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The dodo (Raphus cucullatus) is an extinct flightless bird that was endemic to the island of Mauritius, east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. The dodo's closest genetic relative was the also-extinct Rodrigues solitaire, the two forming the subfamily Raphinae of the family of pigeons and doves. The closest living relative of the dodo is the Nicobar pigeon. A white dodo was once thought to have ex

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Ravi says "One of the worst customer service I have ever faced. They are hiding the things at initial sign-in. I just feel it’s waste of time to post a comments for their service. Thank you for making me sign in for a 1year contract. My best suggestion, please don’t sign in with dodo."
Nathan Cheong says "Customer service is non existent, they are the most incompetent business I have come across in recent times. Not unlike 3 or Vodafone when they first came into Australia. #DODO Fail make it a thing. They do not have anyone in Australia that can actually speak to and you will be waiting forever to have your NBN installed. The Customer service people are all based overseas and when you do speak to one they are generally incompetent and do not follow up, they have 0 accountability and are commissioned on trying to upgrade you to other products so thats what they care about. Every time I speak to someone they give me a different answer. If there is a small cost differential for doing business with a company that does not outsource their customer service give that business your money."
Aakash Tamang says "Worst service. This internet cant even run a game. They charge so much for worst service. Never ever choose this provider. Costumer service is the worst."
Riet van den Ende says "Worst service ever... Spent half the week on the phone with them all indians and asians btw, because we're moving into a new unit today. Coming home from work this Fri they put the power onto someone else's unit (which we're now paying for) and no one to reach to come over and fix it before the weekend. What a fun first weekend in a new place ay. Calling and calling for hours but no one has an answer or solution. So over Dodo. Do yourself a favour and pay 10 bucks extra a month and get yourself some service."

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