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Elwood Apparel Co. is a lifestyle brand for men and women, inspired by the Australian outdoors. Since establishment, the philosophy has remained un-changed; a definitive focus on a high level of functionality, quality and reliability. From this understanding of original craftsmanship, they create a modern interpretations of the brand each season, building on our belief that real products get better with time. The goal will always be to create accessible products that are like an old favourite.

A fashion enthusiast writes " Horrible return policy. I bought a jacket for my husband as a Christmas present and it did not fit as expected. I was charged $13 for a return label and then informed that I would not be refunded the original $8.95 shipping fee. So, I ended up losing $22 to return this jacket. I sent an email to Elwood’s customer service asking them why I was not refunded the original shipping fee I had paid. They informed me that I was refunded the correct amount and did not try to resolve this. Bottom line, I will not be ordering from Elwood again."


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Coil Winder, coil,operator picking,packing (Former Employee) says

"Don’t waste your time working here it’s plenty of temp services to chose from all they assignments are short they have nothing permanent management treat you expendable with no respect they will replace you for no reason without notice might even pay you late Cons: Everything"

Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"Working for Elwood Staffing is a nightmare. First impression of the staff was like walking into elementary class and witnessing a lot of the staff act like children. Lots of internal backbiting. No team support. Management is just as bad or worse condoning the bad behavior. No growth opportunity. The Regional Manager for north ogden and ogden branch should not be in the role he is in. Poor management skills. Very disingenuous. He is a huge contribution as to why the turnover is high. Cons: Be prepared to be just a workhorse"

Staffing Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"Branch Manager at Elwood Staffing in Olathe,KS and the on-site were horrible to work with. They don't care nor are undstanding with internal employees or their associates. Cons: Supervisor disrespectful"

Cafeteria Worker (Current Employee) says

"They just expect you to know everything. They are not willing to change assignments if it’s not a good fit for you. They are very hard to get a hold of. Cons: Everything."

Khols (Former Employee) says

"They always run out off work never pay what is is they be taking hrs on your Pay check never see my full week I be working more then 40hrs a week only got Pat $250 a week Cons: No good for any other way"

Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"The company falsely claims to be " The better people, people". However, not one person in Management actually cares about PEOPLE. There is a severe lack of training and absolutely zero support comes with their ridiculous expectations. I have worked in the staffing industry for many years and this is by far the worst company I've ever seen. No matter how much effort you put in, it will be impossible to succeed. This will happen because you're forced to handle an impossible work load and not given the tools you need. You can beg for training, support or guidance but you'll be ignored ..... until you make an honest mistake (because PEOPLE make mistakes) That's when the fun starts and you're either immediately terminated or you become a target and you're forced to resign or terminated by the manager who should have been offering support all along. Cons: low pay, forced UNPAID overtime"

Gotrg (Former Employee) says

"They never pay on time it’s like they decided at random when to pay you it’s never the same day of the week and never the same time it’s really pointless to work for Elwood staffing in greenfield the people unprofessional they have one job I don’t understand how they can’t make the payment consistent and is really annoying Cons: Elwood staffing would never recommend someone to work there"

Launch Logistics Agent (Former Employee) says

"You are treated as an insignificant piece of meat to be replaced at any time. Benefits are meager at best. Miss a day of work don't bother coming back Cons: Everything else"

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"They got 2 months of being paid at the wrong pay rate and it took a month to get it fixed. I worked 56 hrs in 1 week and did not even get paid. The workers in the office dont answer the phone. It's just hard to get in touch with anyone from Elwood Staffing after they hire you. Cons: No good communication"

Something in a warehouse (Former Employee) says

"Went there at 9am. Did all the paperwork. They tell me I start the next day. I’ve been unemployed for 3 months so you can understand how happy I was to finally have a job. At 3 pm I’m told they no longer needed me and have nothing else available. Not cool to be playing with people during massive unemployment. If I could live off of unemployment I would never have gone there. Most people are overqualified for the Bottom feeder jobs they have and are applying there just because we need to make ends meet.Knowing that they still wasted my time. Pretty heartless And unprofessional of them. They don’t care about this review , neither will most people. But if you can find another company I would go there. Somewhere else you may find someone with a sense of empathy. Or at least a soul. Cons: They play with peoples lives"

