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Enbridge Inc. is a Canadian multinational energy transportation company based in Calgary, Alberta. It focuses on the transportation, distribution and generation of energy, primarily in North America. As a transporter of energy, Enbridge operates in Canada and the United States, the longest crude oil and liquid hydrocarbons transportation system in North America. As a distributor of various fuels,


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No career advancement and the office gossip"

Current Employee - Project Engineer says

"Pay, Benefits, Structure, Company Outlook"

Former Employee - EHS says

"If you are not WHITE please stay far away from this place. This company is designed and specifically created for whites only. If you a visible minority, especially black and you have all the credentials in the world. Trust and believe me you are not going anywhere within Enbridge. If they see you as a threat due to your brilliance, the accusations will begin."

Former Employee - N/A says

"Management apathy No long term carreer path with constant layoffs Low salaries compared to rest of industry Typical "corporate culture", pretending to care about you, but absolutely no hesitation to lay you off..."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Clueless , when it comes to putting their most important asset first (workforce)."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"Too many organizational changes that is taking way too long since the acquisition, extremely low morale and culture have become very poor since the acquisition. Management either doesn’t care about what’s going on at the employee level, or either extremely disconnected from reality. Used to be a great company (legacy Spectra) not unfortunately it’s going down hill and that ball have not stopped rolling. Many great people started to leave the company on their own since management decisions are horrible. Benefits, raises, opportunities are all getting worse. Sad what happened to a once great company."

Current Employee - Operations Supervisor says

"This place is an absolute joke. The turnover rates are staggering and nobody cares. Al Monaco and the executive leadership wanted to brag to the world that Enbridge is North Americas largest energy infrastructure and all they had to do to make that happen was ruin two great companies and submerge themselves in debt. Enbridge, and Spectra for that matter, used to be a great place to work, and now it isnt. I wish I could be less blunt and say something pleasant but it would be a lie."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No transparency, meeting company targets is the only loan goal. Employee retention is not a focus at all. Its about who you know and how well you can brown nose!!!"

Former Employee - Advisor says

"- Policies and procedures are not pertinent/realistic to tasks necessary to be performed and are not followed, resulting in unclear expectations - Change management is non-existent to slow at best - Merit based employees have supervision unqualified to rate performance - Supervision/Management/ doesn't value employees, nor their contributions to company goals - No transparency from middle/upper supervision/management - Poor job hierarchy"

Former Employee - Senior Operations Associate says

"Payless Travel of 1.5hrs or more each way... constant political battles and drama. Most Employees are dangerous in matters of understanding their own job."

CAD Tech (Former Employee) says

"continually asking for rate reductions to the employees, if you don't take them, they fire you... The best way to put the staffing is too many Chiefs and not enough Indians, Constant progress meetings to discuss what took place in the earlier progress meeting instead of actually getting any work done."

Document Controller (Former Employee) says

"They are all out for themselves and don’t care who they stab in the back. As long as they look good they don’t care what they do to others! They are evil people! The so called “Team Lead” has no leadership skills what so ever! He has no clue what our role as a Document Controller is. He is also the biggest hypocrite of them all. For a well known company there are no written and approved procedures, you fly by the seat of your pants everyday. I would never recommend working with this Document Control group until they are all replaced especially the Team Lead. They are awful people and you know who you are!NoneToxic Group Environment, Contract positions only in the DC group, no room for growth no matter how hard you work!"

Sr. Advisor, Economic Analysis and Planning (Former Employee) says

"If you are a ambitious talented growth oriented qualified candidate steer clear of this place. Its a slow moving, bureaucratic, reactive, old boys club."

Sr. Project Manager - HMI SCADA Control Systems (Current Employee) says

"Bad place to work. Enbridge does not care about the employees and is a poorly managed company. The management team is not connected with the real issues within the organization. There is a vey bad culture at Enbridge. Very low employee and contractor morale."

Procurement (Current Employee) says

"At this moment in time this company is a terrible place to work. I don't know how it used to be in the boom times or any other time but as of now it has reduced itself to a combination of poor to non-existent management and little to no organizational structure. Somehow these guys still churn a profit but I think its a fraction of what it could be and its most likely because they have given staff 3 pay cuts in the last year alone. there are layers upon layers of mgmt. that most employees don't even know about and speaking of employees, we are almost one year after the merger w/ Spectra and we still have no clue wtf we are supposed to be doing on a daily basis! Everyone makes it up as they go along due to the lack of leadership because managers are too busy at each others throats most of the time. if you have a choice, save yourself the grief and stay away from this company altogether.Pay on time LOLSelfish mgmt"

Benefit Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Rude, spoiled employees and insecure managers. Not a place I would want to work again and glad it was only a contract position. Cheap company and HRIS team is a joke.NoneNot a good place to work."

