their multi distribution channel position. You basically attach PDFs to an account for 9 long hours. When you speak up and say "hey this job isn't what you presented"...you are in the office that same day and let go by 4pm. Four cameras in every room watching your every move! Sad that they even listened to our conversations through an intercom as evidence that the team hates their job. Cons: Watched all shift long by cameras with video evidence of your wrong doing!"

Concierge Services (Current Employee) says

"Okay entry level job to gain valuable customer service experience."

Concierge (Former Employee) says

"I am a former employee of Entertainment Benefits Group and I was with them for almost 3 years. Before working for them I worked for companies that were in the Fortune 500 for many years so I know what it is like to work for a great company and I know a bad company when I work for one. If you are applying for the Concierge position please be aware you are not employed through the hotel and are employed through EBG as a Concierge from an outside company. The pay is far less than if you were to work directly for the hotel corporation like Caesars and you are not recognized as a hotel employee with hotel when you work there.EBG does not empower there employees make decisions on there own or anything like that. They do not allow you to take kickbacks from many companies out there like hotel doctors or certain limo companies and many other services.The commissions vary on what you sell such as you get more commission for a tour than a show but the company is always adjusting the amount you receive for commission so it is hard to tell most of the time which companies you need to push. This company is very very different than any other company out there as they do things backwards and much of what they do does not make sense. The turnover rate is very high here and you will see once you start working how hard it is for this company to retain people and you will soon find out why. Cons: Hourly Pay, Management, Benefits"

Vacation Planning Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Typical day is fraught with petty turf battles between departments and human resources. The most "luxurious" welcome center in Orlando has been under construction for two years and no sight of completion. Cons: 1% annual raise...yippie!!!"

call center manager (Former Employee) says

"They have two call centers , LV and Orlando. HOUR is in complete contrl of ALL data. If your job is managing either of these call centers, GOOD LUCK! Unless you are an internal employee promoted to a call center manager position, you won't last one year. Cons: hr runs everything!"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"For those of you who are interested in working here, STAY AWAY!!! At the beginning they make you feel like this company is what you needed in your life, after a while they make you feel horrible. I started out as a sales rep then to a manager position. There is always conflicts between upper management and the entire dept. When management needs assistance due to upper management, the HR Dept who act like the movie Mean Girls advises you they can’t help you, they redirect you to your senior. It’s force you to do what they say or you do not have a job at the end of the day. If you needed a senior, you would find one sitting in a office and playing with their cellphone. The new management training is to throw you into the wolves and learn on your own. If you are ready to be unfulfilled and miserable in life go ahead and apply."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Management sucks with lots of favoritism going on within the company. Make up new rules as they go with a lot of rude and upset guest calling all day. Coworkers are not friendly and managers will are not professional Cons: Change schedule every 3 months"

Call Center (Former Employee) says

"It could be a great place to work if the management got over themselves and focused on the problems at hand. Like why is it such a high turn over? Why don't the staff maintain their excitement for the job? Cons: Everything Else"

Cutomer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I understand you need a job but if you can avoid this monstrosity please do just that. Terrible management, terrible scheduling, breaks are taken away without notice, management never responds to chat, wait times are ridiculous."

Product Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company for four years. I reported to two managers. One an EXTREMELY INAPPROPRIATE predator, the other unreliable, anxiety controlling her behavior and lack of work ethic. Still that manager was in charge of yearly review which determined raises. A .20 -.30 cent raise, yearly. Complaints about lack of managerial responsibilities went unheard. EXTREMELY INAPPROPRIATE harassment and pressure is noticed and completely disregarded. A co-worker that was complained about by an entire team of 12, was given a higher raise than those who worked versus that employee who was documented daily by the team, proving she did not work whatsoever. Every day. I could go on about this place. ....if you want to be loyal and committed to a company and you prove it, don't expect job security. I was promoted and praised for my work daily and they remove my position after three months. Corporate America. It's a problem. Cons: INNAPROPIATE Harrasment in all departments. Human Resources"

Trainer & Facilitator (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work would include no direction or structure to job related tasks. Cons: Small, controlling management team."

