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Doejo is a Chicago-based full service marketing agency. They provide full-circle consulting services for both Brick-and-Mortar and Online Businesses.

An angry client said this in a review "I Doejo in February, 2009 to redesign and rebuild an existing website - I gave them a document detailing the job requirements. They were supposed to come up with a more user-friendly design, add some additional functions, and make the site more search-engine compatible. The job was supposed to take two months. The price they quoted was attractive, but six month later the site was not finished. We began regular phone meetings to their coder could update us on progress. I turned out they had assigned the job to someone in Bosnia. He continually promised that the job was almost done, but never delivered. The new site ended up launching in May, 2010, more than a year later than promised. The site was incomplete, but they promised to complete the work. My site is database driven and it turned out they loaded the wrong database (one that was two years out-of-date). It took them more than a month to fix this major problem. Since launching my site's traffic has dropped by more than half and my revenue has dropped by a significantly larger amount. They never finished the job. They quit on me in August, 2010. They claimed what I wanted was "beyond the scope of the agreed upon job," but they never told me what it was I wanted that was "beyond the scope."I highly recommend avoiding this company."

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Nadia Lawson says "Quality of the virtual game was much less than I expected. The teams names were not on the board correctly, the survey says platforms seems extremely outdated and there was not much engagement or visual effects that stood out. In addition, I expected to be paying for an hour and we only played for 45 min. I wouldn't recommend this virtual team building experience to anyone. There are MYCH better virtual team building games out there."
Lesley says "Hi you guys were fine, energetic and funny. However the price that we paid was highly over rated, very expensive for what it was, a couple of plastic, guns, balloons and bullets. The other games were created with very little imagination, and I believe that the same game is used over and over again without be revised in any way. It seemed to have been invented for children apart from the enigmas, not for adults? So how come did it cost 3 800$? Thank you"
Donata says "I don't feel the folks were prepared enough for the event. They did not explain the premise in the beginning and had technical difficulties for their quiz part. They had to skip that part. They also did not organize the building of the care packages well. The instructions were not clear and it should have been organized better...especially dealing with a Supply Chain organization. The other matter is our group's main complaint of only building 26 (should have been 27) boxes for our soldiers. There should definitely be an option to up the amount of boxes and also give the option of the groups providing what goes in them. You had a Johnson & Johnson group sending items over that were not from J&J."
Katie says "We had some last minute modifications to our training/activites, and they were very flexible with the changes. Our main "host" was knowledgeable and had lots of energy. The others running the stations were not very helpful when we had questions. Some even told us to read the instructions that she had. They should have been better prepped on the activities that we were doing. Great activities, but could have been so much better with more structure."

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