Project Integration Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Team Building were great, to get to work and interact with others . In the Office the folks were very helpful and great to work with. We interacted with the field operations and the producers which made the company grow."

Sr. Measurement Technician (Former Employee) says

"Management was very poor to say the least!! Would not recommend this place to anyone!! There was no department support, no communication, lack of team work!NoneBackwards as them come, no commuticaion at all"

No chance (Current Employee) says

"Look up the definition of fascism. That is them. Too many negative adjectives to list here (space not available)Free lunchesFascists leadership"

Company employee (Former Employee) says

"It's sad that a married VP who had an affair with a company employed lawyer was allowed to keep his job while good working people were being laid off. And the kicker,...the lawyer was in charge of ethics."

Projects (Current Employee) says

"I have worked for ENB for over 6 years. I have seen the Safety Manager hide incidents and bully people into looking the other way. The recent mergers and restructuring are chaotic; leadership cant get their story straight and most people are worried about getting laid off. The pay is way below industry standard.Flex FridayLow pay, Managers with out integrity, no opportuntiy for advancement"

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"PE owned, the management is basically focused on making millions when they sell this thing in a year or so. Seems like these guys are at sea, I don't think they have it in them to manage something this complicated successfully. Directionless short term career here.Nice officesRookie and selfish management, no career growth"

Advisor (Current Employee) says

"The work environment is very toxic. Frontline leaders and directors are making damaging staffing decisions. Many solid employee have been and are continuing to be exited based on "fit" vs. skill, experience, education, and performance. This is not the case for all areas of the organization, but will continue to impact the company for years to come."

PIPEFITTER (Current Employee) says

"the management of union gas is so poor because their emplyees not get a salary and the contrct for this compny is fake this company is no concern in their employeesfree accommodationno health care"

Control Room Operator (Current Employee) says

"People Leaders do not have the best interests of employees in mind and do not care about employee development. Company constantly increases workload without compensation or safety as a consideration. The mentality is Employees are lucky to have jobs here. Constantly makes policy changes without employee consultation. Moral is extremely low. Salaries and benefits are not competitive."

SCADA Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Terrible Mgnt. Seem to enjoy laying people off and outsourcing. Never know what your assignments are. Have got rid of all the experienced workers and outsourced to cheapest option.No much prosNo direction, terrible company"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"There was so much turmoil within the complex where we were located and the employees where very stressed about job security as Enbridge was in the process of selling off parts of the company and the stress was terrible and made for an ackward work environment.Being contracted to Enbridge had no job security"

Sr. Advisor, Economic Analysis and Planning (Former Employee) says

"Slow, reactive, mismanaged, bookish, elitist. Have no clue how to retain and grow talent. This company is a haven for predatory consultants. A very stifling environment."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Prior management was very good and allowed the business to grow. once management changed the company went downhill. Too many policies and procedures that did not add any value but allowed poor performers to hang on to a position and title."

Utility service representative (Former Employee) says

"Wages are ok, but the company is run by a bunch of useless back stabbing middle management that do nothing. Management are more concerned with their interests then that of the employees or the publics safety. If you are related or have some ties to management you can get a job here, just be sure you are prepared to kiss their butt, and watch your back with fellow employees. The American company that owns union gas claims many things. But if you are a minority or female they will make your life miserable and try to get rid of you."

Former employee says

"I am sorry I ever worked for Spectra and Enbridge. The years at Spectra were OK but the Enbridge experience left such a bad taste in my mouth that I wish I never set foot in either. There is so much wrong in so many ways with Enbridge. I have no idea why employees have to take an on line ethics course, every year. The higher ups have no ethics or morals so it\'s \"do as I say, not as I do\". And many a manager bows to the Fuhrer and his generals and don\'t support the workers because they are all expendable, especially if they are not related to someone \"special\" within the company. Things like talent, accomplishments, work ethic mean nothing in that putrid toxic company. "

Ed says

"A horrible company to work for. Hundreds of people walked out during their last re-org. They could care less about the employees. If letting people go just to get the shares up a fraction they will. Treat people like garbage."