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DuoBoots is a women’s footwear brand. It operates internationally online and has a high street shop in Bath. In 2016, DuoBoots became Ted&Muffy, a new brand named after the company’s founders, Ted and Muffy Maltby, who opened a footwear store in Bath in the early 1970s. In 2017, the brand re-established its original name, DuoBoots.

Jules O. wrote a review about DuoBoots for REVIEWS.IO in which she recommends future customers to avoid the brand: "Very disappointed with my purchase from Duo Boots. After endless searching for a pair of well-made, black suede knee-length boots, I thought I'd happened upon the perfect pair. Not these boots - rigid construction, very uncomfortable, with zips so stiff they're barely useable. I ought to have returned them immediately, but foolishly I chose to wear them, in the vain hope they'd relax a little.


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Frances Ogefere says

"AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE! COMPANY IN ADMINISTRATION. I wish had the sense to check the last reviews here. I too received a sale email from Duo last week. I ordered a pair of boots, which only just arrived this morning, way too small, and with it a delivery note which says any orders after the 19th cannot be returned or refunded. I am absolutely livid!!!!! This was certainly not made clear to me at the point of sale and I now am seemingly stuck with a pair of unsuitable and not as described boots. I have previously purchased correctly sized/labelled boots from Duo, three years ago when they were called Ted & Muffy, however this shambolic experience might explain why they have gone into administration. What a sad end for a company that seemingly started well...."

Whitehill says

"Received an email last Friday 20th March about a closing down sale - I ordered a pair of shoes - arrived this morning and are way too small- on the delivery note it says any orders after the 19th cannot be returned or refunded!! This was not made clear at the point of order. They are in administration ** DO NOT BUY FROM THEM**"

Sally Bootle Topley says

"Terrible Refund Policy I purchased three pairs of Boots from Duo Boots on 21 October. All three pairs were tried on in my front room, and walked around to check the fit, however on doing up the pair called Raven, I noticed the zip was very hard to do up. No problem I thought send them back, which as they do not pay returns, was not cheap, and they only use collect plus which is not that handy! I have today received this from customer service: DuoBoots Hello Sally, We are emailing you following the return of your Raven boots. We note that you returned your boots as the zip on the left boot was very stiff. Sometimes, this is usually the case and it will ease as it gets more use and the boots are worn in. Upon looking at your Raven boots more, we have noted that they have been worn and we are unable to accept them for a refund as this is not in line with our Terms & Conditions. We would like to send your boots back to yourself if you could please confirm your shipping address, that would be greatly appreciated. We look forward to hearing back from you soon. Best wishes, Customer Care Team So it looks like they are trying to wriggle out of refunding. Be very careful about making purchases as looks like refunds are not forthcoming. As a post script, after ringing and emailing customer service, today I received a message saying they had re looked at the boots and they agree they have not been worn, and would be receiving a refund after all."


"Wish i'd checked the reviews on here before buying as Duo only post the reviews they want to on their site. I have left 2 reviews now and neither are on the website because they were negative. The boots i ordered were far too small and narrow on the foot,no way could i wear them. The returns procedure is a joke, you have to pay £4.49 and then take the boots to a collect+ shop, my nearest one is 2 busses and a 2 hour round trip away. I actually bought 2 pairs of boots, the 2nd pair do not fit either but this pair are around 6cm narrower on the calf than the size i bought!!! Will leave a proper review for those once i have heard back from customer service."

Kathryn says

"I purchase the Kestrel Boots from Duo around a year ago, and as lovely as they are they really don't stand up to wear and tear. Within 5 months of having them I had to go to a cobblers to get the heel replaced as it completely wore down. Throughout that period I only really wore them to work, so I was not using them heavily. The soles are also extremely soft and often end up with stones stuck in them, leaving lots of indentations. And after about 10 months, the stitching on the zip has come away from the boot meaning it jams when I try and do it up, so that's another thing I need to get fixed. I understand that wear and tear happens, but for such an expensive pair of boots to not last more than a year is not great (especially considering I didn't wear them at all through the summer months!) Disappointed as they are the first great fitting pair of boots I've ever owned, given that I have slim calves! Edit: As they are now under new ownership I have been told they no longer carry out repairs and any previous agreement I had with them to carry out repairs will not be honoured. Very disappointed and won't be ordering from here again."

McPhilemy/Ms Sharon says

"I was told what size to order from measuring my calf... I can't do up the zip. I live in NZ, had to pay $167.00 duty on their arrival on top of their cost. I can't wear them, I'm very disappointed."

