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Enel S.p.A., or the Enel Group, is an Italian multinational energy company that is active in the sectors of electricity generation and distribution, as well as in the distribution of natural gas.

A very disappointed former employee comments, "Customer service at Enel is non existent. There is severe favoritism. Italian culture means men are favored over women. Do not plan on getting old here, they do not appreciate older experienced employees."


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Ex-funcionário - Eletricista says

"Assedio moral cometido pelos gestores. Falta de ética da equipe e dos coordenadores. Falta de oportunidades para crescimento. Supervisores e coordenadores divulgam resultado de avaliação de um colaborador para outros além de levantar fofoca e calunias contra integrantes da equipe. Salario baixo e alto risco de trabalho."

Ex-funcionário - Analista Jr says

"Empresa que não meritocrática. Gestores não entendem nada de gestão. Sistema de feedback que não diz nada sobre o desempenho (baseado em achismos do gestor). Idade e experiência são mais importantes do que conhecimento."

Funcionário atual - Eletricista says

"Falta de oportunidades não oferece um plano de carreira principalmente aos "colaboradores" de baixo nível, desvalorização da mão de obra."

Funcionário atual - Analista de atendimento says

"Salários extremamente baixos, insustentáveis, impossível viver com a remuneração paga por esta empresa, estou muito triste, pois entrei muito animado, é meu primeiro emprego."

Funcionário atual - Analista Sênior says

"Não há meritocracia na empresa, salários congelados e promoções inexistentes. A única forma de crescer é recebendo uma proposta externa. Comunicação muito falha na empresa, sentimento de incerteza constante, e método de trabalho confuso e burocrático. Não recomendo."

Funcionário atual - Eletricista De Manutenção says

"Baixa qualidade para crescimento e falta de respeito com funcionários"

Funcionário atual - Atendente says

"Salário bruto menor que um salário mínimo, a empresa compensa seus erros com o cliente com o atendimento deixando seus atendentes submissos e expostos"


"Não dão muitas oportunidades pra funcionários que já estão na empresa de subirem, não pensam na qualidade de vida de seus funcionários, a equipe não é muito unida e existe muita competição e panelinha na empresa."

Eletricista says

"Não pode fazer horas extras, não pode pegar o carro da empresa pra fazer cursos etc. Poucos funcionários. Funcionários poucos valorizados para atividades de linha viva em 23 KV sem aumento de salários."

Técnico Em Segurança Do Trabalho says

"Não atender as dúvidas do cliente, seja por telefone, deve ser mais claro comunicar na hora do desligamento em casa."

Settlement analyst (Former Employee) says

"if you are looking for a place where you can grow, these is not the place for You. The is no grow or appreciation for the work you do. Plus, you would have to work and report to people that know less about energy than you and are not qualified to be supervised. You would waste time and meeting that are rebalance to your work.good payWorking for Manager that know less than you."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Customer service internally non existent. There is severe favoritism. Italian culture means men are favored over women. Do not plan on getting old here, they do not appreciate older experienced employees.Family orientedPoor pay and less respect for some demographics"

Project Manage, Civil Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Work is usually cubicle dwelling unless out in the field. Field consists of work on hydropower sites. I learned about hydropower and PM skills. But, you are going to have to teach yourself. Engineering is contracted out. Management is a mess, hopefully they fix this. Some really nice co-workers, but lazy ones who do not accomplish much too. Hardest part of job is trying to motivate people to get work done. You will go to the same meeting and talk about the same work - nothing ever gets accomplished sometimes. I enjoyed the work life balance - rarely do you work over 45 hours per week. Low pay at first, but higher ups make good money. Good beni's.free fruitlots of dead weight"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Overall there are a lot of smart people who work for Enel, especially in the Andover Location, but I would say that they to not collaborate very well. New employees are expected to hit the ground running and figure out how to solve issues on their own. Training of roles is virtually non-existent. Enel is a multicultural company where people are embraced from many backgrounds but the company is headquartered in Rome. If you do not speak Italian this can create difficulties at time. The majority of upper management is Italian and my impression is that its a cultural trait within the company that emails and meeting requests will sometimes be ignored by those in leadership. Enel way = figure it out on your ownsmart people, good pay and benefitslack of support and work life balance"

