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Dockers is a brand of khaki garments and other accessories from Levi Strauss & Co.

Back in June 2014, the piece below was written by Robin Givhan a fashion critic and writer for CHICAGO TRIBUNE about "Dockers Unflattering Dad Pants"

In the spirit of Father's Day, fashion's mass market has turned its attention to men, parenthood, and style. A new Dockers advertising campaign stars Sarah Harbaugh lamenting the fashion crisis facing her husband, San Francisco 49ers football coach Jim Harbaugh. He is the victim, Sarah intones, of Dad Pants — those terribly unflattering, ill-fitting, excessively pleated trousers that are often favored by men who relish comfort in their clothes above all else. They are saggy trousers that do nothing to flatter a man's physique — particularly his tush — and, indeed, they can make an athletic man resemble a schlump. Famously, President Barack Obama wore a pair of his beloved Dad Jeans in 2009 when he threw out the first pitch at baseball's All-Star Game. Specifically, they were a pair of baggy, faded dungarees that were a few inches too short. He has since reassured the country that the first lady has seen to their disposal. The advertisement positions Dockers as the remedy for Dad Pants. Buy a pair of Dockers and restore your father, your husband, your significant other to a state of fashion-savvy, according to the commercial. He will not be cool, but he will no longer be embarrassing. That is the underlying message. The stumbling block, however, is that if there is anyone brand that deserves the blame for having created the problem of Dad Pants, that brand would be Dockers. In short, the company is suggesting that it can save men from the very blight it was instrumental in creating. Levi Strauss & Co. introduced Dockers in 1986. The early advertisements positioned the pants as a kind of guy's uniform — a garment that was not intimidating, not flashy, and certainly not fashion. In a 1997 story in The New Yorker, writer Malcolm Gladwell parsed one of the earliest advertising campaigns for Dockers. The commercials were filled with baby boomer men standing around in proudly nondescript pants. Their heads had been edited out of the shot and their conversation was a pastiche of nonsequiturs — guy talk turned into rakish poetry. The point of the ad was not to celebrate all that distinguished Dockers but to wallow in all that did not. They were generic pants with their pleated fronts, welt pockets, and overly roomy silhouette. In an era when married men were happy to let their wives shop for them, Dockers were an unabashed hit. Men flocked to them because other men were flocking to them. They were safe. The ubiquitous trousers soon begat imitators that claimed — not to be better-made, better-cut or more stylish — but even more sacklike and generic. In the 1990s, after-sales began to falter due to the competition, Dockers shifted its message — if not its aesthetics. It introduced its "Nice Pants" series of ads, which injected a hint of sex appeal into the conversation about the pants. But the company purposefully refrained from making the pants themselves sexy. Which is to say, the pants still had a rather uninspired fit. That did not, however, stop millions of men from buying them and even claiming them as their de facto business casual uniform. By God, Dockers, so many stylistic sins you've committed over the years! Now, for Father's Day 2014, where exactly does Dockers, which accounts for about 12 percent — some $60 million — of Levi's total revenue, get the audacity to claim any aesthetic higher ground? While an email to Dockers representatives remains unanswered, a clue can be found in its recently introduced Alpha Khaki — a slim fit-trouser. It is more body-conscious. It has a lower rise. It is ostentatiously not a Dad Pant. But it is not fashionable. For example, would Scott Alexander Hess, an author, and extremely fashionable regular guy, ever wear Dockers? Even the slim-fit Alphas? "My first thought was absolutely not!" he says. "I wouldn't wear Dockers. I doubt if the new slim fit would work for me. I'm very picky." Robin Givhan is a fashion critic and writer, covering fashion as a business, as a cultural institution, and as pure pleasure.


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asesor de ventas (Former Employee) says

"Pésimo ambiente, no recomiendo a nadie para trabajar ahi"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"A typical day would be a 4 hour shift and trying to make sales at times when there were no customers. I learned that customers come first. Management was rude and inconsiderate co-workers were lazy and being favored. The hardest part was going in 1 day a week for only for hours. Nothing really enjoyable.NoneManagement very rude"

Retail Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked part time at the store. Brand was very good quality but style was outdated. Store had poor location so not too much traffic. Management was horrible. Store closed down.good employee discount! i love the productsnot too many hours, store was not busy"

Vendeuse en prêt à porter (Former Employee) says

"étant simple vendeuse mais n'ayant pas de responsable j'ai eu une année de pur bonheur et de pur apprentissage. DR a l'écoute et réelle complicité. Grande famille"

Area Store Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Dagelijks contact met klanten, partners en winkelpersoneel waarbij het optimaliseren van de voorraad centraal stond. Verder ook vooral intern veel contacten ontwikkelen en netwerken. In de diverse filialen en op het hoofdkantoor in Brussel. Verkopen van de collectie en vooral ook het merk. Zorgen dat het merk goed gepositioneerd wordt in de markt. Zorgen dat de targets van het filiaal worden behaald, wekelijks, per kwartaal en per jaar.goed georganiseerdgroot en log bedrijf"

Vendeuse en prêt à porter homme (Former Employee) says

"Manque d’organisation et de réactivité. Pas de marchandises en rayon ou très peu."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I know a lot of management skills I did not have before the job--"

Shop assistant (Former Employee) says

"- Informing customers about clothes and accessories. - Showing product features to be sold. - Dealing with customer. - Fold clothes and keep the shop tidy and with good looking. - Till managementclose to homelong hours"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"It was a brand new store so it was a very slow work environment, but with great management. The majority of my shifts was spent organizing the sales floor in order to make it look nice and appealing towards new guest. The people were the best part of it all."

