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EF Education First (abbreviated as EF) is an international education company that specializes in language training, educational travel, academic degree programs, and cultural exchange. The company was founded in 1965 by Bertil Hult in the Swedish university town of Lund. The company is privately held by the Hult family. As of 2017, EF had approximately 52,000 employees in 116 countries.

According to BOCA NEWS information published in March 2020 EF TOURS REFUSES TO REFUND STUDENT MONEY

Students and parents in Boca Raton, throughout Palm Beach County and nationwide are preparing to fight EF Tours, a national educational tour company based in Massachusetts. The company refuses to refund money to students expecting to take part in educational European tours over the next few months. The trips are canceled. EF Tours charged these students in the $4000-$5000 range. EF Tours has their money in full and won’t offer refunds. All are being told the same thing. EF, they say, is being unreasonable. Families cut back to pay for these trips. Kids spent months raising funds, saving, dreaming of the European tour experience. And now EF is holding their money hostage. Parents have even less interest in letting EF Tours hold their money — thousands of dollars — on which EF could earn interest. But attorneys reviewing that language say EF must issue refunds — especially when the entire travel world has effectively shut down with airlines and hotels routinely offering full refunds. A quick fix? Initiating a credit card dispute. For parents who paid by credit card, a call to your credit card company can initiate a chargeback. You can also often file a dispute online. Disputes immediately return the funds to your account as the credit card company investigates EF’s policies and procedures. If the credit company agrees that the charge is unreasonable, or if EF files for bankruptcy, your refund will become permanent. School Districts are also putting on the pressure. While the Palm Beach County School District hasn’t yet weighed in, the Broward County School District is making it clear to vendors like EF that they will be banned from the School District if full refunds aren’t offered during the Coronavirus crisis.


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Dawn Becker says

"EF Tours is an experienced company and has been arranging tours for years. From what I have been advised, companies that had planned excursions did not pay much of anything out of their pockets and reimbursements were required for deposits during the COVID lockdown. Additionally, many of these companies and EF Tours is likely not an exception, received the PPP"

Christy says

"We were 10 days away from a trip to Ireland and England when Trump halted international travel. Chaos ensued for my travelers, their families, and for EF. I can’t imagine the scrambling that transpired on their part! I know money had been spent prepping for our trip, but we had 38 travelers (33 paying travelers), and EF wanted to refund all but $1000 per traveler. That would put $33,000 plus the money chaperones had paid for insurance in EF’s pockets...and that was just our group. Because EF was unwilling to work with families on furnishing full refunds due to the extreme circumstances which were our of everyone’s control, the families in our small school have lost trust in the company, and now families are unwilling to promote travel with EF Tours in our community. My team of 38 first time travelers has dwindled to 14, and I’m begging these who are left to stick with us. Yes, EF eventually revised their refund policy (still not 100% due to a world wide pandemic), but in our group’s case, it was too little too late. To add insult to injury, EF is now offering a great insurance deal “pay us more money up front and you can travel worry free”. The families in my town are not happy with EF’s travel assurances and feel as though they’ve been tricked out of their hard earned money."

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