Electric Dam Operator (Former Employee) says

"Corporate is disconnected from field operations , just because it looks good on paper does not mean it will actually work . District manager does not have a clue as to what the actual workings of the operational jobs really are. Also can never-ever say no to anything corporate wants . Unrealistic goals times for actual jobs . Burying themselves in so much computer work to be able to actually do your job . Automation is alive and well here.BenefitsSee above ."


"Developing, building and operating renewable energy projects is incredible work. The culture is hectic at best. There is too much influence from our European HQ which is generally okay but from a business standpoint, creates a very divided culture."

HSEQ Representative (Current Employee) says

"A typical day is traveling around in your company truck observing personnel working. Getting out at locations and inspecting paper work and PPE. I learned that many different types of people can work very well together as a team. Some of the management was great but some did not even know what they were doing. They had never worked in safety before and didn't have a clue about several OSHA issues, etc. The hardest part of the job was being away from family. The work schedule is 21&5, so you don't see your family much at all!Good pay and great benefitsNever enough time off to see your family"

Luca Proculo Gentile says

"Extremely complicated to make a name change: MAKE A FAST ONLINE SYSTEM!
To make a simple transfer from my sister to me I have already been looking for weeks on the website and on the internet, I don't get to grips with it, and I'm not an unwary:
In the FAQ to make the transfer there are no modules,
after frantic searches, I find all types of modules, except the right one:
- Separation transfer form
- Application form for Divorce
- Transfer form for death
- Transfer form for resident separation
- Transfer form for non-resident separation
- Application form for resident divorce
- Application form for non-resident divorce
- Transfer form for resident death
- Transfer form for non-resident death
- Form for the transfer of a check made out to a deceased customer
- Form for the transfer of the supply in the event of a NON-resident Separation-Divorce
- Form for the transfer of the supply in case of separation-resident divorce
- Application for the transfer of the supply due to the death of the resident tariff holder
- Application for the transfer of the supply due to the death of the holder of the on resident tariff
- Form for the transfer of a check made out to a deceased customer
- Refund Form for Check Vulture (Actual User)

But a simple form, even better an online form, to make a transfer from one human being to another, isn't it?
It's going to be more difficult for me because I've lived abroad and I'm used to efficient, simple, and logical things. In other countries I did this in thirty seconds.

many attempts, and a lot of stress, I can get myself called.
They tell me that I have to call another number to make the transfer.
I call the other number,
The Automatic voice answers that does not recognize my selection.
After a long time, and other stress, the robotic voice attacks the phone in my face.

Other calls, other time, other problems:
I call the chat customer service first, after giving:
First name,
Fiscal Code,
Customer number,
Etc .. etc ...

They tell me, that due to an anomaly, they cannot fly.
They say I have to call the "official" customer service.
They also say they can't transfer me to customer service, but I have to call myself.

I call, but the selection menu does not work, perhaps because I call with a voip, in any case I have to try again several times.
I finally manage with another number.

I speak to the operator (not very nice), again, I report all the data:
First name,
Fiscal Code,
Customer number,
Etc .. etc ...

He checks, and tells me that it cannot be done, because a data change was requested about a month ago which has not yet been processed.

After countless bureaucratic adventures, I sent the form via email.
It didn't even work!
Your servers don't receive emails:
¨Message not delivered
A problem occurred while delivering the message to attachments.enelenergia ... ¨

They say that finally the transfer can be done, but months still pass and nothing happens.

For a transfer to ENEL it is more complicated than making a citizenship (I did it in Belgium in a few minutes), opening a company (in Finland I opened it online in four clicks), or buying a house (two visits by the notary in Flanders).

Thanks Enel for filling my days. Too bad I also have my life to devote time to."

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