Ethan Smith says

"If I could give it 0 stars I would. 14 day wait on an order to he told I am refunded with no explanation as to why. Poor service, poor customer support, poor site. My advice, go somewhere else."

Little Johnny says

"I ordered two pairs of shorts Friday night and paid $25 for two day shipping. The bill said delivery on Monday. When I got my email receipt, it delivery would be Thursday. Since I needed the shorts for Thursday, this freaked me out. I called customer service. They said an error was made on my receipt. They show a Monday delivery at their end. She was going to refund the $25 shipping fee (still waiting on that). Today, I get an email from them that my item has shipped and that delivery would be Friday! I will never buy their product again....No way, No How."

Filip says

"Never in my life have I experienced such incompetence as I have done with the Dockers customer service team. I believe one must have been brutally dropped on their head in order to work there. Ordered a shirt, overnight the discount % changed, I asked for them to compensate the difference, they did, but the wrong amount. I asked for it to be corrected and deal with Donneca. I'm told I haven't returned any items, I can't be refunded. I tell her to read my previous emails. This proves to be too difficult for this empty headed being and I am told the same thing, this goes back and forth, time is wasted, no progress is made. Next I receive an email from someone somewhat more capable telling me refund has been applied. Shirt arrives, its the wrong size. Tried to print off the return label on the website, wouldn't work. Email as the website states, Donneca replies. Tells me to follow a link. Link won't work. Donneca is informed. Donneca tells me to 'keep trying until it works'. Donneca is empty headed thus cannot comprehend this is not a suggestion. This goes back and forth, no solution is found, Donneca refuses to give her boss contact details in order for a complaint to be made. This issue is raised again as website still won't work. I am told I will be issued a refund and to reorder the shirt. I tell them I don't want one, I want to exchange my shirt, send me the label to return my shirt, it is that easy. This cannot be understood by them. In the end, shirt is kept, refund issued, new shirt ordered, postage fee waived by a helpful chap named Edgar. Check site the next day, shirt is no longer 60% off, its 70%. They are informed as they encouraged me to re-order. Why not tell me to wait for extra discount? I am told that I will not be reimbursed the extra 10%, even though it is their due dilligence to do so having advised me to purchase a new shirt."

Bobby Schmittou says

"Bought a jacket from them worst money ever spent. Everytime you zip it up it gets stuck in the cloth. Talked to a monica c on live chat she was worse than the product."

Dany Somoza says

"Useless customer service, the worst I have experienced. I ordered online and paid with Paypal, then they took the billing address with no option to amend or confirm. I contacted customer service straight after the confirmation of the order. They said that they can't help. So basically useless service, they can help me to choose a delivery address for my order... can you believe it! crazy experience. Don't pay with Paypal on their website!"

vrm says

"Despite at least 3 emails asking for refund for returned goods - no response at all. Had to involve credit card company to get money back - avoid"

Cynthia Moore Sengel says

"Ordered during a 75% off sale. Received order confirmation. Checked status of order 3 weeks later and it did not pull up and could not be found in their system. Got on phone with a totally inept sales representative who wanted me to go through each item so she could process. When she asked me to spell khaki, i knew I was in trouble. after 5 minutes of bumbling through the first item, I said forget it. This was an order for school pants, class starts tomorrow. HORRIBLE"

AK says

"Good luck trying to get your money from dockers/ levis co. when your order doesn't go as planned. No delivery after 2 weeks, and no refund as requested."

Andre van der Walt says

"Placed an order, and paid by PayPal (£99.56, received confirmation of payment from PayPal). When I received no confirmation of the order from Dockers, I contacted them, providing them with the PayPal payment confirmation. Was told by Dockers that this is a known problem when on the web with Safari, and I would be automatically refunded. Since then I have received several emails telling that I should send them the PayPal payment confirmation, which I have now done five times. Still no sign of a refund, so I have had to take the refund up with PayPal. To add insult to injury, I was told to reorder via another browser. I did so, but in the meantime the price had more than doubled. I discussed this with Dockers, who said they would refund me the the difference. Of course I have not received any refund for this difference, which mean that Dockers currently has about £200 of mine they have promised to refund, but which they apparently cannot trace/are just ignoring. I’m going to have to send back the order and try to get a refund for the SECOND order through PayPal too!"

Esbjörn Johansson says

"I have done some online shopping in my days and Dockers simply provides the worst experience to date. One week after the order should have been shipped (and two weeks after the order had been made), at my question why it hadn't been dispatched yet, I received a short reply about how the items had sold out and the order had now been canceled. Just completely unprofessional, slow, and broke a binding agreement under EU law without so much as a comment. I have never experienced anything like this from any other online store representing a company this large. So my review: Worst online store ever, ever."

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