Honda (Current Employee) says

"Stay away from this location (Talladega, AL). Cons: Everything."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Run...don't walk from this unprofessional place. They're rude, liars, and down right uncouth. The older big 1 is the ring leader.  I don't know why people with terrible attitudes take jobs like this. She answers the phone angrily and will hang up on you for asking a question. So many people are unemployed and desperately looking for work so have some compassion. They just show up for a check. This location in particular don't care about finding you employment. They're trying to fill a quota. Don't waste your time responding to illegitimate job postings. They post fake jobs and have you come in to fill out pointless forms. They need to be trained on having decorum, transparency, and professionalism. I know all locations aren't like this, but this is my horrible experience with the Birmingham location. Proceed with caution!!!!! Cons: Too many to name."

Staffing Manager/Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"This company is the racist company I ever worked at. Please do your research and see it for yourself. I adversity. No people of color in top positions. Cons: Everything about the company is to advance their kind and that’s it."

General Laborer (Former Employee) says

"They give you jobs that don’t match with your experience and will fire or let you go for looking for another job. I thought job agencies are suppose to help you find jobs that eventually are permanent not only seasonal and they don’t understand what you want as a career. They just want a percentage of your check. That’s how they make money and stay afloat. They careless about their employees. Cons: Greedy"

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"This company will tell you they have one job for you that is perfect and then all of a sudden it will vanish into thin air and you will be sent on an inferior job or no job at all in the blink of an eye. They will lose your paperwork but they won't even remember your name in 10 minutes after you were there do not waste your time run run run run run run run Cons: There's not enough space here to write that"

Warehouse Worker /Material Mover /Shipping/ Receiving (Former Employee) says

"If you've never been to Elwood staffing before, when you first walk in to fill out an application. Everything is so grand, they make everything sound very nice, they will call you in a few days with a job offering. Well I was there, the beginning of May. Here it is August, and I called them. I seen a job posted in my field of work. I wanted some information about. The lady that I talked to was so rude. I finally got the information that I needed and ask her what the pay. It was a little lower than I thought, so I asked her if she could get me anymore. Her answer very quickly was. "NO". I call BS, because why would they go ahead and give us a drug test and we start I'm filling out paperwork if I really don't want to put us to work. And I've been in a hiring position before you can negotiate pay with anybody. Cons: Not having the right HIRING PERSONNEL."

Machinist (Former Employee) says

"Worked at three different factories under these guys, all were horrible experiences that only cared about production numbers. On top of that, the insurance offered through them is a joke that covers almost nothing when you need it. All around unpleasant experience."

Reverse Logistics (Former Employee) says

"Don't feel like they take good care of there employee. If a situation occurred they would just turn a blind eye. There was favoritism. Not well financially."

Staffing Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"The branch manager was disrespectful to the associates and unprofessional. I spoke with Management and human resources and they refused to help resolve the issue. I was the third associate to complain about the branch manager."

Temp (Former Employee) says

"Elwood is the most worst ungrateful company to ever work for. They have no respect for individuals and if someone gets a permanent job they get mad for you switching to that job. Also they treat temps like another dollar to them. I would never recommend them ever to anyone they are rotten most horrible people to ever be in contact with. They are very misleading and pay horrible."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Elwood Staffing full-time for more than 10 years Cons: leadership thinks all good ideas come from them, if you show signs of being a leader, be careful how far you take it, they will see you as a threat and eject you. To survive there you have to balance getting the work done and not being seen as being good enough to move up the ranks."

Former Employee - Business Development Manager says

"I worked at Elwood Staffing full-time Cons: All the eggs go in one basket."