Mary says

"I ordered a pair of boots to replace the pair I bought 8 years ago, and emailed to ask if the sizing was still the same because I wasn't going to be able to return them within two weeks as I was out of the UK. Had a friendly exchange with Hayley Robbins and was assured the sizing was still the same and I could go ahead and order the same size again. When the boots arrived they were a whole size too small. And because I only opened the box after the two weeks grace period, they refused to let me return them. Really shocking customer care when I had specifically asked if the sizing was still the same and said I wouldn't be able to return the boots in time. I had read all the bad reviews, and should rather have bought boots elsewhere."

Mrs R says

"Ordered a pair of suede boots October 27th. Paid in full £195. Received an email November 2nd advising “slight delay” to order. It’s now November 24th, no update and no boots. Rang CS over a week ago, fobbed off with “production issues” and “available around the third week to the end of November”. Very poor communication and company shouldn’t be taking money if goods aren’t available to ship. Not likely to be coming back for more.... I have bought several pairs from this company when it was originally Duoboots and was very impressed. Bought a pair when changed to Tedand Muffy and the quality was shocking in comparison, so have avoided. Saw they had returned to being Duoboots, so thought I would try again... NOT impressed!"

Rhian says

"After a week of wearing my new boots they were different colours. I was told to return for inspection only to be contacted telling me it was normal, and I should polish them with black then cream polish everyday to even out the colour (they are brown boots!). I now have boots less than a month old which look ridiculous. Even if I do polish each day, by the end of the day they are different colours again!"

Gaynor Wilson says

"I purchased one pair of boots which were too big. They do not do exchanges so i had to return one pair and place a new order for a smaller pair and pay again for postage. The delivery charge was very expensive (£14) and also i had to pay for returns (£4.49). So a total of £32.49 on postage so far. Also you only have the option of CollectPlus to make returns. This also shows a complete disregard for their customers as there the drop off points are few and far between. My advice is try to find your winter boots elsewhere."

Rayna says

"I’m really disappointed with the boots I purchased 2 years ago. After wearing them for a couple of months the heels started to wear down, I might consider this to be normal wear and tear. However the second autumn of wearing them one of the boot uppers has completely separated from the sole. When contacting customer services for what is very clearly a defect - no boot should do this after a total of approx. 5 - 6 months of wearing them (especially boots that cost £230), I was told to send them in for inspection. Instead of understanding that the boot must clearly have a fault, I was told that if they are deemed faulty the repair would be undertaken, however if deemed normal wear and tear, I would need to pay for the repair which “isn’t cheap”, if I chose not to go through with the repair I would need to pay for postage to send the boots back to me. They are unable to confirm from the clear photos I sent that there is very clearly a problem that should not have occurred from walking around inside and outside on normal terrain. Considering this has only happened to one boot, clearly there is a problem. The boot is not fit for purpose. I’m mostly disappointed as I had a great experience in the shop and the reason for investing in such a pricey pair of boots was because they were meant to be an investment - I was told they are of a very high quality and I will be able to wear them for years to come - I think not. When asking what the price was for the repair (should they not take responsibility for their manufacturing fault) they sent a price list for various repairs - it will cost me £170 to have them repaired. That’s 74% of the cost of a new pair of boots!! That being said, there are also multiple areas that have not kept their black dye colour, they have faded into a blue tone. I don’t know if I got a bad batch or perhaps my boots shouldn’t have passed quality control. To be honest, if I could send them back for a refund I would, because overall the boots are nowhere near the quality they should be. I hope they are able to resolve this how I would expect a high end reputable company to do."

Tjaša Švelc says

"Poor quality. For this amount of money it would be expected that the manufacturer uses best glues, do some stitches and put some pins in their shoes. After two years of having them and carefully storing them in a box and after just 15 times of wearing them, the sole came of and they started to fall apart. Not happy at all! Now they renamed back to Duo Boots."

Ms draga crisan says

"Bought my 3rd pair of DuoBoots recently. Went a couple of days over their return period (14 days is just ridiculous) and emailed them to see if anything could be done about it. They completely ignored my emails. Tried to post a review on their website, as the boots were not well made (incredible narrow foot, and I do have narrow feet, and very loose around ankle) and the review did not get posted (my suspicion is they only allow good reviews, and the last one for these boots was posted months ago). Apalling customer care, so buy at your own risk"

Emma says

"So far a splitted opinion regarding the experience. The boots were very nice when I received them and I was very happy. After wearing the boots 3 times the stitching on the front started to come up and the heel came off on one boot. Contacted customer service and so far they have been very helpful. I was told to send the boots back for inspection and they provided me with simple steps on how to return the boots, free of charge of course. They received the boots a week ago and I am yet to hear from them, but hopefully they will keep this a good experience and solve this so that I can wear my nice boots again and I hope they will make me a returning customer."

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