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Lalamove is a Hong Kong-based technology company that provides on-demand, same-day and advance order delivery services by connecting users with delivery drivers on its mobile and web apps. The company operates in cities across Asia and Latin America connecting over 7 million users with more than 700,000 delivery drivers.

Easyvan app is horrible, drivers are unprofessional and customer service is terrible, according to a review by Patricia at appgrooves.com

"Had a couple of instances where drivers did side deliveries/trips during booking. They go off route areas and take their sweet time while being unreachable. You report it to Lalamove... and get no action, no reply, nothing. Really hate this app. If I can give 0 stars I would. If only I don't have credits in it, I wouldn't have used it. This app is horrible. (And I'm not the type to write public reviews.) Update Sept 6 Still same sentiment. Drivers go off route."


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Leo says

"Charged me for an excess mileage charge without telling me a) what the max mileage was (or getting me to sign anything); and b) that I was going to get a charge."

Karl Green says

"I have not used these but bad reviews so stay away 109 quote on 5m drive for a fridge freezer removal"

mark freedman says

"I booked a van to transport the camping equipment of 40 people on holiday on 4th July. We arrived to pick up said Van and were told no Van was available. We were forced to cancel the holiday. I was then offered a refund less a £45 cancelation fee !!! After hours on the phone the company agreed to waive the cancellation fee, but 3 weeks later have still not paid the refund. I have been unable to speak to anyone about this and will be taking matters further. Terrible service, no van and unable to make good on their promise of a refund. My booking reference was GB33839110 if someone would like to ring me."

am says

"Booked a van through Easy Van. Got there on he day to be told they had no vans left. Barely even an apology. Shambolic company. Do not use"

Deborah Logan says

"Booked a van through easy van. Just as I pulled up to collect it at the correct time they phone to say they had none. Apparent they phoned twice to tell me. I had no missed calls. Wasted journey and and had to cancel the furniture I was collecting. They then said don’t worry we won’t charge you. Wouldn’t like to think so."

Rob says

"I am due to move house this Friday. I found a suitable long wheel base van on EasyVan and booked it. After booking, it became apparent that my hire was actually with Budget Car hire, not EasyVan. I contacted Budget several times to check that they had got my booking and that was everything was ok. I tried over the course of three days to get hold of someone, and finally did on day three. The call rep from Budget was unable to help me as my EasyVan reference number did not work on their system. He had to manually search for me based on my last name. When he found me, I was actually booked for a 6 seater mini-van. Clearly not suitable for a house move. The vehicle hire company EasyVan had paired me with don't even hire out vans. Budget were helpful, but due to it being such short notice, they were unable to help me find somewhere that could provide one. There is absolutely no way to contact EasyVan to alert them to this major problem, and it seems they are acting as nothing but a broker. Do yourself a favor and book direct with a hire company."

Natasha says

"Do NOT book your van through Easyvan. Ordered a van more than 1 month ago. I received a text message this morning, less than 24 hours before my booking tomorrow to inform me that the van I booked was not available. I had a house move over Easter and have had the stress of trying to find an alternative at less than 24 hours notice. A full refund is not possible according to their terms & conditions, which is completely unacceptable as the van I booked was not available. Avoid like the plague. I will be taking my complaint further."

Sher says

"Hired a van through them and all seemed OK until pick up when we were refused can due to hubby being a courier!! This was not stated in any terms and conditions s on either site!! After 2 months I finally got my money back but lost the insurance of £52 so out of pocket and now there ignoring my complaints again!!! Don't use easyvan or you'll lose money and time"

Matt says

"Hired a van through this website, nice and cheap but almost immediately started getting fraudulent activity on my card which I then had to cancel. Not great when you're moving house! Luckily the actual van order went through but I had to use a different debit card once I got to the place. Probably best to avoid EasyVan though."

Mike Lee says

"Booked a van with easyvan which ALLOWS you to pay with debit card as I do with all purchases, only to require a credit card when I turn up on the day. They day I am moving house may I add. Furious. Call them and they tell me there is no hance of a refund despite the person at the desk at Budget telling me I should be able to get a refund from easyvan as budget have cancelled the van on their end. Unbelievably poor customer service"

Phil hennessy says

"Booked a van and was told debit cards are ok for the deposit, get to the van rental place and this is not the case, only credit cards!! £91 down and 20 days later I'm getting £43 back!!! will never use an 'easy' product ever again."

Christopher Marsden says

"I booked a van, paid the cancellation option fee. My plans changed. Could I cancel the van ? No. There is nothing on the website that I could find to cancel. Tried phoning, waited 30 mins (at 10 p a min !) and gave up. So, I reckon that built in to their business model is to encourage you to pay a cancellation option fee, then make it impossible for you to cancel either on line or by phone. Nice plan ! My advice ? Skip EasyVan and go direct to the van hiring companies. Bye, bye, EasyVan !"

bill brand says

"I booked a van on 12th June and was informed of additional costs after I had paid my deposit. SO I promptly cancelled the booking as I could get an equavilant van with unlimited mileage for the same price, whereas Easyvan had mileage fees attched after payment. I have waited 5 weeks now for a full refund even though their t&c's state 3-5 working days. I ahve sent numerous emails via their website with no avail. No body resonds to the emails just automated respnses. The customer care plocy that they put so much store by is not worth a bean as far as I am concerned, and certainly not use these or recommend them to anybody. I have now had to resort to claiming the deposit back through my bank and report these crooks to the trading standard office. ALthough with my past experience of Easyvan this complaint will be like water of a ducks back and they will continue to treat customers as nothing more than profit margins."

Christopher Tayler says

"I booked in advance, and paid in full. The depot closed early but when they eventually let me in, told me they could not give me a van because I did not have enough ID with me. I was not informed that I needed extra ID due to a system problem when I booked. No alternatives were offered, no flexibility shown. Terrible customer service. Company took no responsibility, pointing to a clause in their terms and conditions. The worst kind of online business. Never again!"