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Alfred Dreyfus ( DRAY-fəs, also US: DRY-, French: [alfʁɛd dʁɛfys]; 9 October 1859 – 12 July 1935) was a French artillery officer of Jewish ancestry whose trial and conviction in 1894 on charges of treason became one of the most controversial and polarizing political dramas in modern French history. The incident has gone down in history as the Dreyfus Affair.

The following article by Elizabeth Nix on history.com walks us through this intricate case, "A scandal that rocked France in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Dreyfus affair involved a Jewish artillery captain in the French army, Alfred Dreyfus (1859-1935), who was falsely convicted of passing military secrets to the Germans. In 1894, after a French spy at the German Embassy in Paris discovered a ripped-up letter in a waste basket with handwriting said to resemble that of Dreyfus, he was court-martialed, found guilty of treason and sentenced to life behind bars on Devil’s Island off of French Guiana. In a public ceremony in Paris following his conviction, Dreyfus had the insignia torn from his uniform and his sword broken and was paraded before a crowd that shouted, “Death to Judas, death to the Jew.”


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Logistics Coordinator Europe Black Sea (Former Employee) says

"the manager was not able to react as a team player, there was a toxic environment, they try to pay you as less as possible and ask as much as they can."

Shipping/ Receiving Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"This company operates as it is still in the 40's. My manager once told me that , when I accepted this job i stepped back in time. If looking to advance in your career find some else to work for as you will not find itat this company."

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Lay off the hard workers and keeps their favorites around, who dont even pm their machines. This goes for the Hayti and Portageville warehouses. Im still unaware as to why they layed me off. Terrible pay too. They tell you a certain rate but change it once your hired."


"Muito corrido, estressante, trabalho muito corrido"

Farm Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Bad place to work, disorganized company with problems in all sectors. Cons: nothing"

Auxiliar de serviços gerais (Current Employee) says

"Trabalho de segunda a sexta-feira, a administração da fazenda é fraca o gestor nem sempre está presente os encarregados acham que somos de ferro e sempre usam a frase se virem quando reclamamos a falta de ferramentas. Cons: Salário baixo, cartão alimentação apenas 60 sem plano de carreira, desvalorização do funcionário as vezes até perseguição no trabalho."

Assistente Administrativo (Current Employee) says

"Cresci muito profissionalmente trabalhando na Louis Dreyfus, conquistei um bom cargo, um bom salário, mais o que mais me motivou foram os desafios, em 4 anos de empresa enfrentei muitos desafios, aos poucos fui conseguindo alcançar meus objetivos e ser reconhecida pelo meu trabalho. Só tenho a agradecer."

pcm, almoxarife e na área administrativa (Former Employee) says

"vários cursos de aprendizado alé de benefícios conhecimento e liderança com vários colaboradores podendo aprender sempre como lidar em coletivo e liderança alem da pratica de organização como o 5s."

OPERADOR (Former Employee) says


Técnico Agrícola (Former Employee) says

"Conhecimento técnico, convivência satisfatória em todo circulo empresarial."

Assistant Maintenance Superintendent (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely no structure within the plant. Contractors have more input on the operations of the plant than management hired to run the plant. Effort and dedication means nothing to management and job satisfaction is a myth. Poor management was finally recognized after years and then let go, only to bring in another form of the same management style. Cons: Mismanagement, long hours and no incentives"

Admin/ A/P (Former Employee) says

"The Port Allen facility is mismanaged and basically a sinking ship. The employees who actually care about their jobs and try to make positive changes are often penalized or over-ruled by those who don’t really care or are not even qualified to make decisions. They have zero structure and most days you have no clue who is running the show. Lines are blurred between company employees and contractors and there is a lot of internal, petty fighting and backstabbing. They will hire unqualified employees just to get a warm body in there and put that person to in charge of major decisions that could have catastrophic results. Safety is not a top priority, although they will say it is. Corners are cut because they cannot control spending and no real system in place for checks and balances. Cons: Lack of management, safety is not top priority, chaos, favoritism"

Data Entry (Former Employee) says

"This company lacks diversity and management referred to black people as colored during a conversation. A totally uncomfortable place to work. No room for advancement at all."

Employee (Current Employee) says

"Management leads by intimidation. The supervisors are bullies, and this is accepted by management. When you stand up for yourself, you are ostracized. Their attitude is, if you don't like it, leave. They offer ways to make a higher wage, but restrict you from doing what is necessary to obtain it. You are regularly required to double back off of 3-11 to 7-3, 11-7 to 3-11. Cons: They don't treat their people well."

Operator 3 / Lead (Current Employee) says

"Management here is very incompetent. Safety is stressed, but always overlooked on account of production. Do as I say not as I do attitude. Communication is very poor and lacking on all levels. Basic rules do not apply to all and policies can change on a whim, including safety. Cons: Stress, poor advancement, Home life is deemed bad"

Accounts Payable (Former Employee) says

"I was brought in by a temp agency told this was an AP position. The so called accounts payable job costed of a very mundane task of looking at the same type of invoice and verifying the totals matched. By Wednesday all the invoices had been entered and there was very little for me to do. As I was leaving Friday I was informed my services were no longer needed. Cons: No variety in your task, management doesn't have other assignments for you."

Application Support Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I was on a team that supported a Grain Management System application. We supported internal and external associates if they had problems using it dail"

Auxiliar Administrativo / Balanceiro (Former Employee) says

"trabalhei na unidade de Ponta Grossa infelizmente minhas experiencia na empresa não foram boas principalmente por falta de transparência entre as pessoas mesmo denunciando um esquema de roubo de produto fui mandado embora sem nenhuma explicação."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"L.D. Claypool is the absolute worst job I've ever had. If you want to be treated like a slave, unappreciated, and led by people with over inflated ego's who will bully you?,, Then LD Claypool is your place. The management is absolutely inept. They don't care about their employees or their families. They are completely inflexible about your time off. They dont pay a fair wage for the amount of work they expect from you. They dont follow their own handbook and make up rules as they go. One guy literally wrecked a locomotive train on six separate occasions, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage, but has kept his job because he's in management. The maintenance boss is a complete idiot. They fire the good people and keep the con artists that cause trouble. The management will continually add more and more responsibilities to you with no compensation. They are a horrible example of nepotism and constantly hire their buddies who will then stab you in the back or lie about you. The place is an absolute cesspool and a den of snakes. Cons: Louis Dreyfus"

Lab Technician (Former Employee) says

"Worked at LDC in Grand Junction Iowa and I'd never go back. Management has not idea what they're doing and screws over hourly employees as much as they can. Impossible to move up in some departments and you're expected to do the work of managers and higher level positions without the pay or title. They are having financial issues. Do NOT work here."