Former Employee - Quality Control Technician says

"I worked at Elwood Staffing full-time Cons: Everything.... they did me so dirty"

Former Employee - Production Assembler says

"I worked at Elwood Staffing full-time for more than a year Cons: NO benefits or assistance with anything"

Former Employee - Warehouse Worker says

"I worked at Elwood Staffing full-time for less than a year Cons: They hold back a week on payday"

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"I worked at Elwood Staffing full-time Cons: They are just bad in every way"

Former Employee - Branch Manager says

"I worked at Elwood Staffing full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Care more about money than people Don’t practice what they preach"


"I have been working at Elwood Staffing Cons: Not communicative after initial contact. Too casual for my liking - I was texted an offer with no details as to the exact position the company was offering me."

Current Employee - Warehouse Worker says

"I have been working at Elwood Staffing full-time for less than a year Cons: You would think during COVID19, businesses would step up and show that they care about their employees. Not Elwood. I was with them 4 years ago. When released from assignment at that time (nothing of my doing), they would not call me back. They did call 6 months later. I was in contact with the regional manager at the time. I gave them a second chance, and since December it was working out. Then COVID19 hit, individuals who were working for the client were getting hazard pay, extra PTO. We just had to sit around and watch as we received nothing. In addition, we were told by client that they have reached out to Elwood about this to see if they wanted to up the pay, we were told no response has been given. Now everyone one with staffing agencies has been released from the client. Elwood has told me they have nothing else. During this pandemic, people should be helping each other to get through it. Guess that's too much to ask. I will never go to Elwood ever again. Do you want to know more? I'm in school and relied on this job to pay my school bills. But all I got was "if we get something else we will call you". Great!"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"I worked at Elwood Staffing full-time for less than a year Cons: No call back, no email, no responsibility for several different jobs I have applied for. Very upset your wasting my time."

Kelly Jo King says

"So my bf and I worked at ar logistics through elwood. We ate bad chinese and called in in april at the beginning of the pandemic. Elwood said that ar logistics said in light of the pandemic to stay home unless we get a doctor note clearing us of covid 19. This was impossible we told Elwood. The test sights didnt take walk ups and doctors are all closed so please find us work if not ar...somewhere. They said alright. My bf just today was denied unemployment because Elwood told them that he had quit on his own accord. We are devistated. We called them and they lied and denied it. So DWD lied, right? Um...no. Horrible to lie and he worked hard for you. So did I and I got MY unemployment. How didnt he?? We were the SAME case. Shame on elwood. And during this hardship...We know that god will provide for us..as for our being without means and having to barrow...god will fix you."

Tiffany Christensen says

"I have applied to several different jobs with this company and no call back no email no responsibility take by this company. So reduculous and disrespectful to good possibile employee."

LaBrea says

"Avoid this place at all costs! They are extremely unprofessional and it is insane how they just misplace people's stuff! I had an assignment working at a call center where I was issued a cubicle. I brought in some items of sentimental value to sit on my desk. After my assignment was over on 01/23/18, Elwood said that they would send a manager from the staffing company to pick up my belongings. WEEKS LATER, even now, they have yet to locate my stuff!! Everyone has been giving me the run around as to where it is and no one has been sincere about helping me locate my items. Why would they move anyone's belongings without notifying them anyway?! Very unprofessional if you ask me! Also, the pay that they offer for the kind of work that you do is not worth it! You're a lot better off just going somewhere else."

Benjamin Wesley says

"I was recommended Elwood Staffing as a good temp agency to go through by a friend. My interview with Edward was good,I was early. I did the back ground and drug test no problem. Hector said everything came back fine. A week later when the job I was going out for was to start it didn't. Hector inforinformed me it had been put on hold for a week. Again no problem I know how these things work. I was then contacted by Edward who offered me a one day job. It was to be done on a Monday I would be paid the following Friday. I took the job. Me and another guy unloaded a truck took about four hours 12:45pm to 5:30pm. We had no problems at all that day. A week later no pay. I was told it had something to do with the place we worked not putting us on a time sheet. I think this is BS. We went to this job under the banner of Elwood Staffing, we worked hard and did not get paid. It's not about the money, it's the fact we were there on time like any employee should be. We worked hard and timely to get the job done. I know I would like to be paid now before this has to be addressed by the court system."

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