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HHG Corporation, doing business as Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), is a defunct professional wrestling promotion and media company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The promotion was founded in 1992 by Tod Gordon and in 1993, Scarsdale, New York native and businessman Paul Heyman took over the creative end of the promotion from Eddie Gilbert and rechristened the promotion from Eastern Championship Wrestling to "Extreme" Championship Wrestling.

Ecw represents a poor wrestling style, fans deserve better, Jeff Gerstmann claims at

"But it in no way represents the style of wrestling that the ECW uses, it has absolutely zero points going for it in the originality department, and the game comes off as a real slap in the face to the federation's hard-core fans. ECW and its fans deserve better than this. ECW's wrestling style isn't the same as the WWF's, and ECW's game shouldn't be like the WWF's, either. Plus, this is the third year that Acclaim has trotted out the same wrestling engine with a few slight tweaks. It's getting very old. Fans of ECW would be better served by waiting for Acclaim's next ECW game, which will use a new (and hopefully more accurate) engine."


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Help Desk (Former Employee) says

"When dealing with ECW make sure you get everything promised in email or printed and signed because the company owner is a liar. Company owner also lies to customers."

Contrôleur non destructif sur Courcelles les Lens (Former Employee) says

"des contrôles en rt avec pour client GRT GAZ , mais cette agence est apparemment aujourd'hui a fermédomicile fiscalles horaires"

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"I am often less talkative about the fact of not denigrated this company. I keep at least a minimum of criticism of the fact that the company is managed in a traditional way which does not obey the standard of employment contracts notament the working hours, management, and a bad climate social climate.great relationship and partnership with many foreign partners.lack of health insurance, internal conflicts, favoritism"

Housekeeping Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"In this job I supervice the housekippers, make and distribute the schudle, the part that I like or this job is talk with differents persons."

Responsable Commercial (Former Employee) says

"malgré des ambitions affichées, le manque de moyen mis à disposition semble vouer tout developpement à l'echecpaternalismepaternalisme"

Technicien CND (Former Employee) says

"Travail en journee et en poste quelque fois. Techniques et clients variés."

Gerente (Former Employee) says

"chefe cabeça dura, empresa com alta rotatividade de funcionários.competitividade desnecessaria"

Account Receivable (Current Employee) says

"After joining Ecw the first year was very nice learn a lots of things but as the time pass the things got change lots of rules n regulations started happen then later people started leaving due to increase of work load, sending extension it become quite difficult to work as they bring new policies and sudden change which was not accurate.Good environmentBut anything happen at anytime"

Account Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Working at ECW was very instructive I got to learn how to be productive even under pressure And collaborate with team and work on the field It did help me to build my knowledge and how to put on pratique all learn in the school"

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