Customer Care Support (Former Employee) says

"This started out as pleasant, however management made this job a horrible work environment. Extremely unorganized, poor training. Only good thing was the Pay was good, and for the most part the all the co workers got along well. Cons: Management, no training, constant schedule changes."

Customer Care Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked in Customer Care for almost a year. Avoid at all costs. They kept pressuring me to resign due to a medical condition that developed and when I refused, they confiscated my badge and escorted me out, BUT left me on the schedule and labeled me as abandoning my job. This company will ruin your life. Cons: Everything"

Former Employee - Producer says

"I worked at Entertainment Studios full-time for more than a year Cons: Worst place I have EVER worked. The Culver City location is in a old old building. Their “conference room” is made out of multiple dirty 6 feet foldable tables stuck together & random used office chairs. (Some are broken) The only free thing you get working there is their arrowhead pitcher jug where you have to bring your own cup to fill up water. The fridge has food in in from years ago. No one cleans anything up. The walls have cracks in it. The wallpaper is peeling. The owner of the company is a billionaire but can’t fix his business or run it properly or PAY THEIR EMPLOYEES APPROPRIATELY. Every single person I know who works there is receiving a very low salary compared to other production companies. Some people are receiving half of what they would’ve made on another job. The entertainment industry is a very hard business, especially when working freelance and desperate for work. The HR there is delusional & almost every worker there laughs at how much of a crazy person she is. They had mold in the building and I’m still worried if people will have long term health problems from it. After countless employees told management, employees bought their own mold tests to get proof. There was black mold living in one of the offices. One day when it was raining heavily & on one side of the building, the ceiling collapsed in people’s office. They had a carpet company come and fix their “mold problem” which they also deny having. One of the chairs in that same office where the ceiling collapsed got absolutely soaked. They moved the wet cushion which probably also grew mold in it to a bathroom and it may still even be there to this day. It is the absolute cheapest place. It is disgusting that they will even consider paying some people so low. They tried to pay an actor $50 when you can sign up on any extra job casting website and make triple that in a day for being a extra. You have absolutely no life. They want people to work on holidays. You get rarely no time off. You also have to clock in and out with a scanner. Some people who were working 14 hours a day were terrified to walk away for lunch which you had to do if you didn’t bring it (who would want to as well when they don’t clean their kitchens or fridges) because they were scared about getting penalized if they were a minute late & then it affects their pay if they were hourly. The list will go on & if you ask any current employee, I never heard one positive happy person. Everyone is upset and working there because they can’t find another job. Don’t ruin your mental health & save your sanity and try and find another job before settling."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Entertainment Studios full-time for less than a year Cons: This company is essentially run on an extremely exploitative business practice, in which the CEO has gotten himself rich off the backs of disgustingly underpaid young workers desperate for an industry gig and the selling of cheap, crap, meaningless content to syndicated networks at no cost in exchange for advertising profits. Good for him I guess for figuring out the system, but it leaves nearly everyone else in his employ miserable, disposable, and extremely undervalued. Pay was hourly and at a rate that may have been bordering on illegal, especially for the SKILLED work being done, and there were zero benefits. No one else above you seemed to care about the content being made either, so mistakes were made left and right, were never caught, and the people at the bottom got the brunt of blowback for that. If you somehow had it in you to stay long enough you MIGHT get a measly raise. I wound up dreading going to work."

Producer says

"I worked at Entertainment Studios Cons: The place is a total joke! Yes you make TV, but it is of such low quality that you hesitate to put the job on your resume. The "Executive Producers" spend more time shopping online than supervising or working. This is a fun job if you are a new comer to the entertainment industry, but if you've ever worked on any other projects you will be shocked at how low the pay is, unorganized, cheap, low budget, and unprofessional ES is. They also have so little regard for their employees that you can never get a straight answer as to how long you will be working. Will the project last a month or a year? They won't tell you and it will end with no notice. It is seriously a joke - but the owner is making a ton of money, so he must be doing something right..."

