Duxiana Sucks Customer Reviews and Feedback

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Serving as one-stop shopping centers for the bedroom, DUXIANA stores offer, in addition to The DUX Bed, the highest quality headboards, linens and down products. To date The DUX Bed is available in 28 DUXIANA stores in North America and in over 88 locations worldwide.

David shared his demising experience, "I had written a long review here about how great Dux is and, after nearly a year and a half, I am editing my review. I'm not updating because I'm embarrassed about how excited I was to own a Dux and how elated I now am to throw that $13,000 bed in the trash. I had previously slept on another Dux for 10 years and it was fantastic, so I had to have another. Not only are the new beds a lot more expensive, but they aren't nearly as good.

Buyer's remorse is a funny thing. When you spend a lot of money on something, you want to like it. Combine that with perceived value, and you experience an emotion that makes it difficult to accept failure. The first thing that should have clued me into what I was in for is the Model T crank on the end of each box spring. Not only have I never understood the need for such a thing, but I could not feel a difference when cranking it in either direction. Next up are the ridiculous fire extinguisher compartments. Really?

I knew something was wrong after sleeping on it for a month or so. It just wasn't the same as the Dux that I was used to. I called the store to see what they could do and they were very, very nice about it. I spent another $600 for a new wool topper and the sent over some new Pascal modules at no charge. These new Pascal modules weren't attached to one another as the ones on the bed were. The idea here is that the bed would be less firm like a trampoline. I *hated* the latex topper and threw that away. The cotton topper on my previous Dux was outstanding, but they only sell that in EU due to flammability issues.

So I got the six new Pascal modules and the fluffy wool topper and my new bed still sucked. It got so bad, in fact, that I was experiencing significant shoulder pain when sleeping on my sides and had to constantly turn over like a rotisserie chicken all night. My wife had the same experience. I'm not being funny when I say that a recent sleep on a family member's floor was more comfortable. This issue is contrary to what a Dux bed is supposed to be about. You should lay down and stay there all night if you'd like.

To say that I'm disappointed in Dux is a gross understatement. I ended up replacing it with a Hastens and couldn't be happier. My biggest regret was $13,000 thrown away and a lot of sleepless nights.

The store itself is great as are all of the people in it. In my opinion, the bed itself is as bad as anything that I have laid on. I would honestly put Cotsco's cheapest bed against what I just got rid of.

While I do wish the best of luck and success to the SF Dux store and it's employees, I do wish that I would have had the opportunity to know more about this bed before wasting a lot of money. This is my only reason for writing this review."