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Ecotec (capitalized ECOTEC, from 'Emissions Control Optimization TEChnology') is a General Motors (GM) trademark that refers to a series of emissions technologies that were implemented throughout a range of GM engines. ECOTEC can refer to the following diesel and petrol engines produced by General Motors.

A upset former employee said this in a review about the work environment "Ecotec has a very bad administration, preference towards certain workers, disorder in the work area, workplace Harassment and very low salaries."


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Gary says

"Far to complicated to work and the smart app is a joke,wish I'd never have bothered changing my boiler"

Sharon says

"Has not worked one day since I have had it,so traded in a boiler that worked for one that just comes up with sensor errors. One month on and still trying to get it to work with the installer.Very disappointed."

Christopher Kelly says

"The new boiler was only installed less than a week ago - surely it’s too soon for a review. So far it’s working OK, not broken down and is very quiet, almost silent. Maybe Vaillant should ask me to review the boiler in a year’s time?"

Charles Kirk says

"Absolutely appalling. The boiler broke down on Tuesday and won’t be repaired until Friday, because they messed up their parts distribution. My 86 year-old mother won’t have any hot water for 3 days. It’s a good job it isn’t winter - we don’t have any heating, either. Dreadful."

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