Former Employee - Producer says

"I worked at Entertainment Studios full-time for less than a year Cons: The pay is low, they expect you to work weekends, and then dock you for Martin Luther King day. Somehow they are able to make lots of money with high turnover in their employees."

Former Employee - Producer says

"I worked at Entertainment Studios full-time for more than a year Cons: The pay is low, no equity, or benefits. They attempt to make as many as possible an "independent contractor" so there are no benefits."

Former Employee - Camera Operator says

"I worked at Entertainment Studios full-time for more than a year Cons: Where do I begin? LOW PAY. Everyone starts out at $450 a week. You are told that in a year you can get a review with a possible raise. The raise is usually $50-$100 increase. The CEO doesn't care about his employees one bit. In fact he is often quoted as saying "we are the Walmart of entertainment" He doesn't care that he is paying qualified employees minimum wage. For him its all about getting the content out, its about quantity not quality. and it clearly shows in the content that his produced. Forced Hiatus with no warning. No benefits"

Former Employee - Video Editor says

"I worked at Entertainment Studios full-time for less than a year Cons: ES's m.o. is to hire in experienced college students and beaten down, unemployed film industry workers, and to convince them that the job is a favor. They tell you you'll be getting you're foot in the door. Since they are doing you a favor they pay $450 a week, for the skills and expertise you learned at an expensive film school, while an editor in the guild would make 10 times that. Though you might not be part of the guild, you should value your college education, and make more than a fast food worker. ES doesn't agree. After a year of working at ES, if you started at the basic $450 a week you might get raised to $500 or $600 a week. On top of the pay being less than desirable, there are no benefits, no paid time off and zero pay during mandatory holidays. Though lack of benefits is normal in freelance and guild work, ES is a staff job. ES content is seen by no one. It is day time filler, that networks buy cheaply to avoid dead air time. As you spend 10 hours a day working there and being run in circles by inexperienced producers who have little idea of what they're doing, you'll wonder why you're spending your time on something that means nothing. You are asked to do work, undo your work, and redo your work for content that will never be seen by anyone you know, but thats fine because the the quality of the product is so low you'd be embarrassed to put it on your reel. There is an overwhelming amount of paranoia coursing through the company. Managers believe they are being watched by their managers. Its common to walk into an editing bay or producer's office and see post-it notes over the monitor's built-in webcams. The result is that people don't trust each other, and treat each other with little respect. Despite the paranoia and distrust, its also common to walk into an editing bay and get an overwhelming feeling that you're in the movie Office Space. People unrendering and rerendering entire episodes to look busy, playing bubble spinner or tetris; just avoiding work and not being all that discrete about it. If you're thinking about working at Entertainment Studios, don't. Know you're value."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Entertainment Studios full-time for more than 3 years Cons: long hours, high expectations, low quality work"

Former Employee - Editor says

"I worked at Entertainment Studios full-time for more than a year Cons: Run very poorly, no sense of appreciation from management"

Former Employee - Production Assistant says

"I worked at Entertainment Studios full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Pay is low, hours are long"

bry maltz says

"I have purchased coupon books from this company for at least the last 10+ years. When I received my book this year, I noticed that it was much thinner than the books I received in the past. In fact, I did a comparison of the size of the 2 books, and the latest book was 26% smaller than the previous years, even though the price was EXACTLY THE SAME..!! When I wrote to the company, they gave me a BS story as to how they were trying to save the environment, AND, that the coupon book had the same number of coupons as in previous years. Now, I ask you, how can the number of coupons be the same, if there are 56 less pages, and 4 coupons per page for a whopping total of 224 LESS COUPONS...!!! Today I was informed that if I wish to return the books, I would have to pay a $7.95 handling fee.....!!! That is nearly 25% of the cost of the books to begin with. All I can say is this.....and I'm going to clean this up a bit.....don't urinate on my boots and tell me it's raining. I may have been born at night....but NOT LAST NIGHT..!!!"